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Playing with numbers (Headspace)

Saturday, December 04, 2010

I talked with Leo last night about this plateau and what to do about it. It was good to chat with a friend who also grew up playing coached sports so we could compare notes. He reminded me that it's been 6 weeks on the Game On diet, and I've really only been riding the bike and doing the 100/200/200 sets, so it's time to shock my body by changing that up a bit. He reminded me about how your muscles figure out loopholes to expend the least amount of energy to get the job done.

Well, it's snowing today, but I think I'm going to start doing some walking/jogging as soon as I can. (Going to hop on the bike again today to get the exercise in.)

I also thought about my caloric intake. I've been following the guidelines set up by SparkPeople when I registered, but I began to wonder if I was eating enough. Maybe I was sending my body into starvation mode. I mean, I wasn't HUNGRY, but that doesn't mean my body wasn't compensating.

Pulled out the BMR calculator websites. Sure enough, my BMR was slightly HIGHER than the UPPER limit of calories that Spark People gave me! EEK! Add in the amount I've been exercising, and my caloric needs to maintain my weight was SIGNIFICANTLY higher!

I did some more heart rate monitor is like a training computer and has goals for my target heart rate and calories burned.

SO, to lose 2 pounds per week, I need to slash 7000 calories (3500 calories per pound) through a combination of diet and exercise, while staying above my BMR (and then some). By figuring I would burn 2450 of those calories per week through exercise, I figured my result and then divided by 7 to get that I should slash 650 calories per day from my "maintenance" caloric needs. This is don't want to slash more than 1000 calories.

I basically chose my "Moderate activity" level of caloric needs as my new lower limit, and "Very Active" level of caloric needs as my upper limit. I'm leaning more toward the "Very Active" in my exercise now, but I know that will take a hit as we go into the holidays.

BMI * 1.55 for Moderate limit - 650 resulted in 1800 calories per day MINIMUM.
BMI * 1.725 for Very Active limit - 650 resulted in 2075 calories per day MAXIMUM.

A new range of 1800-2075 is SIGNIFICANTLY more than 1200-1550.

Going to give this a shot for the rest of the Game. I created a spreadsheet so I could calculate my new caloric needs as I drop weight, but first I'm going to give it a test run.

*fingers crossed*


Shaping up

Thursday, December 02, 2010

I mentioned yesterday that Leo said he could tell that my face was thinning out. Today The Guy said he could tell that I'm losing in all the right places and also firming up in all the right places. It feels really good to get that kind of remark from people who see you just to know that the work is paying off.

I'm still disappointed in the scale's stubbornness to cooperate--I know, I know: muscle is more dense, so I am losing fat but putting on muscle so the scale isn't moving, etc. etc. It still would be nice to see THAT confirmation though.

And yes, I know I should have also taken my measurements, but I swear I can't find my tape measures ANYWHERE! I have at least two of the things floating around here...I can't sew without them. But I just can't find them! (I also can't find my "A" foot for my sewing machine. I'm a horrible seamstress! *guilty cough*) And I've considered measuring with a ribbon, then measuring the ribbon against my yardstick, but I think that got pushed under The Guy's bed or laundry or something. Or has gone to that same strange dimension as my favorite purple bath sheet and numerous athletic socks.

OH! But my new Polar sports bra? When I first got it, I couldn't put it on. The past week I could put it on, but had to hook it in the front and contort my rib cage through a series of sucking it in/exhaling to spin it around my chest, then put the shoulder straps on...kinda like when you put on your first training bra because you just can't get your fingers to hook it right since THAT'S what you're really training. But yesterday I was able to put it on behind me like I should, no problem! I still hooked it then put my arms through the straps, but I could do it!

So either the fabric is stretching a little (it really doesn't have much give) or--what I prefer to believe--I AM losing in the right places and it's actually easier to put on now! Yeah, I still have a little "spillage" around the arm holes (it's made so the max size is a 36C, and I'm a 36D/38C) and if you could call it a "reverse muffin top" at the bottom of the strap, there's a *little* pooch squeezed out there. But as far as uni-boobs go, it's nice to be seeing my shirt hanging off the girls and then not rolling over a boob-shelf belly.

