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A Fresh Start

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I'm happy to be able to type that title - I have been so close to giving up that I thought my next blog would be a farewell to those I have come to care about here.

I have been having a bad time with myself. I have been disconnected and had no judgement. Worse - as far as I'm concerned, no-o energy. However, thanks to endless encouragement from some of the great people I have ‘met’ here my head has cleared. I have had all sorts of great comments from many others which are finally bearing fruit in terms of motivation.

I have borrowed some new ideas about eating healthily from one friend – a ‘soup month’ or in my case more likely a ‘soup fortnight’ to put me ‘straight’ and because I love vegetables and then I’ll add salads which I also love - filled with goodies. Extras will be fruit and yoghourt. So - back to basics - allowing myself very few food choices for the moment which always helps to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I have also had great instruction from another friend about exercising properly because I managed to put myself in some considerable pain (could barely move about my flat at one point) due to Swine Flu at Christmas and unrealistic New Year Resolutions which caused muscle damage in my weakened state. Only now subsiding properly. So – good warm-ups – gentle strength and cardio – followed by stretches which I never bothered with because I resent the time given to them. However – lesson learned – I’ll behave myself in future.

Small changes that will grow into bigger ones are my new way forward.

In the past weeks I’ve put back most of the pounds that I lost – poor eating and no proper exercise. There are excuses I could make but they don’t sound acceptable even to me. As it is I have adjusted my weight ticker – not what I wished but there we are.

So Spring is here, my energy has returned and I'm rearing to go. Today I am making a new start. Wish me luck – and more importantly determination and consistency.

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MEDDYPEDDY 5/7/2010 2:44AM

    Wow, I am honored to be an inspiring soup friend - it helps me to stay on track as well so THANKS!

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NEW-CAZ 5/6/2010 9:14AM

    Sonia glad to see you SO POSITIVE! emoticon.
you are so right to leave behind you your gain back, these things happen along the path of learning and now you have the right attitude- one step at a time.
Juggling healthy eating and exercise can be a chore so getting back to basics and installing some new healthy habits is BRILLIANT.
Don't be too strict though hun or you'll end up resenting your restrictions- the odd treat even once or twice a week is not a bad thing and if you're eating a balanced diet won't hurt if you factor it in.
Of course I wish you luck hun, you've had some stress recently and have come through all that and are now on course and determined to get a new healthier and fitter you.
With you all the way emoticon

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'Marooned' in Prague

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Worse places to be stuck than Prague of course but hard to enjoy the extra week with little info and the need to be constantly in touch with/visiting - airline – airport -or agent. So-o many people having such hard times with the urgent need to return home, lack of ready money, small children, lack of medication sorely needed. Huge community effort by everyone trying to help each other out – I babysat a 10 month old several times whilst his parents (self-employed with an urgent need to return to Denmark for business reasons) trawled the internet and local travel agents for a means of travel that would cause their child the least distress and in return they found an itinerary to get me and my colleagues back to the UK (1 bus and 4 trains - Hoorah!) as our ‘lift’ with some other Brits fell through. I’m sure everyone knows how difficult it was to get transport over land and sea in the first few days and the uncertainty as to how long it would all last was deeply distressing for some. Should we take our luggage and see what we could get at the arport? Means checking out – will we get back in somewhere?

A Russian couple and their 9-yr old daughter arrived in the hotel after travelling from Moscow by TAXI!! They weren’t forthcoming about their story and were busy making more plans to move on so I’ll never know what was so urgent.

Fortunately my hotel was paid by the organisation I was working for so I had no real financial worries apart from food. Not only a financial worry I have to say - think need for comfort and all those delicious Czech dumplings to satisfy it!!! Weight gain damage to repair now – hey ho!!

We encountered nothing but help and sympathy from the very kind Czechs eager to advise us on routes home, sightseeing ideas to fill our time and help with their very difficult language. Myself and my colleagues managed to do something pleasant every day at some point – 8 km walk by the beautiful Vlatva River thro damp woods was particularly memorable as was a visit to a castle in Melnik – now a vineyard – about 50 miles outside Prague. It was also a chance to get to know less obvious but very beautiful buildings in a city I have known and loved for some time in greater depth. Can’t be bad!

I was one of the lucky ones.

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MEDDYPEDDY 5/3/2010 2:44AM

    It sounds like an experience that was mostly good even though I guess it was not that fun while it lasted... but it is so interesting to see human resourses act when "normal" situations turn to something else..

