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Didn't realize I was broadcasting beyond the self-defined borders.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Guess I knew that each new blog post was available for perusal to all SP members for a limited time if they happened to click on the new blog post links on the front page, but other than that, I thought what I'd been scribbling was limited to just the groups I'd actually been interacting with. That theory falls apart at very simple scrutiny, as those I've interacted with most don't live anywhere near Madison. But, there you have it, unless there's reason to actually explore your beliefs, you tend to stick with what you think you know. Explains quite a bit about politics, but let's not go there, shall we? :)

Anyway, I'm noshing after midnight, musing on how there ought to be laws governing when you're allowed to go to the grocery store. Such as, no grocery shopping when you're hungry. Or, no grocery shopping after midnight. There are situation, such as these, when the will power is left in the car, and everything looks good, or at the very least, justifiable. Like, one box of cheez its for $4, but 8 keebler and sunshine products for $16? That's like, half price and stuff! So, two random new cracker products, a couple different cheez it flavors and oh, hey, Keebler, gotta have the cookies, since the elves worked so hard to make them. Granted, this haul will last me months (like the 8 boxes of ready oatmeal bought months ago, of which I've consumed one and change), but it wasn't really necessary, and it came about as a result of hitting the store in a vulnerable state. I was HUNGRY!

Wasn't the greatest day, food wise, as I did a fish fry (is that just a Wisconsin/upper Midwest thing? I'm from Michigan, and I wasn't really aware of any such practice before coming out to Madison. Did I just miss out all the years prior?) with some of my closest friends in the area. Good times were had, the cod (cods? What the plural of cod, anyway?) did not die in vain. An enjoyable night, all told, with an amusing error, wherein I gave the bartender a 50% tip - grabbed a round of drinks, totaling $12, change came back as a $5 and three $1 bills. Intending to tip $2, I retained two of the bills for myself, and left the other two on the counter. Wasn't until an hour later I realize that I only had $2 cash left from that transaction. Oh well, as busy as the bar area of the supper club was, the guy was earning whatever tips he was getting.

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    Hey there! I'm from Waukesha so we're really close! We have had Friday night fish frys for as long as I can remember. I think they might have started as a Catholic thing but they're everywhere. Problem is, I don't like fish. Oh well! Glad you had fun!

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POETLKNG2LOSE 1/7/2012 10:30AM

    You can always choose to have your fish baked and not fried too if they have that. And always remember to eat before you go shopping so you don't buy so much.

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WENDYSPARKS 1/7/2012 8:55AM


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JET150 1/7/2012 8:42AM

    Someone (from Wisconsin) has even written a book about Friday night fish fries. They've been going on forever, i believe. I think my sister goes to them in Missouri too though. I always thought it was a Catholic thing, since back in the day no meat could be eaten on Fridays.
I too am incapable of passing up a "deal".

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YOITLE 1/7/2012 8:00AM

    Glad to see you are up and about again. Gives me hope. Where I'm from, eastern Pennsylvania, fish grow in the freezer already batter-dipped, but we has our funnel cakes at the carnival and lots of legacy German dishes.
I've had to make a conscious decision not to shop when hungry, even if it's just a bowl of brown rice unadorned before I hop on the bicycle to get groceries. Saves wads of cash and inches on the waistline. I also have mini packs of almonds I carry for just such emergencies.
I bet this is something you can invent a fix for.

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WINNIE1978 1/7/2012 7:42AM

    Anyone that has "friended" you can also see when you post blogs on their "friends feed", which tells them when their friends have updated their status, posted blogs, received trophies, etc.

I agree that we shouldn't be allowed to grocery shop while hungry... that's always a tough one for me too because everything looks good!

I always thought fish fries were more of a southern thing, but I guess they are more widespread than that.

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It's past midnight, why am I still up?

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Well, for one thing, I'm a night owl, as I think I might have previously chronicled. For another, I've been ill the past two days, bad off enough to stay home from work, which is extra bad because a deadline looms two weeks away. I think I might have to pay the time back on the weekend, lest I get to the ten day mark and panic. Being down with the sickness (not in this sense, unfortunately - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09LTT0xwdfw
) also means I've spent significant portions of the daylight hours of the last couple of days sleeping.