What I want from all this? I don't know if I'll ever have the firm six-pack abs thing going on. I'd really like to go to Blizzcon again next year wearing some bare midriff style costume, but still have enough up top and on my rear to fill out the curves. But I'm reading EVERYTHING I can get my hands on to find the best ways to lose fat and put muscle on in the right places to get that balanced look. I know there's no way to convince my body to use up the fat stored in specific places, but at least I am making progress so it's looking like it will be possible within the year to at least get the shape I'm going for.

Only problem is I HATE being patient! XD


Catching up

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I really haven't had much to say lately. Trying to not lay in bed all day in a puddle of my own sweat and used tissues and cough drop wrappers kinda saps your will to blog about anything. Hold on...

...sneezed again.

I really wish the last of this cold would finally go away. It's not stopping me from getting in my exercise or meals (most of the time...I WAS too fatigued on Monday, but that was the only day since Wednesday when I was asleep all day) so I'm proud of that.

Anyway, according to my weekly weigh-in, I posted a 1-pound weight loss despite Thanksgiving and being sick and everything. And then today I was right back up. =/ Yeah, this is definitely a plateau. I keep trying to shake my body up a little bit, but it just doesn't want to go. Getting frustrated.

...sneezed again. Nrgh.

I think it's one of those "You don't lose *weight* but your body is doing some magical rearranging of inches" plateaus (plateaux? XD). The Guy said he can tell a difference, although I'm sure that with living together and seeing each other every day the difference is a little less dramatic. So I talked with Leo on Skype the other night, and he said he could see that my face has really thinned out. It's nice getting that confirmation.

And then there's the muscle definition. It's not as dramatic as I've seen in the past, but in the past I also didn't have so much extra padding. But I am happy to see it happening.

...another sneeze.

Funny thing, perhaps in the *Funny-facepalm* way: We're in the second round of our weightloss/fitness Game with the guildies. The team that won? They all found excuses to quit after the first round. The two guys never communicated, one of the girls never stopped complaining about how HARD everything was, and the other girl discovered she was pregnant. The pregnant girl was the most gung-ho about it, but when you can't keep food down it's hard to blame her for dropping. The other three, though? I really hate excuses. One said, "I find that I generally follow diets that I have set for myself better then diets that have strict rules." *hands on hips* Well, honey...I would love to invent a Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream diet rather than eat rabbit food, too, but the Rabbit Food diet is more likely to show the results I want.

I dunno. I love them all dearly, but I have a low tolerance for whining. I'm just completely baffled. My best friend on my team who was our "weak link" drove me crazy because she was making some pretty, let's face it, dumb choices and had issues with self-control. But she is back in for Round 2 even though she posted the worst scores of everyone involved. I'm so proud of her! So for the people on the winning team to be like, "Well, we did it for a month. Now we're done even though we didn't meet our personal goals." it just doesn't make sense to me.

Meh, I'm a goal-driven, competitive person. Not everyone is the same. By the end of this game, I should be completing the strength training program and *could* be 172 if my body would let go of the plateau. Then it'll be time for Christmas with a break until New Year's (as far as game/scorekeeping is concerned), and then back into the competition.

...okay, fourth sneeze, so I guess it's time to wrap it up and find some meds.


Happy(?) Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

We've started the second round of our diet Game, and already I'm off to a bad start. But at least I have a reasonable excuse: It's been a while since I've been sick, and right now I have a terrible head cold that I picked up while we were in Charlotte. So I'm still doing what I can to stay on plan even though this is setting me back a bit. I'm unable to eat like I should, and while I'm drinking the water I can, it's not enough. I didn't exercise yesterday, but I think I'm going to tough it out and exercise today. I still have to do my 100/200/200 to stay on track...and I'm seeing great developments in my muscles, so why would I want to quit that now? Do that strength training, then take it easy with a long relaxed ride on the bike while dinner cooks. Then a nice hot shower to try to clear my sinuses before dinner...

