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Wasting time

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Today's task on Spark Coach is to identify ways in which I waste time during the day and to fill at least some of that wasted time with activity. Should be an interesting exercise - I am either running about madly getting things done emoticon or lounging around emoticon Nothing much in between those two points.
I realised a long time ago that the lounging needs to stop and am happy to find myself focused on keeping myself moving during the day in a more consistent way than I do now emoticon

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1BEACHWALKER 6/22/2013 12:21AM

    You know since I got my fitbit flex a week ago, I set a goal of steps with it everyday. What I do is at every commercial when I am watching TV I will walk around the room and get more steps. Do you know I am getting about 2500 more steps a day just doing that?! Or on the computer, I set a time to get up and do the same! I know I sit too much, so that has changed! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MEDDYPEDDY 6/21/2013 5:49AM

    I waste time with teve and internet - after reading "The winter of our disconnect" by Susan Maushart I have realy highlighted my internet dependancy... and decided to spend some of that leisure time playing the piano. Mausharts son becam a really good saxophone player during their disconnectin, I don´t care where my playing takes me but I can as well be distracted by playing as by playing computergames...

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BLAZINGSWORD 6/10/2013 9:53PM

    Yes, I read that too. It makes a lot of sense. But to each his own.

Right now, I am just beginning to sleep more than 5 or 6 hours a night. Sleep deprivation has followed me for a long, long time. And that could have been part of my weight problem. But with hubby's cancer of the past 6 years and his passing back in March, my life is just beginning again.

With doing the South Beach Diet again, (hopefully for a long, long time), I'll be much healthier. So now I am sleeping about 9 to 10 hours and my weight is beginning to drop. They say if you don't get the sleep you need you will, like, sabotage your weight loss.

But I totally hear where you are coming from. Getting up and getting the day started is important as well. And using the time wisely to do more movement is very important.

Women, if they sit more than six hours a day have a greater risk, 37% more, of dying earlier. I certainly want to keep moving! emoticon

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PINKANGEL73 6/9/2013 5:27PM

    Well it certainly seems to have motivated you. Good for you emoticon

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TRENTDREAMER 6/8/2013 10:37AM


I may do that.

One change at a time.

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NEW-CAZ 6/8/2013 7:05AM

    Great attitude Sonia emoticon emoticon

No emoticon needed today emoticon

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Focus needed - Part 2

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Well –yesterday I said I was looking for focus. Today it arrived in the form of The Spark Solution, ordered so long ago that I had forgotten about it – Spark DVDs and books seem to take a long time to be delivered here even from Amazon UK. Totally opportune though! A documented exercise in motivation and discipline – precisely what I need right now to get me back on track. I ordered it before I put back the five pounds mentioned previously - specifically to follow the two week programme prescribed – to help me with lifestyle and exercise habits almost more than food consumption. I don’t eat badly overall – certainly in terms of quality of ingredients because I always cook from scratch with the best I can afford. Exercise is the thing that I certainly need help with. Am hoping Spark Solution will supply a do-able programme and emoticon to get me into a better mindset.
I also got the book because it was so enthusiastically recommended by MOSTMOM1 (Thanks Shelli XXX). She plainly found it helpful to get rid of some pounds put back and I need that too. It’s not normally the sort of thing I buy (though I should because of the discipline thing mentioned above) I ordered it originally to help me stay on track but now that I am starting to read it I have hopes it will put me back on the path to losing my re-gained pounds before it all gets worse. Beyond that, help staying on track would be excellent.
Please watch this space Sparkfolk!
Oh – and any emoticon emoticon emoticon welcome!

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MEDDYPEDDY 6/21/2013 5:46AM

    I do have the first book from Spark and have not plans to buy the second as I think it is probably about the same, but anytime you´d like to exchange challenges and work together I am one - we are on a couple of same teams I think...

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TRENTDREAMER 6/6/2013 3:45PM

    "I ordered it originally to help me stay on track but now that I am starting to read it I have hopes it will put me back on the path to losing my re-gained pounds before it all gets worse. Beyond that, help staying on track would be excellent. "
* Best of fortune to you. Hope that the solution helps you.

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MARTY728 6/6/2013 12:54PM

    Looks like you are ready to as they say, Kick some..... emoticon

I hope it is not mine!

