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Snow & Ice

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wow, got up (after going to bed in total darkness with the lights out and all, worried that I wouldn't be able to get to SP today, now that's really something, right?) and was able to get online and do my workout, my diet, etc, felt great. I actually, if it had been nice outside and not 40 feet of snow, 100 below zero with 300 mph winds; I would have gone out and walked for the first time in a couple years! Imagine that!! Ok, so there was a bit of an exageration there, what can I say, but it is VERY cold, VERY windy, and VERY icy/snowy out there, and there's no way I'm walking on those'd be more like standing there, letting the wind blow me down the road it's so icy. *L*

Anyway, I actually feel great today, it's wonderful to get up and WANT to do the exercise, the drinking of all the water, etc etc. I'm loving this so far...I hope I'm starting to lose, now I won't find out until Thursday. But, that's alright, having all the candlelight around last night, and reading by it...made me feel like Lincoln....ok, maybe not, but it was actually kind of nice.

Maybe we should just take one night of that, to enjoy life as it's meant to be (snowstorms and all), and one another, get back to the basics.

Have a great day, everyone! Snowy House


Doctors get sick, too?

Monday, February 18, 2013

emoticon Hey, I found out something this morning, just before I was ready to go to my appointment...Doctors DO get sick. I got a call just before I left for my appointment from the nurse saying my Doctor had called in sick, asking if I could reschedule my appointment. I wanted to say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I WANT TO BE WEIGHED..and's a first.

Normally I go to the Doc and that's the LAST thing I want..but this time I wanted it done so I had a "starting point" for my weight. But the appointment is Thursday, so it's a few days later, but I'm anxious to get blood pressure will be high. :D

Anyway, I'm finally getting my blood sugar under control after the switch from my old pump to the new one, I'm still totally confused as to why that happened, I had every setting identical, and even had to add a basal at 10 am, so I didn't understand that at all. My noon one is still a little high (130's) so I'm working on it, but at least it's not up to 300's like it had been doing.

My morning BS's are good (70's) and afternoon ones are a little low (50's) so I know I need to change my afternoon one a little. I keep forgetting my exercise always carries over on my blood sugars to about 6 hours later before it gets a response on that.

I've also started eating Breakfast since coming here, something I RARELY did before, and that's always good for one's health. I actually do feel a little better now, and I cannot believe the amount of food I eat now, and water..I NEVER drank water, but I'm sticking to the 8 glasses a day.

Have to say, when I first started, I kept thinking, "Really...this much water" I was drinking all the time, and having to use the BR constantly, until I measured and realized I was drinking, not 8 oz at a time, but 16 oz...which meant I was drinking a total of 130+ ounces a day!! No wonder I felt like that's all I was doing was drinking water....I WAS!

Ok, you can stop laughing now.....but then again, I still laugh about it, it is funny. Anyway. I hope you all have a GREAT day, I certainly am...thanks for your like that one commercial doesn't it.....hope they don't sue me. :D


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