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Saturday, May 04, 2013

....and I keep falling asleep before writing it.

What did you think, I was going to come out with some huge confession, or something? No such thing going on in my boring life. I went to the library and got a haircut today, that's about all the excitement I had today. Oh, and I went to the gym, which was pretty much deserted at 6 PM. Too nice outside and the usual denizens were out playing somewhere else, perhaps?

The visit to the gym is a re-new and re-different thing. I kind of took the month of April off. I kind of managed to gain ten pounds between the start-ish of March and the end-ish of April. Which is to say, in about 7 weeks. I've got reasons/excuses/justifications/rationaliza
tion for all that, but they're probably mostly garbage. But I'm gonna give you the cliff notes version, anyway.

New job, phase one was March 10-31st-ish. Traveling, living from hotel, 10 hour days, learning stuff, but not real work. The change threw me, eating out every day messed with me, blah blah blah.

New job phase 2 was the month of April. Actually doing what I was hired on to do. 10 hour days, of actual effort. Tired at the end of it. Going home on the weekends, and spending time at my brother's house, playing with the nephew, away from the gym.

Health stuff - didn't have any issue with my teeth prior to April 12th. Went to the dentist. I'd moved, so I needed to visit a new dentist, grabbed one off a list of people who take my insurance. Somewhat random, picked the first one on the list, but hey, I loved my last dentist, and I went to her because I happened to see her awning next door as I came out of the post office one day. Randomnosity for the win in that case. So, new guy (husband and wife outfit, really, but the wife doesn't have patients on Fridays, apparently), first appt made for x rays, filling out forms, say hi to the new guy. I go, and someone cancels in the next slot, do I want to just get a cleaning done? Sure, why not. You have a couple cavities, and we have time, do you just want to go ahead and get those filled? Sure, why not, saves me a trip back.

I didn't have any issues before going to the dentist. The last three weeks, I've had issues with a couple of teeth. Care to guess which ones?

Ok, so one might just be a little bit of that tooth getting used to having a hole in it, filled or not. The other one is an issue, no doubt about it. I actually went back last week, because it had been two weeks of misery (hypersensitivity to hot and cold, leading to massive headaches, some which felt like a raptor's claw just diving into the soft part of the skull below the left temple. The guy checked the filling, and saw nothing wrong with it.

The past week, hasn't been as bad, tooth wise, but the headaches that have been a daily companion have continued. Add that in to the work thing, and I've been less than enthusiastic about wandering down to the hotel's fitness room after getting back from work and grabbing a bite to eat. It let up a little bit on Wednesday, but maybe that was just the beer speaking -- I had a couple at bar trivia, before heading over to the hotel. Not sure why, but I felt it necessary to go down and do some semblance of exercise. Ended up spending an hour down there, mostly because I was watching Mexican soccer, on a channel not available up in my room. And then today as well, felt like going to the gym. So maybe I'm turning a corner. The tooth issues have abated somewhat this week, although certainly not gone away. The reason I/m scribbling all this out right now is that 20 minutes ago, I was about to go to bed, but I grabbed a glass of water, unthinkingly. The unthinking part was in the fact that it was a cold glass of water. Cold glass of water hit sensitive tooth, and cause shooting pains to jump up into my skull, and from edge of sleep, I was totally effing awake. But not writing this out has made me sleepy again (although I still have the headache). At least it hasn't been of the severity that keeps you from falling asleep for over a week now.

/end rant and ramble

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CLPURNELL 5/6/2013 8:50PM


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LOLATURTLE 5/6/2013 1:39PM

    Go back to the dentist!! You shouldn't be in that much pain. if he still is like "EH, I don't see anything wrong!" and doesn't seem at all concerned that you're having enough pain you 1) can't eat or drink normally and 2) HAVE HEADACHES EVERY SINGLE DAY, he's a crappy dentist. CRAP DENTIST! Find someone else to look at it.

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1CRAZYDOG 5/4/2013 6:12PM

    Moving, new job, new routine, travel . . . all stressors for sure! Things will settle in.

And definitely hope that your mouth feels better!

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ROSCOEKR 5/4/2013 12:22PM

    emoticon And take care of that tooth.

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BOSS61 5/4/2013 8:00AM

    Looks like life has thrown you curve balls and change-ups. Time to step back into the batters box and dig in!

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GARDENCHRIS 5/4/2013 7:57AM

    we've all been there.... just keep on keeping on, Get some rest and take care of yourself.

