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Run # 220 See Jane Run Alameda 5K

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Well I haven't run in a couple weeks ( I think I missed blogging a run...I am sure I have done one since Bay to Breakers.) This past week we were on vacation at Yosemite. It was hot and my allergies were raging. They were better when I got home, but I still woke up really snarfy this morning. ( I don't think snarfy is a real word but I like it.) Considering I haven't gotten much exercise in the last week an a half and my allergies have been out of control it was a pretty decent run. I was pleased. I think I clocked in around 37 minutes, not my best or worst. The results aren't posted on line yet and my Forerunner has decided to flake at the moment. It was a beautiful day. I hung around at the expo for a while, which I don't normally do, since DH is driving home from dropping friends up north to hike the Pacific Coast Trail. Now I am ready for a shower and maybe a quick nap before DH gets home. Last day of vacation before the so- called real world thrusts itself upon us again.

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GEORGE815 6/22/2014 3:09PM

    Good deal. Beautiful country. Bay to the Breakers and Yosemite. How great!

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Run # 219 Bay to Breakers

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I crawled out of bed at 5:20, ate a bowl of cereal and headed to BART, which they claimed was starting trains at 6:00. I didn't need to be downtown until 7:15 but I was worried about getting the car parked. The BART station finally opened a few minutes after 6, and then the first train didn't arrive until 6:35, so all of us sat around in the chill morning air for half an hour. I was still in the city by 7:00. People were trickling in, but my corral was pretty empty. My start wasn't until 8:25 so I had over an hour wait standing around on pavement. Then the scaffold where they were hanging the Hayes Street Hill challenge banner collapsed and the start was delayed while they fixed that. So my corral finally started closer to 9:00. My feet and back were pretty sore from standing by then. Being way in the back of the line made it pretty hard to run from the start. It was more of a 7.5 mile moving party, with all kinds of sites too see. The atmosphere was all fun. Running up Hayes St hill was out of the question; the crowd was too thick. People would stop in the middle of the course to take selfies or video. I did stop a couple times myself to video for Darling Hubby. This was clearly not a serious event for us folks in the back so I just went with it. I was mostly in it for the fun anyway.The top of the hill was mile three, and shortly after that you enter Golden Gate Park for the last four miles, and this is where it thinned out some and the party was lollygagging toward the finish line. I ran some before the park, and a few times in the park. But I was tired, and the crowd was thick, so I mostly settled for keeping up a solid walking pace. I finished in 1:57 on my watch, but 2:03 officially, the difference being the race clock doesn't stop while you are in the porta potty. I was finisher number 18,848, pretty much in the middle of the group. I did muster the energy to run across the finish line ;-)

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RAYNAC3 5/23/2014 9:07AM


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Run #218 Sluggy, Bay to Breakers, & a bum knee for DH

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Man this morning everything just felt like a slog! I dragged myself to the gym...I debated rowing instead of running because I just felt like such a slug, but I opted for the outdoor time since the day was beautiful an supposed to be really hot later. I came in just shy of 3 miles at 40 minutes. A little slow and a few walk breaks, but a great work out an I feel a bit more energetic now.

In other news, I signed up with DH to do Bay to Breakers this weekend. I put us in the walking corral since DH isn't a runner, and to me it was more about the event and the fun than the run. But yesterday he finally went to the Dr. because his knee has been bothering him, and it turns out he has a torn meniscus on his left knee and will have to have surgery. So I may be Bay to Breakering alone...which is actually really depressing. But it is on my SF Bucket list, so he says I should go anyway....Bumer.


Run #217 You don't spit into the wind...

Thursday, May 08, 2014

But you can run into it. The weather report said the wind yesterday was 3 mph but I cry foul. It was pretty chilly on my upwind leg, which I did first. But of course I warmed up and by the time I was headed back to the gym I was pretty hot and wishing it was all upwind. This run was a little faster than the last. I did turn in and under 12 minute mile, but over all still a bit slow. I waffled on whether I was going to do a short run complemented by more rowing or just run. When I felt myself flagging a little I remembered that I had already learned before that once you've been running for 20 minutes keeping going, at least for me, is largely a mental battle. So I pushed on. I had a 35 minute run and came in around 2.3 miles.


Run #216 Two runs in a week!

Friday, May 02, 2014

Well today made two runs in a week for the first time in many months. I clocked in between 2.5-3 miles. A bit slower than I used to go, but I am trying to ramp up a bit more slowly. Averaged around 4.5 mph for the trip. I know some people walk that fast but they must have long legs emoticon
Anyway it is nice to be getting back into it and nice to be outside on days like this. I finally figured out how to shut my heart rate monitor up...I set it so the high alarm goes off at 200. I figure if my heart is beating that fast I probably should know about it...

Happy weekend everyone!


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