I am there with you! emoticon emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 6/5/2013 3:26PM

    Hi Sonia
WOW! You mean business!!!!!!!! Good for you, emoticon emoticon

emoticon at the ready. Did you have a walk today? I've only just come in from gardening LOL

C ya 2moro girlfriend emoticon emoticon

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PINKANGEL73 6/5/2013 2:51PM

    Good for you! Let me know how you get on with it. xx

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Focus needed

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Almost a month since I blogged and a lot more than that since I weighed myself (April 30 – 191 pounds). I seem to have been beset by problems since then – family difficulties and domestic disasters (well – semi-disasters) that have needed dealing with. During that time I haven’t been much focused on Spark or Sparking. Apologies to my friends here whom I have neglected.
My elder son has just gone into de-tox for alcohol, obviously a trauma, and I promised myself that once that was settled I’d get back onto Spark and onto the scales. Some focus on myself, in fact. 190 pounds!! I was pretty delighted with that – having expected much worse.
Over the next few days I kept coming back to the fact that it was very little – considering what scant attention I’d been paying. SO . . . today I have bitten the bullet and bought a new battery for my scales. Sadly I find I was right – 196 pounds actually. So here I go again – aiming to lose 5 pounds that I had already lost. However – I know it could be worse – i.e. more pounds than this re-gained and so more pounds to re-lose. Hey Ho!! Gotta be done. emoticon

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MEDDYPEDDY 6/21/2013 5:41AM

    I have to beat you - when I finally stepped on the scale after a winter of denial I had gained about 12 kilos...27 pounds! No wonder I am in such pain! And completely unable to stop bingeing!

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MARTY728 6/6/2013 12:52PM

    You can do it! emoticon emoticon

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BLAZINGSWORD 6/5/2013 12:12PM

    I understand where you are coming from. As my pastor would say, "It's life on the planet!"

You do the best you can, and sometimes that's all one can do.

I too, have had a lot going on and really couldn't focus on much other than being a care giver for my hubby. But that is now done.

So do your best today. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not even here. And above all don't stress about your eating.

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PINKANGEL73 6/5/2013 6:41AM

    Considering what you have been dealing with I think 5lbs gained is pretty good going. Obviously you have gained some good habits on Spark emoticon

I have come to accept that it is unrealistic to expect the weight loss path to always move forward straight ahead. There are always going to be twists and turns and times when we double back on ourselves because life gets in the way. The important thing is to keep going regardless.

I am sorry to hear about your son. It sounds as though he does at least accept that he has a problem and is getting help and that in itself is a massive step. It must be a big worry for you and I hope this is the start of a better future for him and the family.

You always have a kind word for others no matter what is happening to you. Huge emoticon to you. xxx

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CATLADY52 6/4/2013 2:09PM

    You'll get past the stress of these problems in time. I do hope that all goes well for your son. emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 6/4/2013 12:29PM

    You've had a lot of hassle of late Sonia and I know how much you worry about your son and in fact everyone ahead of yourself, you are so caring when it comes to family and friends.
You'll soon lose what you've gained, you had decent weather in your favour at last for some long walks and gardening and maybe it's warm enough for a swim in the sea!

Hope all turns out for the best for your son and grandson. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NHES220 6/4/2013 10:24AM

    Sorry to hear the news of your son, but I truly hope he is getting the help he needs. Those things are never easy. But we are still here when you get back to us. In the big scheme of things 5 lbs is not that much, you've lost it before and know how to do it again. Hope all is well with you, your sons and your grandsons.

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AUNTB63 6/4/2013 8:55AM

    Life gets in our way sometimes, but we always have SP to come back to. Getting back to the basics is truly the way to go. Don't look at the past, but start from where you are. YOU can do this and WE are here for you. Have a great day 1 ... getting healthier. emoticon

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TRENTDREAMER 6/4/2013 7:29AM

    "During that time I haven’t been much focused on Spark or Sparking. Apologies to my friends here whom I have neglected. "
* We've missed you. That being said, one of the blessings of a community is that when one isn't around others are.

"My elder son has just gone into de-tox for alcohol, obviously a trauma, and I promised myself that once that was settled I’d get back onto Spark and onto the scales"
* Sorry to hear. Glad that he's getting treatment.

" Sadly I find I was right – 196 pounds actually. So here I go again – aiming to lose 5 pounds that I had already lost."
* Best of fortune to you!

emoticon emoticon

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London - such a good time!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I’ve just spent few days working in central London. I used to live on the edge of London and visited often. These working trips are always hard work but there is also time to walk around my old haunts – visit a few restaurants (oh-oh!) that I know. Generally to enjoy being there in fact. I wouldn’t live in London again but I love the buzz and always come away feeling energized.

This particular restaurant is decorated to resemble an opera venue - it even has theatre boxes which you can eat in. It is full of all sorts of weird and wonderful opera memorabilia and later in the evening some of the students from Covent Garden Opera House come and sing arias to entertain the diners.

I spent some time in Covent Garden Market where there are some really talented craftspeople selling their wares and some excellent street entertainment.

Musicians playing some great classical music and responding to each other’s playing with little dances.

Some living statues – this golden man truly had no visible means of support as he sat – hour after hour apparently suspended in mid air. One tourist walked all round him taking a video and even took some film from underneath him in an attempt to solve the mystery. To no avail however. All the children thought it was magic and I began to think they might be right!

