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Run #31, 9 minute intervals

Monday, September 26, 2011

I bumped to 9 minute intervals today and it went well. It felt better thant the 8 minute intervals last week for sure! I did two nines, followed by 3, and then walked the last few minutes home. Total run time, 21 minutes, 15 minutes walk time. It is kind of exciting to think that next week I should be able to run for 10 minutes at a time. I am going to have to tweak my strategy after that as I extend the amount of time I am able to run, but currently do not plan to extend the time I give to the overall exercise. Feeling good!


Run # 30! Feels like a milestone

Friday, September 23, 2011

Today I went running for the 30th time. That feels like an accomplishment. I did two 8 minute intervals, and then a 5. It seems like I have hit the next hump. The first 8 minutes was ok. The second was pretty hard; my leg muscles were tired. And the final 5 I kind of had to push. I think my leg muscles need to catch up with my lungs now.

I bought a heart monitor on sale for $20 on Tuesday. It is one of the wrist ones that you have to touch to get the heartrate. I just wanted to try on out, and see what my heart rate was while exercising. It does give me that. There is supposed to be a way to get it to measure your rate before and after you exercise and then it will calculate calories burned and rate your workout. But the directions were written by someone with English as a second language and they are very unclear on how this works. And I am not sure it would be accurate since it doesn't have continuous output. My heart rate is already decreasing during cool down.Glad I didn't pay the full $60. But anyway, it did allow me to see that after running for 8 minutes my heart rate is 125.


Run 29 Shifting again

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today I did two 8 minute intervals and a 4 minute interval. Total run time 20 minutes, and walk time 17 minutes. As my run time increases my cool down time at the end has decreased, and I have discovered I really need that. I have been trying to figure out how to go about the interval increases now since my time to run is kind of limited. So I think I am going to stay with today's strategy of two long intervals followed by a shorter interval, and a little more time walking at the end to cool down. This should work for a couple more weeks anyway, then I will have to evolve another plan. The eight minute intervals are proving to be pretty tough like the 6s were. Sheesh. Maybe that means 9's will be easy? A gal can always hope.


Run 28 8 min intervals & the warm weather is back

Monday, September 19, 2011

Since I ordered arm warmers last week the warm weather has returned and we should be in 80's all week. Guess I won't be needing the arm warmers just yet.

Today I bumped to 8 minute intervals, and lengthened my route a bit more again. The first two intervals went pretty well the but homeward bound one seems to be the worst. You would think since I am running home that would get me through, but it seems to make it worse. Anyway, I started my third interval and I just seemed to be getting slower and slower, and my form was getting sloppy. So I ran for 3 minutes, figured I would walk a couple, and then run another 3 and call it good, but I ended up walking home. It just felt like the right thing. Since I also have aikido tonight (& it will probably still be 80 when class starts) I figure I didn't really cheat myself of much. And I kept up the pace on the walking home.

Wednesday I will try for 3 8 minute intervals.


Run 27 Of sweat and armwarmers

Friday, September 16, 2011

Today's run went really well. I did 3 7 minute intervals again, and they all felt good. Will go to 8's next week. Eating before running worked better today. Just cereal and milk and blueberries. Maybe the problem was what I ate on Wednesday, or maybe it was just a fluke. I am still not sure I like running right after breakfast, but I will probably experiment more before I start competing for a morning shower spot at work. It is getting cooler in the mornings now. IT is pretty chilly as I walk to warm up, but then hot very quickly as I start running. It is not cold enough to merit a jacket yet though, so I have ordered arm warmers as my next layer.


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