Funny thing, I felt well enough when I woke from a nap around 2 pm today to try to venture out to a store nearby to remedy an appalling lack of gatorade/soup/crackers in my apartment. It was not exactly meant to be, though, as I'd apparently left my car's dome light on when I last used it on Monday. 40 hours of continuous operation does not a happy battery make. Oops. Fortunately, the manager was in, and the maintenance guy was around, and was able to help me out, otherwise I might have had to post a sign, and then hope, beyond someone just being willing to help, that they would knock on my door at some point when I was awake.

I made it to the, got my gatorade and my soup, and wandered about a bit in a fog, completely unable to recall what else I'd gone there for, a fact which pretty much justified the decision I made at 8 AM that work was a no go for the second day in a row. I came home and was pulling into the garage when I remembered that I'd forgotten my crackers.

And then I napped again, feeling rather pathetic for some reason. That doesn't make sense, really, when one considers the general reason that I was home in the first place. But there you have it.

Oddly, I have neither gained nor lost weight. Not sure what I expected. This cold/allergy/whatever that had my head spinning didn't really affect the appetite Tuesday, and though I had a very slow start to food on Wednesday, the final intake was probably well within range. I did more in the way of cooking than I've done in a while, as I grabbed some potatoes and a cauliflower while at the store, and wonder of wonders, I actually used them to the purpose I bought them for, namely frying, and tossing together with some chicken. Which I also cooked.

This is remarkable only because I so rarely cook. It just seems to take so much time usually. But these past two days, I had plenty of time, so...anyway, I used too much olive oil (the only type of oil I have in my place, apparently, and the works turned out a bit greasy, if tasty. My meat selections often are determined by what's on sale, and this time that was skinless, boneless chicken thighs, so I probably should have separated those and cooked them with just a dab of oil (or less). But, hey, it was tasty, and when I deign to cook, that's still the bottom, and only line, really.

Here's the thing though, calorie wise, what does approximately 1/3rd of a mix of (10 oz chicken thighs, half a cauliflower and two potatoes) cooked/semi fried in olive oil add up to? Food tracking has been an issue for me because I usually eat lunch at work, from a cafeteria that provides general (cal/fat/protein/carbs) info for most, but not all of its offerings. And, well, because the markings down of every little thing crossing my lips hasn't become habit yet. Made some effort towards it today, but I'm absolutely clueless about how many cal/fat/protein/carbs I might have put away with this dinner.

It'd be useful to know, as I've got plenty of it left over for tomorrow's supper. I fully intend to make it to work and have lunch there. I suppose I ought to try and get to sleep and make that a more likely outcome, eh? G'nite!

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YOITLE 1/5/2012 8:48AM

    Only 10% of what I usually eat is listed in the nutrition tracker, so I go to the recipe calculator and put the ingredients in there. It gives me all the nutritional info. It takes time, so I only put in the recipes I make regularly. Otherwise I try to guesstimate what a given food might match up with a listed item in the nutrition tracker.

Kudos for cooking for yourself. It's a start, olive oil and all.

Surprise yourself!

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WINNIE1978 1/5/2012 5:33AM

    I hope that you feel better soon!

As far as the tracking goes... the best way that I've found to do it is to measure or weigh everything. I have a cheap, digital kitchen scale that I use mainly for meats and I think baked potatoes are listed in grams so I weigh those too. I will weigh my chicken breast and then track it by the weight. For everything else, I use measuring cups. I'll actually measure out 1 cup of cauliflower or 1/2 cup of peas or whatever I am eating that day.

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So where do we begin?

Sunday, January 01, 2012

There's an album called, "A Pleasant Shade of Gray" by the band Fates Warning. It's one of my favorites, certainly among a top 20 all time on my list, and possibly in the top 10 (that's an exercise I haven't undertaken in a long time). I love it for its dark moods, and general sense of introspection, and reflection, which is encapsulated in the album's opening lines:

So where do we begin?
And what else can we say?
When the lines are all drawn,
What should we do today?

the ~2 minute first section can be viewed here:

Those are words that cross my mind often enough, as I use them as a starting point when up against new situations, whatever form they take. And so it was this morning, waking up after last evening's fun, that I thought of these lines in the context of the new year. 2012 will be a year of changes for me, that's already certain, but exactly what form those changes will take, I don't know yet. So I'm looking forward, with some trepidation, but also with anticipation.

