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Finding a way to exercise on a working trip

Saturday, December 06, 2014

It’s a week since I got back from my trip to Malta and between being very busy and the time it has taken to sort out my photos I’ve only just got to a blog.
I arrived with the intention of finding a way to fit in some exercise – not always easy when time is short of course, but as it turned out I was presented with the perfect opportunity. Our hotel, on the charming island of Gozo – sister to the island of Malta itself, overlooked a beautiful bay

To the left of the bay was a very pretty little path winding along the side. A walk along that path to the headland and around the headland to a wartime watchtower and back was exactly 40 minutes - not hard to fit in timewise.

And if there was no time in the day it was very well lit at night and made a peaceful and soothing walk even after dark.

Counted myself very lucky emoticon

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1SURFWALKER 12/20/2014 3:38AM

    I saw this blog before and I swear I posted a comment on it! Maybe, I didn't hit post comment. I was on my phone...so anything can happen! emoticon
This looks like such a pretty place and those walkways would be so nice to walk on!! I love those night walks here on our lit up walkways by the water! Glad you had a nice time and got in some exercise!!
Very proud of you! Really appreciate your sharing the pics and blog about your trip. Always love to hear about things like that or where people live, especially in other countries!! Have a great weekend!! emoticon emoticon

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TWEETYKC00 12/6/2014 10:50AM

    Beautiful place!

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    Looks like a wonderful place to walk day or night. Good for you for finding a way to get your exercise in while on a business trip.

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NEW-CAZ 12/6/2014 6:38AM

    *sighs* so beautiful Sonia! Bet you're glad you "had" to go now!!!

How wonderful to walk at night with that lighting, very atmospheric.
Welcome back to bitterly cold Blightly emoticon

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PHEW! I did it :-)

Monday, December 01, 2014

emoticon Five pounds gone! emoticon
My goal for November was to lose four pounds to get me to the very top of my healthy BMI. This was really not easy due to two trips away for work. All was made difficult by communal meals in restaurants but I stuck to breakfast and lunch on my own - just fruit or salads and some cheese or beans. In the evenings I was careful, helped by excellent fresh fish and interesting veggie mixes, and left the table as soon as the main course was over to avoid the temptation of extra glasses of wine - always a problem for me. Desserts never interest me fortunately so that's a bonus. It was a bit anti-social of me but everyone pretty well understood and I had promised myself I'd get there by December come what may. I've dithered and slithered long enough!

It all seems to have worked because now I'm home I find I'm 5 pounds lighter - one pound more than the four pound loss I'd hoped for. So I'm very happy - extremely happy in fact.
I have been able to walk a lot on the Maltese Islands, where I have been for the past week which has really helped - very beautiful and wild with plenty of hills. It was a pleasure but hard work. However I persevered - with quite a bit off huffing and puffing! - and am pleased with the results. I have some great photos of my days there and hope to post them soon.
To be at the top of my healthy BMI is great - can't even remember when I was last there. Have to say this has all been due to the great info and help on Spark and totally thanks to really good Spark friends and their endless support. You know who you are XXX
emoticon emoticon

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1SURFWALKER 12/3/2014 12:23AM

    So Very Proud of you Sonia!! You did it!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
Like you said to me on the feed today, when I said I was 17 days without sweets...."we can all do anything if we are determined enough"--and you sure were...even through tough times of travel and eating out!
Big emoticon

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NHES220 12/1/2014 11:28AM

    Well done!

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NEW-CAZ 12/1/2014 7:36AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

NEVER DOUBTED YOU'D MAKE IT..................so proud of you for sticking to your guns.

Don't it feel good emoticon

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SWEETNEEY 12/1/2014 7:32AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PICKIE98 12/1/2014 6:27AM

    Yea!! Very good job!

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JAGWONDER 12/1/2014 6:06AM

  Congratulations! You are an inspiration and you give me hope that I too can achieve a healthy BMI one day. Keep up vthe good work.

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TWIRLNYC 12/1/2014 5:54AM


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Poppies - People - Shuffling

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yesterday I went to the the Tower of London for the last day of the full display of an installation to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War. The installation consists 888,246 Ceramic poppies one to mark each British life lost during the fighting of that war. The installation was designed by a set designer for the Royal Shakespeare Company and the poppies created by a ceramicist in the North of England. The moat is filled with scarlet ceramic poppies and is one of the most striking and moving things I have seen. It has been viewed by tens of thousands of people – British residents coming for miles and miles and many many foreign visitors. The crowds make it hard to get around and certainly it is very tiring but the experience will stay with me forever.

My photos do not do justice to it but I wanted to share an impression of it and of ‘my moments’

Detail of thehandmade ceramic poppies – as close as my particular camera would get.

A Longer View – one of many that I have although the aerial views of the installation on the internet give a far better impression of the sea of poppies surrounding the Tower.

Part of the Moat filled with the poppies ‘planted’ all around the Tower.

The Wave - a surge of poppies near the entrance to greet visitors with a first striking impression of the installation.

The Weeping Window – a cascade of poppies from one of the windows of the Tower obviously representing sadness and mourning for lost soldiers

Soldiers – some of the lost lives – individual memories and pictures brought by families of relatives lost in the war.

