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I think I've got it...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yesterday DH and I sat down and reviewed expenses. How does this relate to a diet one might ask? Well, it turns out that our eating out receipts were slowly piling up. We didn't realize how much we were eating out again. And the eating out corresponds to the busy time, and the time the weight loss stopped.

What on earth do they put in the restaurant food?!


Temper tantrum

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Picture me jumping up and down, stamping my feet, and screaming. I am so close to my half way mark I can taste it. All I needed to lose this week was .7 of a pound. Should be doable, right?! I cut my calories, but stayed in the healthy zone. I increased my exercise. I. worked. hard. This morning I got on the scale for my weekly weigh in and it said 162 (up from 160.6). I know part of that is probably hormones and water retention; I seem to be particularly susceptible to that. But for cryin' out loud, what to I have to do? So for all of you out there with me, working hard at getting no where, this scream of frustration is for you.



Half a pound to half way

Sunday, March 15, 2009

We've been so busy...I haven't lost any weight for about a month. I've been giving myself credit for at least maintaining my weight during this crazy busy stressful time. I tell myself it is good practice for when I finally hit my goal weight. Still, it is kind of discouraging. I worked hard this week at getting back on track and now I have finally lost some again. I'm half a pound from my half way point of 20 pounds. If I stick with it this week I should make it. How shall I reward myself?

Thanks to the lovely people who posted to my page this week when I was feeling discouraged. It really does make a difference!

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MIMULUSBUG 3/16/2009 5:10PM



On the rewards front, I definitely vote for a massage!


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    Excellent work! You were practicing for your final weight and that is where you will be for a majority of your life. Great job thinking of it that way!

Reward ideas? a massage and/or pedicure/manicure? If you don't like these, would you like to choose alone time or time with friends? A planned time is a good treat.

Definitely Reward yourself, whatever you choose.
Again, good job!

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Life gets crazy sometimes...

Sunday, March 01, 2009

So we produced a weekend seminar last weekend and then had guests all week. It was month end at work, and always too much to do. Not exactly ideal. We weren't able to track calories very well because we were so busy. Didn't get enough exercise, and went out to eat too much. And YET....neither of us gained any weight. In fact we both lost a tiny bit. So not our best week, but so much better than ever before. We managed to mostly stay on track in spite of it all. Hooray!

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MIMULUSBUG 3/10/2009 8:28PM

    Hooray Indeed!!! and very cool. Obviously even the little changes you're taking are making a difference.


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Rain Rain and more Rain

Monday, February 16, 2009

I know we've been in a drought and I know we really need the rain. Nice steady rain like we've been having. Honestly, I'm grateful. But can't I just have a little break? I need to do some laundry and my body needs to move! I don't belong to a gym and there is no indoor mall here. I just need a dry half hour to go for a walk. Is that too much to ask?

Yesterday friends invited us out to a new Indian restaurant for lunch. We did the buffet. It was hard to resist since there was a little to try of many things that gave a good sample of the restaurant's offerings. On the plus side, I was fairly reasonable on my portions and didn't have any seconds, and even left food on my plate. So that was an improvement. Then we persuaded them to come to the high end ice cream shop with us to celebrate, finally, DH's 20# goal. I only had a very small sundae there too. So I was really good there too. Unfortunately I still ate too much. I haven't done that in quite a while. The discomfort is an incredible reminder of the progress and the direction I want to go. We had salad and a small piece of garlic bread for dinner at 8pm.


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