I'm hoping, though, to take care of myself better than I have in years past. That will include continuing to use the spark people site - the fact that I have visited it on a more or less regular basis the past three months suggests that it's not just a fad in my book, like so many sites I take an interest in, but eventually just stop checking in on. I don't make resolutions, but I'm planning on ending 2012 weighing less than the 198 pounds I carry into the New Year. I've made it to the initial 195 goal weight twice so far, so it's certainly possible, but holidays have conspired to keep me from legitimately breaking through. Now that those are out of the way, let's see if I can get there, get under, and stay under (and hence, give me a relatively easy win on my not-a-resolution :)

I also resolve to stop smoking, which should be pretty easy, as I don't smoke, and never have. I suppose that might be cheating, though.

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YOITLE 1/2/2012 9:18AM

    I must look up that band. I am woefully out of date with music (by about 2.5 decades). It sounds very interesting. I agree with BACKUPAGAIN that the real changes will take place when the inner scenarios get changed. My particular bugaboo is getting stuck on a number I wish to achieve by March 2012. The unspoken wish is once I achieve that number, I won't have to do all this hard work of shopping for and cooking healthy food or walking my feet off. DUH, maintenance hasn't registered as I'm still in the middle of the forest.
I need regimen of thought workouts, then the rest of it will fall in line quite naturally I suspect.

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BACKUPAGAIN 1/2/2012 2:40AM

    Hahah, love that final resolution, and I'm with you in making that one... mind you, I don't smoke either, but I won't tell if you don't, ok?
Wishing you lots of determination, motivation and dedication, because with those you can't help but succeed in the 'other' goals, the non-cheating ones... I gained the 4lb I managed to lose in December in the period between Christmas and New Year. This year though, I am determined not to do what I've done so many times before - just tell myself it's never going to happen, so I may as well just give up and quit trying. This year I am going to make sure I keep trying, because I am determined to reach my goal weight, and stay there!
We can achieve anything we want if we're determined enough to work towards it!

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Suppose I could edit that last one...but...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Feel like that thought should stand alone (even if it was prefaced by other stuff). Oh well.

Point I think I was going to make is that the end of a year, which certainly had high points (the aforementioned nephew being highest among them), is coming on with promise of changes in the new year, possibly ominous, definitely going to cause stress. I managed to get through the holidays basically at the same weight, but have let myself pig out the three days I've been back, excusing choices as being too tired to prep even simple, i-can-pretend-this-is-somewhat-healthy things like soup-from-a-can at home, instead opting to grab fast food...because it's there.

The musings on death are a part of it. Things left undone this year are weighing a bit. The coming changes, which I deliberately didn't focus on while in Michigan, as a way of preserving the ability to relax, that likely played a part. The issue is that all those things can possibly linger. And have been cause for overeating before and can be such again.

And even knowing, and realizing what I'm doing isn't necessarily a practical defense against that doing.

Not looking for sympathy, or even encouragement here, just putting this as a reminder to myself for a while from now that I'm aware of it, and should not succumb to it. Maybe if I revisit this in three months time and realize I've completely failed to heed the warning, then maybe pity would be welcome at that point. :)

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YOITLE 12/29/2011 6:32AM

    I ran into an unexpected trigger watching a documentary on DVD yesterday morning. Suddenly I was eating anything in my path. I identified the trigger but couldn't control the eating until I physically distanced myself from the DVD by watching it from the kitchen while doing some housework. Knowing your triggers IS important, how to defuse them is another story - probably a work in progress for a while. Keep chipping away at the mental stuff, and you will gain control over it.

I know the importance of those outstanding teachers whose iinfluence follows us throughout our lives. Very sorry for your loss.

Ms. Potato Head

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Wit optional

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The fun thing about this blog thing is that they don't all have to be gems. I'm not writing for you, this is all about me, meee, meeeeee! And about me feeling like me wants to share me thoughts often enough so me keeps caring to check in to this site and continue keeping me accountable to meself.

So yeah, been feeling a bit down lately, despite just coming off a nice ten days vacation, getting to see a couple of fantastic concerts (why the exercise tracker doesn't have "mosh pit" as a cardio exercise, I don't understand, I get some of my best exercise mixing it up with the little kiddies at metal shows...although, the Fair to Midland show in Flint was the first time I'd indulged in that for quite a while), relaxing with my little (7 month old) nephew, chilling with the parents. While al that was happening, a high school classmate died in a car accident, and a prof I knew at the University of Wisconsin also passed away. I'll be heading to his funeral in a few hours (I haven't been to an actual funeral in many many years, though I've been to 'memorials') and though it will be nice to see some people again, you wish it were under different circumstances. This prof was definitely one of the good guys, and yeah, I know that everyone who passes away is memorialized as such by someone or another, but in this case, this was a person that went beyond that cliche, and actually fit the bill.


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