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GLUECIPHER 5/4/2013 6:37AM


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STEPH-KNEE 5/4/2013 4:33AM

    I'm sorry to hear about the weight gain and the tooth stuff, that definitely isn't fun :( I can totally understand that living out of a hotel can make you lose your focus for this healthy lifestyle stuff. Any drastic change like that can send people for a loop, so I totally get it. But I know you will get back to it, one step at a time... we are doing that together, one step, one day at a time. We will get there. :)

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but for a lack of hanky

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a) There was no panky
b) Snot was running down his nose
c) No hammerin’ occurred this day
d) None of the above

I think my mind’s off in the land of d) but I’m not sure. a) and b) don’t apply, but c) might be accurate, since after handling a number of calls and clearing items off my plate quite well, thank you very much on Tuesday, Wednesday has seen less accomplishment. Maybe it’s due to being tired, an unthinking late caffeinated soda delaying that moment of snoozery conspiring with an achy jaw waking me in the midst of the dark night to rob me of a proper amount of sleep. Or an amount that suffices by my standards to avoid my feeling like a zombie.

That’s not entirely the case, though, as a coke and a smile (brought on by a George Takei facebook post) perked me right up soon enough. A larger part just might be the strategy employed by one Partha Sarathi Mukhopadhyay (25 letters, count ‘em and weep!) to prioritize the heapin’ helpin’ of support tickets received on Monday (I do healthcare help desk support, in case you’ve forgotten or are new to these parts, in which case, howdy!) (I also never use the word ‘howdy’, so please do appreciate the sacrifice I made in your honor). Basically, I took the pile, and mentally broke it down into Easy Stuff and NOT SO EASY STUFF. And I toyed with the easy stuff on Tuesday until they cried monkey’s uncle. The not so easy stuff seems to be toying with me today.

I was hoping to have the plate cleared, or near enough by the end of my week (aka Thursday), but having been voluntold that I get to handle the queue again Thursday, that won’t be the case. But I suppose that just sets up another Monday with Eazies to chase. That wouldn’t be the worst way to start a week, feeling, however artificially, like I accomplished something.

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CLPURNELL 4/26/2013 6:33PM

    The plate never gets clean. Its a buffet that never ends.

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ROSCOEKR 4/25/2013 1:12PM


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1CRAZYDOG 4/24/2013 9:38PM

    The soup nazi would say, "No more caffeine for you!!!" . . . 'sept I don't think soup is caffeinated . . . it is??

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KING_SLAYER 4/24/2013 8:41PM

    Ummm, yeah.... if you could go ahead and take care of that queue on Thursday... that would be great.
Oh, also, did you get that memo about the TPS reports?

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PRIZM96 4/24/2013 4:49PM

    Um...... what? emoticon

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You’ve heard the term, “A mess of fries”, right?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

It almost came to fruition the other night. I thought I might grab grub at one particular fast food outlet, but the parking lot was crowded, the lobby looked crowded, and I wasn’t in the mood for a crowd, so I drove on, just riding down Route 12 into the sunset (aka, west), waiting for something to catch my eye. I’d been that way before, when I drove up to Madison taking that highway all the way up, but I hadn’t paid attention to what I was passing by early in the trip, so this territory was essentially new to me. I ended up turning at a whim into a place just because I liked their sign. Turned out to be grease heaven. A pizza slice that didn’t look too wet in the box it sat in turned out to be dripping wet when heated up. The “small fries” turns out to be a large under most people’s standard. The hot dog turned out to be the healthiest selection…ummm…selected, as well as an item that later became a 7th inning snack as I listened to the Detroit Tigers play a West Coast game hours later.

Even though the place was nearly empty, the person who came in after me sat at the table next to me. Not sure why that was the case, but it did provide grist for this particular mill so I won’t complain. At one point, I realized I hadn’t grabbed any extra napkins, which really would have come in handy for the greasy grub, so I stood up and went over to the napkin stand and remedied the issue. Coming back to the table, it seemed like I inspired a similar realization in my dining notcompanion, as he stood up and strode off in the same direction. Returning, his orbit came a bit too close to my table, where the edge of his jacket, which he hadn’t taken off, brushed again the edge of my table, and caught the corner of the wax paper holding my fries. The mind is a wonderful thing, and in moments like these, it can construct fantastic scenarios, outcomes for the pseudotragedy at hand, while at the same time acting to prevent these pseudotragedies from actually occurring. I remember an icy cold rainy day from Detroit 15 years ago where the mind failed to impel the body to act to open the umbrella I carried, resulting in a city bus splashing me with the contents of the giant slush puddle I’d happened to be walking past at that moment. This time, the mind won the battle, propelling my hand to the further edge of the wax paper, grabbing on to prevent a golden cascade onto the none too pristine floor of this establishment.

