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Great Week

Friday, July 24, 2009

This has been a very productive week! I started a new quarter at school, and I got all my homework done early. I started exercising again this week, small goal of two 15 minute mile walks. Did some heavy house cleaning, and I have been drinking more water, and I haven't had a soda in days. Nothing like getting back on track to make you feel better!!

Today though, I went over my calories. When we make burritos I always have trouble not having seconds. I really don't think going over my calories one day this week is going to make a huge difference. Just as long as it's not an every day occurrence of course.
We watched the blurb about SP on Entertainment Tonight this evening. I knew they wouldn't have much, and they didn't. ET is more of a highlight show. It would have been nice if they would have been more in depth, but even just a mention about SP is awesome! Hopefully with that blurb SP will get more people joining in the next couple of days! The more the merrier!!

So tomorrow the husband and I are going to get up early-ish and go out to my parents' house and do our 15 minute mile. I'm going to try and start back up my ST next week. Because of my collar bone, I can't do anything with my arms, so I'm just focusing on core and lower body ST. We will see what happens!!

We also made this SP recipe that I saw on The Daily Spark the other day www.dailyspark.com/blog.asp?post=goo

It was good...I'm sure it would have been very very good if we had better bananas in the freezer. We already were freezing bananas to use for banana bread, but we had some that were REALLY far gone in the freezer. It would have been fine for banana bread, but not for this. Make sure that your bananas aren't very brown. We are going to try it again but use fresher bananas and mix in some peanut butter!

Anyway, hope everyone is having a great week and have a great weekend!!


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FITMAMA1984 7/29/2009 10:03AM

    I find it helpful, when I make my plate and my husband makes his, to either go ahead and throw away the left overs or put it away from lunch the next day. Sometimes we "waste" a good bit of food doing that, but that way I'm forced not to be tempted to go back for seconds. It really bothers me to do this sometimes, but it's better than possibly overdoing it and feeling like a failure afterwards!

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LAFTERSFREE 7/27/2009 10:22AM

    wow awesome, glad u had such a great week!!!
i am looking forward to those good feelings of being back on track, im sooo off the wagon since my trip!!! im starting this morning with drinking lots and lots of water!!

good job on reducing the soda, that was always one of my biggest challenges as well...

and wayyyy to go on getting the h.w. done early, you are soo on top of things right now!!!! u rock! emoticon

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No Walking Today

Monday, July 20, 2009

The husband and I were going to do a 15 minute mile today but it's raining like crazy and my collar bone hurts when it gets cold, so we thought we'd wait 'till tomorrow and see if the weather clears up. It's ok though, I did some "heavy" house cleaning yesterday (as heavy as I can with using only one arm and not straining too much). I'd like to think that because I was more active yesterday than I have been in awhile, it did me good. Even if I didn't burn any calories. Something is better than nothing, eh?! I'm optimistic about my next weight check up SP has for me on August 1st. I know I'm not going to hit that 40 pound mark by then, but maybe 39...hoping for the best!
I am doing better drinking more water than soda. I haven't had a soda in two days now, and I'm feeling better again. I was drinking at least one 8 oz can of soda a day for weeks and my acid reflux was coming back, not to mention the heartburn. All I have to do is cut out the soda, and voila!

Not much else going on other than I'm looking for a good chocolate chip muffin recipe. All the ones on SP that I have found either ask for something weird that I'm not about to go out and get just for that one recipe, or they are too high in calories to even bother with. AKREDVINE made me some good mini chocolate chip muffins when I got into my accident (THANKS AGAIN!!!!), and I became addicted to them! Now I want to make bigger versions whenever I want, and from my ingredients. Having trouble, but maybe today I'll look through my cookbooks and find one. I just hate having to enter it all into a SP recipe when I bake. Lots of things to add, and I'm always afraid I'll forget something.

I have been doing better getting back into my SparkTeams. It took some time, but I'm now posting once-in-awhile (the teams I'm in aren't very post happy) and I'm doing the huddles again. I'm glad that things are starting to get back to normal. It might help me get back on track more.

