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Why I eat MORE food

Thursday, March 13, 2014

This whole weight loss thing can be insanely confusing and frustrating. I have been "at it" for several years, so I sympathize with those of you who feel that way. I really just loved food, especially the not so healthy variety. I also never looked forward to being active. Put those two together, and itís a recipe for love handles and back rolls. But I have found my rhythm and I have to tell you, it includes a lot of eating. And exercise that I REALLY enjoy (which I will write about another dayÖ).

I have recently read a lot of questions on the message boards about calorie consumption...is this too much?...is this too little? Completely valid questions and concerns. There is so much awesome advice shared everyday here on sparkpeople, but something I am really starting to get is the importance of listening to MY body and learning that what this person or that person does will NOT work the same for me. Itís hard to understand that, especially when you read about someone having great success with a certain workout or eating plan, but our bodies are all so different.

When I first really amped up my workouts a few weeks ago, my calorie range jumped up, putting my high end around 1900. ( Holy crap, thatís a lot of food). So being nervous about consuming that many calories, I still tried to stick to the low end. What happened was I was STARVING all the time, and I felt drained. So sometime last week I did the unthinkable. I ate more food. Since then, I have felt better and know that my workouts are benefiting from the extra calories.

When I say I eat a lot, itís a lot of GOOD foods. My diet consists of 5+ servings of veggies and fruit a day, I aim for 75-100g of protein and ensure that my other carbs (aside from the produce I eat) are from good sources like oatmeal, quinoa etc. I basically added another small meal to my daily consumption, and I feel much better.

So whatís the point? Listen to your body. Are you struggling to fall asleep because your stomach is growling? Are you waking up ravenous? Do you slow down during workouts quicker than you used to? These were all signs I started seeing that told me I wasnít giving my body what it needed. And hey, being a food-loving woman, I was happy to provide my body with a few extra calories to make it happy. I think the spark ranges are awesome, and I am a big supporter of using them as guidelines, but itís important to really pay attention to how you feel over time and make the needed adjustments so you can continue to be successful in this new, healthier way of life.