From today, dismantling of the installation, which was first started approximately 4 months ago, will begin. All the poppies have been sold to individuals who will claim them for their homes or other places. However, the “Weeping Window” cascade and the “Wave” will remain until the end of the month, a decision made because of a huge demand for more time to visit it.
These two poppy structures will then tour the UK for four years so they can be seen by more people before being installed permanently at the Imperial War Museums in London and Manchester.
My trip to London for this memorial was very minute because I knew what the crowds would be like and didn’t relish the shuffling and tripping on other peoples’ heels, but am so glad that I made the effort.

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1SURFWALKER 11/15/2014 2:41AM

    What a beautiful tribute! Those poppies look real!!! Love the weeping window. Glad you made it and that it was so special. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! emoticon emoticon

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APPLEADAY2010 11/13/2014 6:49AM

    Amazing pictures - thanks for sharing. I think this day will be stored in your memory for ever - so touching xx

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NEW-CAZ 11/12/2014 11:27AM

    A wonderful and inspired tribute!
Something you'll remember for a long time for sure.
I heard Shelia Hancock say yesterday that to make the point of the futility of the war all the poppies should be crushed by a tank.
It would certainly have been a poignant sight- but all the poppies have been sold.........don't think the buyers would have been best pleased.

Glad you were able to go emoticon emoticon

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Duty done - with little or no damage

Monday, November 10, 2014

A rather mixed time working away over the last few days, but there were lots of positives.
One positive was that my colleagues and I were so busy that we hardly had any time to eat together so I was in charge of my own regime. A dear Sparkfriend advised taking lots of fruit, which I did, and I also bought ready made salads because they were easy to come by and quick to eat.
A second positive was that we were staying in an old and very beautiful Manor House outside Cheltenham, where the school was situated, and due to a very irregular bus service and poor parking, the easiest way to get there was to walk – 2 miles each way – a real bonus for me though I must say that I got extremely wet on the first day because I got lost in heavy rain. On one evening, when we had really had a hard day, we all got gratefully into a taxi. Overall though – plenty of walking which I hadn’t expected.
Thirdly – this manor house was a rambling place and it took 4 minutes to walk to our rooms plus two flights of stairs – N.E.A.T. was definitely a bonus. I did as much too and fro-ing as was possible – seemed silly not to.
Not so good was that I was genuinely extremely unwell on the final evening when we were due to eat together with the owners of the school and couldn’t attend. However, clouds and silver linings come to mind. I wasn’t too bad the next day - fortunately - because I was in charge of driving home but I’d avoided all temptations - however unintentionally.
Anyway, my fears about the trip were groundless and I’m happy that I did what was required of me and can feel confident that, even though I’ve tracked very little due to time constraints, I KNOW I have had a healthy time and can’t have done much damage as far as reaching my end of November goal of losing a final four pounds is concerned. emoticon

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1SURFWALKER 11/11/2014 4:10PM

    Proud of you Sonia!! All that walking! You could have taken a cab each time!! Healthy eating when you could.... emoticon
Glad you had a good trip and feel better now. Thanks for the nice comment on my page.... emoticon
No-No November emoticon I had a NO moment just now...corn chips in the cabinet (only for hubby's lunches), thought about and sat thinking I am not hungry-don't need it. I got up and got on SP (was watching tv-when I tend to get the cravings to snack). Saw your note, then this blog and feel encouraged to keep going!! emoticon emoticon emoticon The power of spark keeps working!!! emoticon

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GRAMMYEAC 11/10/2014 7:58PM

    Sounds like a wonderful trip, all the way 'round.

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APPLEADAY2010 11/10/2014 5:25PM

    Yay we'll done you should be really proud. Some people would have used a trip away as an excuse but you used it to your advantage and are closer to meeting your spark goals. Exciting xx emoticon

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RAINBOWFALLS 11/10/2014 9:20AM

    Great job

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TRISHAGIA78 11/10/2014 8:19AM

    emoticon You did Wonderful, and welcome home!

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LEANJEAN6 11/10/2014 6:43AM

    I think you did well--and you must be proud!

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NEW-CAZ 11/10/2014 6:38AM

    emoticon for making lemonade from the lemon offered you a few days back.
You could not refuse to go (you being the kind and caring individual that you are!!!!) but you made the best of a rotten job.
I'm convinced the scales will be kind!
Sorry however you were unwell on your last night.
Good to have you home emoticon emoticon missed-yer emoticon

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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I thought I had successfully cleared the decks this month for a big push towards being at the top of my healthy BMI by the 24th. Space for good food choices and plenty of exercise lay before me. However, I have been asked to stand in, at the last minute, for a colleague who is sick and spend a few days in Cheltenham - a pretty town in the Cotswolds. These ad hoc examining trips are always busy and exercise is hard to fit in - communal meals are also very difficult - obviously. If I'd had my wits about me I'd have pleaded a prior engagement - which I DID have in a way - with myself and with Spark. But my first instinct is always to help out when anyone needs me so off I go tomorrow morning until Monday. I'll just have to do the best I can.
Today will be stuffed with preparation for the work ahead and packing etc. so I'll see you all next week - hopefully not too cross with myself emoticon

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1SURFWALKER 11/5/2014 7:52PM

    Stay strong! Safe trip! Will miss you! Hugs

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NEW-CAZ 11/5/2014 8:01AM

    oh Sonia I can hear the expletives from here!!!!
All you can do hun is grin and bear it, eat as well as possible-know that's probably not possible where you're headed emoticon
Perhaps you could at least take some fruit with you??

Thanks for the flame and good wishes for tonight!
see you when you get back and don't be cross with yourself, s*it happens emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MARYJOANNA 11/5/2014 5:14AM


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