Dude never even noticed what had almost transpired. He just sat down and resumed the destruction of his burger, inhaling the remnants of it in just a couple of minutes. Honestly, I haven’t a clue why he needed the napkins, since I’m pretty sure (although we all know how unreliable corner of the eyewitness reportage can be) he never used the darn things before he stood up, tossed his trash in the appropriate container, and strode out the door.

Me, I just sat there, crunching away on those good greasy fries. Saved from a date with the floor, they met their end bravely, soldiering on past my ivory gates of doom and on down the tonsillated slide to the acid bath from hell. Let’s just not speak of their fate past that point, shall we?

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QUEENDIVA50 5/3/2014 12:14AM


Great Blog. You crack me up!!!


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CLPURNELL 4/25/2013 12:15AM


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PRIZM96 4/20/2013 7:53PM

    BAHAHAHAHA! :-) Love it!

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STILLWATERSSB 4/20/2013 7:20PM

    Have you ever considered becoming a writer?

Love the fry scenario!

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1CRAZYDOG 4/20/2013 5:23PM

    Glad you rescued those fries! LOL Some people are just oblivious.

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CATTUTT 4/20/2013 2:06PM

    Congratulations on saving your fries. Too bad they went on to meet a worse fate. Such is life, I guess!

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ROSCOEKR 4/20/2013 11:01AM

    I don't know what to say today.

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KARENE10 4/20/2013 8:32AM

    Why DO people sit right next to the only other person in the restaurant? They also do this in parking lots. The scenario you constructed with the fries.....Funny!

Comment edited on: 4/20/2013 8:33:08 AM

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PICKIE98 4/20/2013 5:10AM

    Well, if you are on vacation or traveling for anything, there are no calories. Anything eaten by the refrigerator light or washed down by diet pop, has no calories.
Any food paid for by somebody else, no calories.
Any food the same color as that particular holiday(i.e. green beer on St. Pat's Day) --no calories.
Any food you have never tasted before--no calories.

It sounds like you saved that great food from a fate worse than death.. yum...

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should I feel guilty for being amused by flooding?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ok, I know water rolling places where it should not go is a big deal. Hurricanes ripping stuff up, big storms causing rivers to meander, all bad news. I have a friend whose parents lost their home (her childhood home) to offshoots of the Mississippi behaving rambunctiously. But I'm in Chicago right now, watching an off ramp to I-294 out my office window, and chuckling everytime a knucklehead comes flying off the highway, only to jam on the brakes as he encounters the water lapping a third of a tire deep across the exit ramp. I mean, there's a lake outside my window that used to be a parking lot yesterday, with boxes and toys from the church/school next door floating across and ducks frolicking. Am I evil for being amused, even as I remember the houses I drove past while driving to work that had the Des Plaines River knocking at their back door?

So far, it seems flights are leaving O'Hare ok, and i hope that with the rain stopping, that will remain the case tonight at 8:30. With waterlogged ground, and more rain in teh forecast this weekend, I'm kind of curious whether there might be more of this next week when I return.

(in the meantime, maybe I'll try to do something resembling real exercise this weekend. I've been horribly slacking off recently. Really really really (x 82) need to change that. Weight has stabilized (as far as I know, since I didn't grab Twitchy this week, and will have managed to go 5 days without weighing myself (without really even caring about it). Not entirely sure that's an unvarnished good thing since I have no clue whether this week's eatings are adding to the scale or not. But it's nice to not be concerned with it...as long as that doesn't lead to it being something again that I can't help but be concerned about.

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CLPURNELL 4/25/2013 1:02AM


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ROSCOEKR 4/19/2013 10:30AM

    Well sounds like you are getting a laugh at someone else expense. Just hope nobody gets hurt.

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1CRAZYDOG 4/18/2013 9:10PM

    I can't believe that so many people lack common sense when it comes to driving through pools of water that you don't know the depth of. Good grief!

We have had lots of rain here, too, but not as much as the Chicagoland area. Not much to do about it, that''s for sure.

Hope you made it back last night.

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PRIZM96 4/18/2013 4:00PM

    I'm afraid I would be highly entertained by it also! :-)

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Didn't quite make that flight

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kind of tough to catch a plane when it's due to take off at 6:45 AM and you wake up to hotel room clock telling you it's 6:40 AM. First time missing a flight, ever, as far as I can recall, and I don't qualify (yet) as a frequent flyer, so I turned on my computer to check the Delta site to see what I could do about it. The pages that were supposed to explain options didn't quite cover the "sleeping in" scenario, so I thought I'd call the help line for assistance. As I looked at my phone, wondering how I managed to sleep though its alarm, I saw the Delta app on there and selected it. First thing I saw was that my flight was delayed! But not enough for me to make it to the airport. Second thing I saw was an "apology for the inconvenience, and would you like to rebook at no cost?" offer. Well, um, I don't know, free is awfully expensive, but ok, sure. Didn't get any extra extra sleep out of it, as I had just enough time for a shower before heading out. Ended up getting to Detroit only an hour and change after the flight I was originally supposed to be on.