I hope everyone is well and having a great week!


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LAFTERSFREE 7/27/2009 10:19AM

    posting in sparkteams helps me focus a lot more too, even just reading the articles... and i SOOO know what u mean about not wanting to go out to get those zany ingredients just for a recipe!! i try to stick to simple stuff, but the downside is that it doesnt give me a lot of variety.. cool that u and the hubs are gonna start walking, it will be nice quality time for u guys.

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AMANDAMNORRIS 7/21/2009 12:38PM

    Chocolate Chip muffins are dangerous.... oh man... I'll eat 12 all at once if you give me the option... If you find a good decent calorie recipe let me know!

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AKREDVINE 7/20/2009 7:26PM

    Just remember I will come over and take a walk with you!

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150-HERE-I-COME 7/20/2009 4:55PM

    Good attitude!! Tomorrow is another day!!!

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Up a pound :(

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I know just why it happened so I'm not surprised, but still. It would have been nice to have lost the total of 40 pounds this week. I have two more weeks to lose at least two pounds. My goal WAS to lose 40 pounds by the end of July, but I don't think I can lose 4 pounds in two weeks. Heck 2 pounds in two weeks is almost a stretch no-a-days. Starting Monday I think the husband and I are going to kick the working out into gear (here that MATTAP?! WALKING!!) We seriously need to get in some cardio otherwise this isn't going to keep working, and we know it. I would like to start with twice a week just to get started, then work up to more. If I didn't have this broken collar bone I would be able to do more, but I need to start back up slow so I don't further injure myself.

Sure, I'm angry that this is a setback, but it was bound to happen at some point, especialy since the car accident. I figured it would have happened by now, it's a little strange that it happened months after though.
Another thing that has been getting to me is JELLYFISHER going back to work. I already miss her!! I'm used to hearing from her almost every day. I'm glad she got back to work though! I know how bad she wanted it and how it was stressing her out not working.

On an up note, my friend AKREDVINE got back into SP on Monday and from what I have been hearing from her she is really liking it. I'm glad too!! My main goal is to try to get people I know to join SP. They don't even have to add me as a friend, or make their profile public. Just join, look at the information, use the tools and have fun. Since joining SP I have been really into families eating healthy, and I get angry when I hear or see families eating junk food. The husband and I are on a budget, and we still manage to eat healthy with fresh fruit and veggies. It's really not that hard, especially when you go through SP recipes and find good ones!

I hope everyone has a fun, safe and awesome weekend! Don't forget to drink that water, track that food!!


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150-HERE-I-COME 7/20/2009 2:04AM

    Aww, sweetie! I MISS YOU *ALREADY* TOO!!!!!!!!!! You're going to do great!! I'm going to do great! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DO GREAT over the next three months!!!! Keep a positive attitude, and anything is possible!!!!!! LOVE YOU!

emoticonREACH FOR THE STARS!!!! emoticon

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LAFTERSFREE 7/20/2009 12:56AM

    setbacks happen and im glad u are having the right attitude about it. i know what u mean about missing people on here, sometimes when u dont hear from someone for a while that helped keep u motivated it can kinda make u more likely to slack.. but we're all here for ya and keep reading motivational stories, articles, etc. its great that u are spreading the spark!

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AKREDVINE 7/18/2009 5:23PM

    I will go on walks with you. I will come to your house and we go for a walk. How about that! emoticon

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MATTAP 7/18/2009 5:17PM

    We can do this! Yeah let's go walking before we go shopping on Monday. Love you and keep up the good work!

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Special K Crackers and a Mini Update

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You may have seen the advertisements on TV or in a magazine about the new Special K Crackers, and how low in calories and how great tasting they are. But you need to try them to believe it! The husband and I went grocery shopping last night and I remembered these crackers and that I wanted to see the information on them and try them out. They come in Multi-Grain and Italian Tomato & Herb. Walmart didn't have the Multi-Grain (which is the one I would have gotten if they had it), so I got the Italian Tomato & Herb. They are fantastic! Kinda like wheat thins, but with a lot more flavor. At first they were kinda funky tasting, but that MAY have been because I was drinking lemonade with them. I had them again for lunch today with a sandwich and water and they were awesome. Almost like a spaghetti cracker. Flippin' crazy.

