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I love Spark Healthy Reflections

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

They are always inspiring to a greater or lesser degree.
Today's was excellent for me and really made me think.

Find the joy in life. Don't let a day go to waste

Both are so apt for me at the moment.

I realise that if I would just 'go for it' like I used to, the joy in life would return. I would have more fun, my house would be cleaner, people around me would be happier because I would be happier, more fulfilled, less ashamed, more energetic and THINNER!

So I will remember this Reflection as a turning point. I intend to use it as the basis of daily inspiration or as a mantra.


Giving myself a good talking to

Monday, October 26, 2009

Today I am kind of starting over - and with attitude! I have done all the exercise I planned, had a careful breakfast and am about to leave the house with my pedometer.

All of this makes me feel more positive and so much better in myself. It's madness to sit about feeling miserable and cross because I haven't made the effort to do what I should - and indeed want to - do - for myself and for my health.

I have re-read all the start-up material and some of the blogs on this great website for encouragement and inspiration and have told myself that I won't give up because I really CAN do this. I have had so much worse to deal with in my life and that should make me stronger for this challenge I have set myself - if I will only allow it.

So - new week - new start . . .



Saturday, October 24, 2009

I started off 2 months ago with SP and felt such determination but somehow I haven't done particularly well - not really with the weight and certainly not the exercise because I can't shed my idleness. I love this website - it has made me think about healthy eating in a way I haven't done for years and the nutrition tracker and daily analysis have become my guiding lights.

I don't care that much about numbers on my scales except that they seem to me to be a measure of my determination, which yet again is fading fast. Somehow I am sabotaging myself.


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