That also meant I was getting back home in time to get to my dentist appointment, the real reason I'd selected the 6:45 flight in the first place. Yes, I know, I'm a masochist, what with the way early flight and dentist juxtaposition. But it was ok, the dentist was just supposed to be a get some x-rays, say hi to a new dentist dude type of visit. But after that had been accomplished, the person who'd checked my gums came back in and asked if I'd like a cleaning, too, since someone else had canceled, and she had time. Sure, why not, saves me a trip back (and another co-pay). And after that was done, and the doc had checked in and checked out my x-rays, there were apparently a couple of cavities that might need doing, and would I like to get them done? Well, heck, why not, as long as I'm here.

The problem with that was that this clinic seems to have not enough people actively working on a Friday. One of the dentists (the wife of the pair) doesn't see patients on Friday, and the guy who was there was running around handling all the patients they had lined up. I don't know if others got the "you're here, might as well get this done" opportunities, but by the time I got my cavities filled, and got out of there with the lower half of my face still numb, I'd been at the dentist 3 hours. And realized, after 3 weeks of carrying around my new driver's license, that the state had spelled my name wrong. No big deal, probably, if I was someone who actually was in the state on a business day more than one day a week, a day when I spent most of the afternoon in the dentist's chair.

Ended up going to the library thereafter, and I got a biography of Joe Paterno. It's not necessarily to read about Paterno himself, or because I was curious as to how Paterno's looking the other way while his assistant coach molested numerous kids under his nose. No, I actually grabbed the bok because of who it was written by, an amazing sportswriter named Joe Posnanski. It's kind of like going to a movie not because of its contents, per se, but because of who the director is. For an example, check out this piece on the two coaches whose teams battled for the basketball championship last monday. You don't have to care for college basketball, or even be much of a sports fan to enjoy Posnanski's style. It's kind of like how Mitch Albom used to be back in the day, before the accolades swelled his ego to ludicrous heights.


Anyway, the rest of Friday went rather boringly. After feeling tired at 8 PM-ish, I'm still awake at 3 AM, learning that I need to track down another piece of paper or two before I submit my state taxes. I really should have got them done earlier, what with being due a decent refund (if my math is right, I'll get paid more in wages and expense reimbursements and tax refunds this month than I received all of last year. More a function of only working two months in 2012, but still, it's a bit nutty). I would have e-filed weeks ago when I did my federal taxes except I moved out of Wisconsin in December rather than in January, and as such I wasn't a full year resident of that state, and thus not able to e-file. Two weeks turned into this extra annoyance...harrumph.

But I tire of being awake, and so I shall sleep. After I go and rescue the laundry I just realized I'd forgotten about. Oops.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CLPURNELL 4/19/2013 9:24PM

    Glad everything worked out!

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2LABS2LOVE 4/18/2013 4:21PM

    emoticon You will make a great dad one day...just calm and cool under all situations!

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PRIZM96 4/18/2013 4:14PM


....that is all.

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SIRENSONGS 4/14/2013 10:03AM

    Ahhh, this blog stressed me out! I have nightmares about missing flights. I don't know if I would have handled the situation as well as you did, lol!

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68ANNE 4/13/2013 5:26PM

    your pic caught my eye, pun intended and loved the blog!

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68ANNE 4/13/2013 4:38PM

    your pic caught my eye, pun intended and loved the blog!

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STR458 4/13/2013 4:33PM

    thanks, my day was boring... start again from the top-now what happened? emoticon

love your style keep blogging!

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1CRAZYDOG 4/13/2013 4:25PM

    Well, how COOONNNNVVVEEENient (thankfully!) that you got that pop up asking if you wanted to reschedule! LOL Must be karma or something.

Glad you got all the "deeds" done @ one time @ the dentist. Beats having to make multiple trips. That's what my choice would have been -- get it all done!

Hope you have a good weekend adn get those taxes done! emoticon

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WHOVIANGIRL23 4/13/2013 12:01PM

    I've officially concluded that you're a dentist masochist.

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ROSCOEKR 4/13/2013 10:46AM

    Nice catch on the app.

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BEECHNUT13 4/13/2013 9:08AM

    It's so funny to me to read about Sparkpeople that live nearby. At least the McNamara Terminal is fast... I always seem to have to catch the plane at the very very distant end, however...

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STILLWATERSSB 4/13/2013 8:53AM

    Love the post as usual and glad there wasn't too much stress involved. Can I just say that missing a flight and being scheduled for a dentist visit in the same day is enough stress to cover a few weeks?

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