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Run 27 Of sweat and armwarmers

Friday, September 16, 2011

Today's run went really well. I did 3 7 minute intervals again, and they all felt good. Will go to 8's next week. Eating before running worked better today. Just cereal and milk and blueberries. Maybe the problem was what I ate on Wednesday, or maybe it was just a fluke. I am still not sure I like running right after breakfast, but I will probably experiment more before I start competing for a morning shower spot at work. It is getting cooler in the mornings now. IT is pretty chilly as I walk to warm up, but then hot very quickly as I start running. It is not cold enough to merit a jacket yet though, so I have ordered arm warmers as my next layer.


Run 26 Breakfast and light

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Running my route in the dark is difficult, and rather creepy, so I have started getting up at 6 and while I wait for it to get light enough to leave the boat I load up the coffee pot for my return and eat breakfast. It is a bit of an adjustment to crawl out of bed and eat right away. I usually don't want any food until I have been up and hour at least. Also eating and going running right away is new. It didn't seem to have any negative impact, except right near the end of my last interval I had a nasty burp. So I called it quits at 5 minutes instead of 7 and walked it out. That may have just been a fluke. I'll see what happens Friday. I may need a longer interval between eating and running. The other adjustment as a result of the schedule switch is when I get back I have to go straight to the shower. Before I was cooling off surfing Sparkpeople, etc, & heading to the shower when the sweat dried a litte. The marina showers are tiny and get kind of warm. Normally I am a little sweaty when I come out of the shower anyway. With this switch it takes the body a lot longer to cool down. So I may be reaching the point where I get up, eat, head to work way early, then take a work break to run & shower way sooner than I think. I will have to find my running mentors and get some more tips.

Today I did a 7, and 8.5, and a 5 minute interval. On the second interval I decided to just run and see how long I could go. I assume if I can do 8.5 that 9 wouldn't really be pushing that hard.


Missed run-too much food?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Last night we went to dinner at one of our favorite fancy restaurants that we hadn't been to in about two years. We had an awesome dinner and of course we ate too much. I didn't feel bloated and uncomfortably full, but I knew I ate too much. Then I had trouble sleeping later. I'm realizing this morning that the couple times we have had a big celebratory meal out that I have slept badly later. This morning when I got up I had indigestion. I really waffled on my run. I am struggling a little with depression and I figured the endorphins from a run would boost my mood, so I wanted to go. But my stomach only wanted antacids and fizzy water, and I just didn't feel like I would make it. So I bailed. I am still not ready to eat so I brought some eggbeaters and a banana to work with me in case I get hungry before lunch.



Saturday, September 10, 2011

This morning I weigh 150.6, a new low I haven't seen in years. Finally I have my end goal in my sites, but it sure is taking work to get there. Anyway, I shall now do the Snoopy dance all over the boat while my morning coffee is brewing. Yippee Yippee!


Run 25-Running in the light again

Friday, September 09, 2011

This morning I didn't leave the house until 6:30, when it finally got light. I got up and loaded up the espresso machine, ate some cereal, got out my clothes, etc while I waited for the light. I did 7 minute intervals again today. The third one was tough but the first two were ok. Sometime next week, maybe Wednesday, I will try an 8 minute interval.


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