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Week 6. (all is well)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

things are going wonderfully! i've been eating really well over the last week and a half with only one slip up and have finally broken through my plateau and weighed in at 129 lbs. this morning. although this wouldn't have been good news 6 months ago, i'm happy to be back in the 120's and frequenting the gym again. so far i have done 3 days of strength training (last wednesday, friday, and this monday) and i'm already feeling stronger. i hope that muscle memory kicks in soon and i'll get back to where i was relatively quickly! tonight i have my first spin class since a couple of weeks ago so i'm a little nervous about going (i'm going to get my butt kicked), but at the same time to motivated NOT to go and getting to the gym Monday through Friday this week as planned is one of my goals for the week - as is losing at least 1 lbs.!


Week 5. (new month, new motivation)

Thursday, February 02, 2012

did it really have to take me the full month of january to get over my hang-ups and back to the gym? sheesh.

well, i finally went, yesterday, and did a pared down version of the first workout program my trainer gave me wayyyy back last march. now, i would feel really bad about not going to spin this morning, but let me tell you... i'm so sore today i can barely walk. i can barely breathe, okay? so i'm going to cut myself some slack - better to have gotten over my anxiety and started my strength training again and missing a spin class than losing the other two to one hour of cardio (it's better this way in the long run).

i think part of what is motivating me to just suck it up and DO IT is knowing that ashlee, a former close friend with whom i had started working out/seeing a trainer with last year, someone i've always beaten at eating well/toning up than, has been doing this university fitness challenge thing with some other girl and there is no way that i am going to let the semester end with her looking better than me! heh. a bit malicious, maybe? but competitive, helllllls yeah. so apparently that's all i needed to get me going, but i'm feeling good and ready to take the next few months on!

but i DOOOO need to speed up the weight loss if I am going to meet my goal on time. i should be below 130 by now and i'm just hovering at 130.2 lbs, which means i'm going to have to watch what i eat like a hawk.

ALSO. i must continue to remind myself that while i won't be one of 'those' brides, i don't want to be a fatty mcbutterpants when i get married either, especially if i want to wear that edwardian summer lawn gown i have... the one that has a 23" waist...


Week 3. (checking in)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

last week started and ended on a pretty good note. i had a couple of slip ups and went over on calories tuesday and thursday after going out to dinner with friends. but part of all this i remember is learning how to keep moving forward with as much determination even after a "bad day." so i had some low days and some high days and i finished the week without losing any week. but i did really well yesterday and today i finally started spin classes back at the gym. and while i know i'm going to go a little bit over on calories today too (not being used to my ravenous post-workout appetite), i'm looking forward to spin class again on tuesday and keeping up with the program.


Week 2. (feeling pretty good)

Monday, January 09, 2012

so i was actually pretty surprised/pleased to find that i weighed in at exactly 132 lbs. this morning, my goal weight for today! that makes 4.5 lbs. lost since last monday, and while i know it's just the usual bloat, it still feels good to be that much closer to my goal. just 15 lbs. to go :D

i'm a bit disappointed in myself for not making it to the gym today. i slept terribly and then couldn't get out of bed at 6:30am as planned. AND the little time that i do have left in the day HAS to be devoted to working on my personal statement for midwifery school so that i can get it mailed out by tomorrow to qualify for early admission. i'm such a fool for putting it off - why do i procrastinate so!?!?

i'm also a bit nervous about hitting the gym tomorrow though! i'm planning on taking my first yoga class at noon, and while getting into yoga is really important (i've always wanted to integrate it into every day life and now i'm hoping to one day couple my CPM certification with certification in prenatal yoga and pilates), i'm still worried i lost all the flexibility i had gained last spring and won't be able to do it! i'm just going to have to go for it i guess!

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GMINNIEP 1/9/2012 12:59PM

  good luck!! It is great you have a goal to work for

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Week 1. (at the close)

Sunday, January 08, 2012

So this week was up and down. My eating was all over the place. Some days were really great, some days were really bad, and others were right on the border. Overall, I'm not too disappointed. I start back at the gym tomorrow, which I think will help me gain focus, and I still lost almost 4 lbs. (though it was likely all water weight) which makes me feel better about the road ahead. It will also help to finally get those groceries done (which probably won't happen until the middle of the week), so I won't be tempted with delicious, but high calorie (damn those farm fresh eggs) breakfasts and junk snacks. I'm also hoping that the exercise and school schedule will help me with eating less and drinking more (water). I'm hoping that the knowing I won't have access to a gym for a few months after moving to Portland, as well as my upcoming wedding (about a year to a year and a half from now) will help keep me motivated!


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