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NEW-CAZ 4/29/2010 12:21PM

    Welcome home Sonia I can only imagine your panic and frustration but you're home safe and sound thank heavens emoticon

Hey there is an up side to this! You can dine out on your tale for months to come emoticon

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Monday, March 22, 2010

I am just so happy to be feeling better - have been tested for various things - some on the scary side but so far all results are negative. Phew!
I am lucky to have a friend who is a Feldenkrais practitioner who has been working on my muscles and joints with me and it has made quite some difference so am assuming my body will mend itself with time.
Went for a long walk yesterday by the sea in beautiful sunshine which was healing in every way I can think of.
Today I'm off to the country to my little cottage to do a bit of gentle work inside and some gardening (sorely needed!). The surrounding hills and fields are beautiful and a complete pleasure to walk in so that should be good for some pleasant exercise. There are also great farmers markets and indeed back-door sales from some of the local smallholdings so healthy meals are no problem at all. Have been yo-yoing up and down 3 pounds for the last few weeks which I hope to take care of once and for all.
I've been really grateful for support from friends here that has helped me through a time when I would otherwise have given up in despair.
emoticon to all emoticon

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MANDERSON19 3/26/2010 5:16PM

    That sounds just incredible!! I would love to have something like that to run away to! Take your time and mend! You will reach your goal!

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NEW-CAZ 3/22/2010 1:34PM

    I am SO pleased you're feeling brighter Sonia and more positive too.
Working on the garden in some fresh air (and hopefully some sun) will do you the power of good.......great cardio too.
You'll lose weight b4 you know it emoticon emoticon

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Confession . . .

Friday, March 12, 2010

Somewhere along the course of the last few months of family difficulties my motivation here has just disappeared. I’ve been trying to muster some enthusiasm but my absolute preference at the moment is to spend pretty well all my time in bed – not even on the couch ;-) - not feeling miserable/depressed but my energy levels are zero and I can’t seem to pick up. I’ve been pampered on a health farm – I’ve had a great family birthday celebration – the sun is coming out – I have no excuse, but there it is.
Whatever - I’m giving myself a rest from worrying about anything else this weekend and hoping to focus on calories and gentle strength and cardio. I’m just not going to give up but I need to marshal some enthusiasm and motivation from somewhere right now.

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MEDDYPEDDY 3/16/2010 8:07AM

    This is so hard - to be a victim to myself... and I can never tell when paralysis strikes and I can be in a great flow of energy and insiration and then suddenly...pooof and I´m laying around and nothing is fun. THis is one of those days and I am trying to surrender to it hoping that my acceptance will give me back my flow of yesterday...

I´m rooting for you, feel my support all across the ocean!

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TSEWARD 3/13/2010 8:38AM

    I am sorry you are feeling yucky! I don't know exactly how you feel, but boy do I empathize. When I feel as you, no amount of self motivating gets me out of my rut. I agree with NEW-CAZ...sometimes your body just says enough is enough. All of that happy stuff you had is still 'stress' on the body. Be kind to yourself, be patient, let your body and mind have a break. Keep in touch with supportive friends, and try to fit in some protein so your brain can make lots of seratonin and other happy brain chemicals.

Sending you big emoticon!

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NEW-CAZ 3/12/2010 5:56PM

    Sometimes your body tells you enough is enough!
Have a rest this weekend but if that dragging feeling persists go for a gentle walk- that should lift your spirits.
And don't try to get back to dieting and exercising like a demon- take it slow or you'll burn out again.
Worried about you hun, take care

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Happy - happy - happy :-))

Monday, February 22, 2010

I am so-o happy to be back in my own home this week and in charge of my own habits - even if things go awry I know who to blame! So today I've walked a lot, exercised to Coach Nicole's DVD which is my current favourite and doubly so that I am happy with the opportunity to do one or two 10 minute sections at moments to suit me. I am now with the Quickfire Challenge Team whose challenges also offer the possibility of short bursts of exercise throughout each day. I have the attention span of a gnat where exercise is concerned and all this suits me well. I can plan my food days as I choose. So, assuming that I stick to a reasonable food plan, things could go well this week

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TSEWARD 2/24/2010 6:35PM

    So nice to be back in your own home, with your own fridge/schedule/comfy bed/peace and quiet. I am so glad to hear it!


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NEW-CAZ 2/23/2010 7:04AM

    emoticonHi hun
Just bumping your blog to renew my subscription to it.
I closed my SP a/c in error and this is the only way I can think of to make sure I keep abreast of your news.
Look forward to your next blog
Luv ya
emoticon emoticon

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CRAUDI 2/22/2010 3:42PM

    Yay! :)

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