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Late Start

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I got up late today, but I feel pretty good. I'm planning on exercising as soon as I get the living room cleared a little of all the toys. So in about 10 minutes. I then want to clean up the house a bit and maybe go for a walk. It's cold out, but clear. I'll just bundle up the babies really well. But I really want to get out of this house!


One side stronger

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I've been trying to exercise a little every day, and stretch every day. I've noticed that my right side is a little stronger, a little more flexible than my left. Not sure if that means I need to work more on my left or if it'll even out eventually. I'm going to keep monitoring it and see if anything changes. But for now, it's a nice fall day and I"m taking the babies to the zoo. I'll get my walking in, they get to have some fresh air and see the animals. The bonus is that they'll get tired and take a really good nap today so I can get some housework and schoolwork done.


Eating well when sick

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So I've got this stupid cold. I started getting sick Friday and today it's better, but over the weekend I was miserable. Sinuses hurting, stuffy nose, headache, body ache. And what did I eat? I honestly don't remember. I know that normally when I'm sick I don't eat very much and what I do eat is high calorie, high carbs. I also drink a ton of soda when I'm sick like that as drinking water makes my throat hurt. So this weekend I didn't do too well. And today wasn't the greatest but it was better. And tomorrow will be even better.


Slacker that I am

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I haven't done anything with Spark or my diet for, oh, about a month now. Shame on me! I got caught up in life and put my wants on hold. Again. Then yesterday I stepped on the scale for the first time in that month and saw that I gained 5 lbs. I had a moment of depression, followed by a moment of anger at myself, followed by new resolve. So I printed next week's grocery list (this week we're out of money already) and made sure to exercise. And I'm planning on exercising every day.

I can play a work-out DVD on my laptop while my 2 year old watches Sesame Street on TV. That way he's occupied and doesn't get in my way. That was a problem for me before. I wouldn't work-out when he was awake and then most of the time when he went down for his nap, my 6 month old would be wanting me so I wouldn't work out then either.

And I have this strange embarrassment about working out in front of my husband. I don't mind doing yoga in front of him, but anything else I feel weird and won't do it.

I'm going to try fo follow the meal plan for the rest of this week as best as I can with what we have in the house. And I'm buying a kitchen scale this weekend so I can properly measure my food. I was going to buy one anyway because I make loose incense to sell and need to weigh the packages so I can label them properly.

So, I'm back, I'm resolved to do it right this time. I know that sometimes it can take up to 6 tries on a diet before it works, so I'm not too discouraged. This is my 2nd try with Spark and if I can really stick to it and see results, I don't think I'll have to worry about trying it again or trying something new.


Weekends are hard

Monday, August 07, 2006

When my husband is home, eating properly on the weekends is really hard. We always go somewhere and pack some healthy snacks, but sooner or later we're all hungry and still at least 2 hours or so away from home. So what happens? Fast food. And since we have 4 kids, it's normally McDonald's. I know, I know. McDonald's has chicken salads now and has finally joined the ranks of fast food restaurants catering to those of us who are trying to eat less fat and be healthy. So I order the salad and the water. Then I steal a few french fries from my husband and 2 year old. Then I start to think that dessert sounds really good. And then I try to be good, eat my salad, drink my water and then chew some gum to keep my mouth busy.

And then there's days like yesterday. Yesterday we ended up at Taco Bell. I don't think Taco Bell has anything that isn't high in fat and calories.

You'd think by now I would have learned my lesson and started packing more food than just snacks when we leave. Well, I try. But my husband gets rearing to go and it's almost impossible to make him wait so I can pack a decent lunch or dinner for the family.

So, my goal for this next weekend when we leave and go play out of town is to have a bunch of thing on hand before Saturday that I can just grab and throw in the cooler. Sandwich making stuff, fruit, veggies, and lots of water.


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