Oh nice, I just saw that SP did a DailySpark on these in March. www.dailyspark.com/blog.asp?post=we_

So that is my awesome contribution for the day. My weigh in day is Saturday and with any luck I will have lost something! My next goal is to lose a total of 40 pounds by the end of July and I was so on the right track for that before I hit this snag. July is almost over!!! ACK!


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AKGIRL09 7/16/2009 4:11AM

  That is amazing what you have done so far. Congrats! Keep it up!

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AKREDVINE 7/16/2009 2:05AM

    You can do it! I know you can. Look at how much you have done! I'm really proud of you! emoticon

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Off The Track!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I don't know what is going on here!!! I have been doing so well for 6 months and now all of a sudden I'm slipping further and further. I keep going over my calories, I'm hungry all the time again, and we are eating out more. Not to mention, since my accident I have not been active in my SP teams and message boards. I used to go into each of them everyday. At first it was because I could not type well, and typing too much with one hand made me dizzy, looking back and forth from the screen to the keyboard. Now, I'm able to type with both hands and it's no longer an excuse. I hate to say it, but I think it's the beginning of boredom. I'm still not exercising, and I should be able to at least try and start doing my walking DVD again, but a part of me is a little afraid I'm going to trip on the carpet and fall. If I fall on my outstretched left or right arms I could further damage my left clavicle. I'm still in pain off and on, and I do NOT want to go back to the pain that once was. That was so awful.

I know it's time to do something active though, because stuff is starting to sag. I have lost ALMOST 40 pounds and I have been noticing that my butt is sagging and my upper arms have more of a bat wing than a turkey leg. It's great I am losing the weight, but I don't want to sag so much!! Time to firm up.

My last SP check-up I gained .3 pounds and I don't think I'm going to do much better on the 18th when my next one is. I'm trying to only weigh myself on those dates too, I don't want to obsess with the scale again. I don't think I recorded that gain on SP mostly because it was just .3 pounds. BUT if I gain more or don't lose it, on the 18th, I'll have to count it just so I keep myself in check. I still have some time before then to get myself back into the swing, so we will see how it goes.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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LAFTERSFREE 7/11/2009 8:05PM

    hey there, try not to stress too much, u have come a long way... but yes i understand what ur saying, i am slacking lately too.. for me it's been a combo of things-- summer is less rigid, vacations with lots of delicious food, and also that im getting bored, and am pretty happy with what i've lost so far.
but, i think the best way to get back on track is to choose an easy streak to start doing (maybe to start doing again)... for example, u said ur disappointed in not being on the message boards as much. Why dont u start small to get back into it by making sure to check in or be involved in the message boards daily? or read a certain number of articles each week.. or pick ONE day to do the walking dvd each week. start small and big things will happen! hang in there :) we've all been there (and right now i kinda still am!! i should listen to my own advice..... :)

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150-HERE-I-COME 7/10/2009 2:52PM

    Hang in there! These things happen!! You need to up your water intake, for one. Two, when you go out to eat, tell them "exactly" how you want/need something cooked -- or just get a big salad and low cal dressing and eat something bigger at home. Even with a salad, you can get chicken on it for protein. Keep your chin up! THIS IS NOT PERMANENT!! Things will even out eventually -o-o- just be PATIENT :D

.....and BTW!!! 0.3 pounds is NOTHING!!!!! Look at it as that you are holding steady, NOT that you gained! LOOK HOW FAR YOU'VE COME!! You were bound to plateau at some point.. HANG IN THERE!!

Comment edited on: 7/10/2009 2:52:53 PM

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DRAGONWOLF 7/10/2009 1:18PM

    Check around on spark I know has a number of exercise that help with strength but you can sit to do them. Have faith that this too will pass.

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