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Im back from trip

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

so our trip went well I exersiced alot...walking swimming walking swimming....more moving then I normally do that is for sure... The hemp hearts work well...I did miss a few mornings since I started but I am back on track as of now... Savannahs surgery went well and we came home yesterday... I tried to eat sensible but man it is hard when there is fast food on every corner...I did ok...yet I gained 2 figure...I am telling myself it is water gain...besides I am not suppose to weigh myself till friday...I can be back to where I was with hope and a Not to all is slow going yet I am still moving is the direction that counts... right now I look back and move forward....


trying something new

Thursday, January 31, 2008

I am taking some sort of new health seeds called hemp hearts... they are suppose to be better then fish when it comes to omega-3 oils... It provides energy...I will say I feel better today regards to energy then other days...I ate it with oatmeal and I had a peanut butter sandwhich for lunch with 8oz 1% milk... I feel full right now and do not have any real cravings... So over all I am thinking this could be a good start... I am still experiencing pelvic/abdominal pain... it comes ang goes... I went to the gym last night and I think I really could get used to was -40 and I still went...The lady from the gym called me tuesday adn asked how I was doing and if I had been to the gym lately... Well last week I was there only once so I am glad she gave me the boost and encouragement to get back to the gym...I go again on friday... I am off to edmonton on saturday...I will be home on tuesday I hope to work out in the hotel we are staying at...wish me luck on that...regardless there will be swimming and walking if nothing goal is to eat sensible and move as much as possible...


just another brick

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

so life is like a brick my mind it is... One brick at a time...either I am putting one up or I am taking one down... seems hard to understand at times...yet so simple on some days... I put up this wall for many different reasons and today I am sure it is to keep myself from getting hurt or disappointed... Truth be told putting up these bricks one at a time is wearing me out...I am tired... Tired mentally thus, exhausting me physically. I use things as excuses to stay stuck... I think hard work scares the hell out of me...either that or I have been experiencing a lot of cramping and pain in my left side of my lower stomach... usually around my menstrual cycle and also afterwards....not sure what that is all about...but when you read up on certain possible explanations it always gives you the worst case scenario Ovarian cancer being one of them. we all know that is no laughing matter... so I have a doctors appointment on feb 21st...I explained my concerns when I made the appointment yet, I still have to wait to see a doctor till then... shortage of doctors affect our Northern town big time.... The brick of fear goes up, like a little red flag in my mind I am deep in thought of what my body is telling me... I pray it is a warning sign and I can still correct what ever the problem is...I have worked so hard to take down some bricks this past year... I still am working at it...physically right now I just feel so run down... I need to conquer my fears and keep breaking down my wall...


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So today I have cramps from hell... I did not go to gym tonight. I will be done my period by wednsday and hopefully all will be back to normal...I have to make an appointment with my doctor and see why I have such pain afterwards and during my period....since the birth of gemma I get cramps and bad.... I never used to get cramps befor...I do know befor I had Gemma I had cysts on my ovaries and it was very painful, perhaps time to get a check up... Anyways, I had a very lazy day and tried hard to move arround but the comfort of sitting or laying helped ease the pain... I will be back on track once this pain goes away....I will be at the gym wednesday adn tomorrow I have to grocery shop so that will get me out and moving...then I will go on tread mill... type again soon...Gaye


Cabin fever?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Well I just got back from spending the weekend at our families cabin in the middle of the Northern Alberta woods... We had a fun time outdoors with the kids... lots of moving and just being active... We also lazed arround alot in the cabin and played games and listened to the I never do... Being away from the regular everyday interruptions was great... Not sure how it will effect my week...we snacked a little too much on saturday... yet for some reason I am not worried... I will share my embarrassing outdoor story... I hate Out houses...just hate them...especially at 3 am when your 10 cups of water a day kick in and it is -15 and the toliet seat is I swear that is the time your over active imagination always kicks in...and although you can not pee any faster then God intended you to.... every sound becomes some crazed man in a hockey mask out to get you.... needless to say...waking up with toliet paper (not on my shoe) but in my long johns tells me I was faster then I thought..........hahahahhahaa.... regardless the laughter of everyone in the cabin directed at me..... I HAD A FUN WEEK END!
Bottom Line that is all that counts...the ability to have fun....What a great gift from God!


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