There are also beautiful green squares in central London – in particular this one just by our hotel – Russell Square. The square is named after the surname of the family of the Earls and Dukes of Bedford, who developed the family's London landholdings in the 17th and 18th centuries. Russell Square was formed when new streets were laid out by the Duke on the site of the gardens of his former home Bedford House, their London home. He apparently wished to provide a green space for Londoners to enjoy

It also includes a quaint green 'hut' originally established in the late 19th century where taxi drivers (and previously hansom cab and hackney cab drivers) can stop for a comfort break and to heat up food - a place where they know their cab will be safe. There is an attendant to watch out for their cab or indeed to provide food if required. The one in Russell Square is one of thirteen which remain to this day.

So – I walked my socks off along my personal Memory Lane – ate some delicious food which I hope has been compensated for by the walking – and feel much renewed.

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TRENTDREAMER 5/15/2013 9:28PM

    cool pix

If I were to go to Europe, it would either be London, Paris or several of the major cities in Italy.

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APPLEADAY2010 5/15/2013 5:55PM

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you had a lovely day xx

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1BEACHWALKER 5/11/2013 5:12PM

    I loved pics, even the restaurant! I love those theme restaurants-we have quite a few here in FL. We knew a man who ran a restaurant here and he is from London and he even said he wouldn't live there again! But, sure did enjoy your trip down memory lane! Anytime you want to show us your area of England would be super! emoticon emoticon

Oh, I forgot to mention the gold guy, sitting there-how in the world did he do that?! emoticon

Comment edited on: 5/11/2013 5:13:28 PM

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CATLADY52 5/8/2013 6:23PM

    I enjoyed your day almost as much as you did. Thanks for the great pictures. emoticon

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MARTY728 5/8/2013 11:47AM

    EXCELLENT! I enjoyed the blog! I have been to London once decades ago and I enjoyed it then and I must make it back. It will not be for a few years though. My oldest daughter is getting married in April 2014 and I am sure my youngest daughter will not be far behind, so I must save for the weddings. Then I want to tour the entire U.K. Heck, if I can afford it, I may take a month or 2 to do it.

Loved the pictures also! emoticon

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PINKANGEL73 5/8/2013 11:17AM

    Glad you enjoyed it. Saw the green huts on a tv documentary a while ago but not been to London for a few years. It is a fair distance from leafy Cheshire but on the train it doesn't take too long. Last time I went with some friends we caught the train around 10am and were booked into our hotel and drinking Pimms just off Leicester square by 1.30 pm !

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3016DEBRA 5/8/2013 11:11AM

  Loved the pictures & would love to go back some day! emoticon

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PINKTINK1623 5/8/2013 10:40AM

    Glad you enjoyed your time there. My kids were terrified by a living statue we saw on our hols last year bless them...i have to admit it creeps me out a little too lol

hope you are well emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 5/8/2013 8:17AM

    So glad you now feel revitalized Sonia, love the living statue but confess they give me the creeps if they touch you when you least expect it.
Russell Square is the home of the National Hospital I attend- you must have passed it LOL, beautiful gardens, lovely for an impromptu pic-nic at lunch time. There's a boozer on a corner there, can't recall the name, where all the dishy doctors hang out, they do a mean sea bass and ragout for lunch emoticon

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CARL-ASCHLUGE 5/8/2013 8:09AM

    Thank you for the information. Hope to visit London someday.

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SWEETNEEY 5/8/2013 8:05AM

    emoticon This was a really nice blog - your sentiments were transmitted all the way to the Bahamas.

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Spoke too soon!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Yesterday’s status:

*AKELAZ is very happy to be free of builders and their dust and to be back Sparking and re-connecting with friends*

WELL – the second part is true but my treat of the day yesterday was . . .

. . . washing thick black dust off about 3 dozen coat hangers which were locked INSIDE my wardrobe in a box on the floor. emoticon
Thing of it is – guess all my clothes need cleaning/washing too. Oh Goodie!! emoticon

Thought I was done but I fear there’s more lurking somewhere . . . emoticon

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MARTY728 5/7/2013 10:46AM

    Stuff happens! You can handle it. emoticon

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PINKANGEL73 5/4/2013 7:40PM

    Damn and blast it! How did it get in there!! emoticon

Best of luck with it, hun xx

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TRENTDREAMER 5/3/2013 8:54PM

    Sorry to hear.

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CATLADY52 5/2/2013 7:23PM

    Oh No! I always find it goofy that when something is well bundled, packed away, out of sight and mind it can come out of hiding with a layer of dust half an inch thick. Happy cleaning up after the builders. emoticon

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GHOSTFLAMES 5/2/2013 4:57AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 5/2/2013 4:25AM

    emoticon oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonia dust has a nasty habit of getting EVERYWHERE, I feel your pain emoticon

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