I'm irritated at The Guy's mother (Future Mother-In-Law, or FMIL--not to be confused with FML!) because on Monday (which WOULD have been my mom's 63rd birthday) she wrote to The Guy and said, "Oh, I just don't feel like cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. It's too cliche. You guys can come up, but we're not going to have Thanksgiving." WHAT?! The Guy responded with, "Oh that's okay, we'll just go to Aili's DadOH WAIT HER FAMILY IS DECEASED!" It wouldn't have been so bad except EVERY YEAR FMIL would throw a huge hissy fit about how it was unfair that we had to alternate holidays with family. (We'd go to Family A's house for Thanksgiving and New Year's, and Family B for Christmas, and alternate the next year: Family B for Thanksgiving and New Year's, and Family A for Christmas.) Seriously, EVERY year she'd get pissy and upset about this. She felt that if we went up for Christmas we should stay through New Year's, and that if we went up for Thanksgiving she'd be upset because we wouldn't be there for Christmas.

So The Guy called her on it and said that NOW that we don't have an alternative, NOW that there's no "competition," she decides on a whim (Monday) that she just doesn't feel like doing Thanksgiving.

Thanks for the forewarning.

Of course, I started coming down with this cold on Monday, so Tuesday I had to get myself to a somewhat presentable manner so we could do ALL our grocery/Thanksgiving shopping. We decided this would be a good opportunity to try a Turducken. Well, guess what? Because we were informed so late, there were no Turduckens left in the grocery stores. We got a turkey breast instead, so we are not without food, but still...again, late notice really screw with the plans.

Yesterday we were going to check a few other places, but I was out cold all day so shopping was not gonna happen.

Today The Guy harps on me about "Where is your family stuffing recipe?" Well, it's in two places: At my Dad's house in the recipe book, and at FMIL's house because we always made it up there. Then he got on my case about if I remembered how to make it. You know, if I had the whole thing memorized. WHY WOULD I HAVE THAT MEMORIZED?! And even if I did, with this cold, would you trust me to get it right? I forgot where my glasses were, and I was wearing them!


Well, The Guy said he found out that FMIL's REAL reason for not wanting to cook was because she's been in physical pain thanks to an old car accident that later triggered a joyful case of the shingles, which she got over, but she still feels pain from or something. Okay, that's fine, but it would have been nice to have her say, "I'm in pain to cook a massive feast" and we would have just said, "It's okay, you sit back and relax and tell us what to do and we'll cook for you this time." You HONEST rather than tell us "it's cliche and I dunwanna." And I guess in the end it works out anyway because of this cold, and I have a doctor's appointment (not related to the cold) tomorrow, so it's better than having to rush home to make it in time. And I was able to find similar stuffing recipes online so we are going to wing that as best we can, so that shouldn't be a total disaster either.

We'll get through it, and Christmas should be easier...I hope...

In the meantime, I gotta figure out a way to get my workout in today without wanting to die first. I just can't stop sneezing! Ugh!


More traveling

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ugh, got up late today and am having the hardest time moving.

I need to get in some meals, water, and exercise before we leave later today for Charlotte. We're going to the Ren Faire to see some of our friends in our annual raid.

Unfortunately, Tollus has to work on Saturday (he usually works at the Faire on Saturday, but they couldn't find a substitute mail carrier for his route because ANOTHER carrier decided to do some welding without a mask of any kind and burned his retinas), and Khlar won't be down until the afternoon. Kel and his kidling are coming up, so at least we'll have some company.

The Guy and I are staying at the nice Comfort Inn with the hot tub in the room again. I feel a bit sore from yesterday's workout, and after a long day of walking at Faire I am sure that hot tub will be a comfort both nights.

Tomorrow will be our day off (although we're counting the walking as exercise...I'm taking Sunday as my "exercise day off" because I'll need the rest, I'm sure) since you can't really stay on plan with Faire food. And our "meal" off will probably be dinner tonight. We won't be able to drink because, as per the rules, we didn't make weight goal last week so we lost alcohol privileges. That's sad, but I think I can deal.

We come back Sunday. Usually we go to the IHOP near the hotel for breakfast, but we may just hit the continental breakfast at the hotel. We can make an on-plan meal involving eggs and toast or something, you know?

So...need to pack and get things done here, plus a workout and stuff. Going to try to log in from my phone, but if I can't post, I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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