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Paranoid knees

Friday, January 04, 2013

No, wait, that's not right. More like, I'm the one that is occasionally paranoid about my knees. It all goes back to when I was a wee lad of 24, and I went to play basketball, and tried to change directions while running backwards on defense, and my knee, quite independently of the rest of my leg, decided that it would rather go the other way. Ended up as a torn ACL, suffered in March, 2000, with surgery to fix it in July of the same year. Really, it cost me two summers, as the knee didn't feel *solid* until fall of 2001.

It's been 13 years since that happened, and yet, every once in a while, I feel a twinge in the knee, and the mind flashes back. That's the case tonight, as a slight misstep while playing basketball yesterday, compounded by a slight slip on ice tonight is causing a slight, sharp pain in that knee. I use both adjectives deliberately, as the twinge is brief, and intense at the same time.

Of course, having said that, I also suspect that if I didn't mention it here, I would have forgotten about it by morning. After all, it has been a baker's dozen years since the fix was implemented, and the knee has behaved solidly during that time. I'm no more worried about it than any other joint in this corporeal frame of mine. But every once in a long while...you just can't help thinking, y'know?

I did go to the Michigan hockey game tonight, and I must admit I was amused at going to a Michigan home game, and seeing everyone stand and sing the opponent's fight song. But then again, the Wolverines were playing against the kids from the US National Team Development Program, which is base in Ann Arbor. The youngsters took down the Wolverines, 5-3, and it wasn't really that close. Michigan hasn't played well to date this season, and this result doesn't bode well for the second half of the season. Michigan's incredible streak of 22 straight trips to the NCAA tournament might be in serious jeopardy. It was, however, good to see injured defenseman Jon Merrill back on the ice. Having one of the top blueliners in the country back can't hurt.

Plans for Saturday include a trip to the gym, and a run to Blimpy Burger. Those should balance out nicely, I think!

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CLPURNELL 1/9/2013 9:38PM

    Hope the knee starts to feel more solid!

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CINIBINI 1/6/2013 1:13AM

    I have a paranoid calf — as soon as I feel anything in that spot I go back to the moment I felt it snap like a rubber band! Is this one of those things where I'm supposed to feel love for the injured area to help it heal? Because I don't, I just resent the stupid thing every time I feel a twinge! Hmmm, maybe I should work on this…

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1CRAZYDOG 1/5/2013 6:22PM

    LOL! Yup . . . the gym, then Blimpys (or vice versa . . . either way!) That's balance.

Enjoy. Hope that knee doesn't give you trouble.

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JKPONYGIRL 1/5/2013 9:45AM

    my ankles are paranoid! It's such an itty bitty joint, holding up my whole body. I wear an ankle brace for extra support and confidence when I run or work out. I don't want to be sitting on the bench for another season.

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AZULVIOLETA6 1/5/2013 2:57AM

    I know exactly what you mean. I tore my ACL seven years ago in a dancing mishap. One moment I was dancing the Mexican Duranguense (twisting AND spinning!) with a dashing younger man. The next, I was the center of attention as everybody in the room stopped dancing and stared at the woman whose body had snapped loudly enough to be heard over the music.

I actually never had surgery to repair my knee. I did a year of torture therapy (PT) and have mad muscles above and below the injury. I had several brain surgeries the year before and just couldn't bring myself to have any more surgery that wasn't life-and-death necessary.

Anyhow, the slightest little twinge or odd footfall...

Yes, paranoid knee indeed. :)

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MRSNOWELL09 1/5/2013 12:47AM

  emoticon Take nothing for granted and live well! Keep up the good work! emoticon

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ELISOS 1/4/2013 11:55PM

    you can do it

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New year, new gym, blah, blah, blaha

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Anyone a Detroit Pistons fan? If yes, you already know why I'm asking, and the rest of you get to wonder what the heck I'm talking about, because I'm mean like that. Sometimes. Not very often. But sometimes.*

Dropped in on a friend whose birthday is tomorrow (the 4th), and I got presents. In the form of hockey tickets. Birthday dinner beats midseason exhibition game, and I'm not one to complain. Excited to see Yost again, it's been three years since I made it to a game there.

Today, I was that guy, joining a gym just a couple of days after New Year's Day. I went with the functional, cheaper option rather than signing up with the university rec center. It has ellipticals, stationary bikes and rowing machines, and also has a weight room. Maybe I'll make it over there someday soon. To the weight room, I mean, since I did actually work out after signing up. Played a little basketball with people half my age, since I didn't know about the time reserved for kids (under 18). Half of these guys could have passed for college kids, so I did't feel bad about stealing the ball from one of 'em.

As mentioned previously, the weight has crept up since I got to Michigan, but when I went to record the 181.2 I saw this morning on the tracker, I noticed that the 12/19 weight was 182, which means that I stayed on par throughout the holiday season. One point for me!

And now to see what I can do in the next few weeks, as I try to keep up with the BLC challenge regimen. Though I've been blogging consistently, there (obviously) hasn't been any set template to these missives. Might have to adopt a structure in order to better adhere to the BLC reporting demands. Or what I'm imagining them to be, anyway.

Thinking of turning on the TV to watch football, but am also thinking that the team I'd support probably won't win. Which wouldn't be much different from the last few days. I'd have so much more respect for Oregon if they could just decide on one uniform and stick with it. Instead, backed by Nike and its advertising and design might, the Ducks pretty much have different uniform elements for every game. I'd complain more, but Michigan had hideous "special" uniforms for their trip to the Outback Bowl. Every time the sun shone on the back of the players, the yellow numbers disappeared. Even the announcers eventually complained about not being able to see the numbers.

But college football being college football, I'm going to watch this contest. And tomorrow I'll go to Michigan hockey. And Sunday, I might go see the Pistons, if my brother did interpret his e-mail correctly, which appeared to imply something about free tickets. And if we do get to the Palace of Auburn Hills to see Tayshaun Prince play, I'll be sure to spend a moment training my binoculars down on press row to catch a glimpse of longtime Pistons announcer George Blaha.

*(see, I'm not that mean after all.)

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CLPURNELL 1/6/2013 7:04PM

    Congrats on Joining the gym!!

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KRZYKAT3 1/6/2013 12:35AM

    blc reproting is not that strenuous once you get the hang of it.,With over 600 members there has to be some consistnecy just like your weight loss.

If everyone reported the information in a different matter, we would not have weekly winners I dare say! LOL

If you get in the swing of your team and the challenges, there is more fun than stress. We definitely try to avoid that as it causes weight gain!

Aloha, dance your booty off tonight!! Get down adn do 25 after that! lol

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AZULVIOLETA6 1/5/2013 3:07AM

    What's worse about Oregon's selection of uniforms is how many of them involve a sort of grid pattern on the shoulders which makes the players look as though they have been run over by some type of industrial machinery.

Then there is the use of aggressive feather motifs. *shakes head*

My undergraduate degrees are from the UO. :)

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    Way to go for keeping on track over the holidays!

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1CRAZYDOG 1/3/2013 10:28PM

    good job on the weight during the holidays. hope all the sports plans come thru.

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READY4CHANGE81 1/3/2013 9:57PM

    Great Job keeping on track during the holidays!! emoticon emoticon

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Poetry For The Poisoned

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Another blog title inspired totally by what I'm listening to at the moment, rather than any verse I might be reading while re-enacting scenes from Romeo and Juliet. I used to work in a town called Verona, and I remain disappointed that no one I know has to my knowledge visited that town, so as to have sent me a postcard from there. I'd still welcome one, but it wouldn't be as funny now.

It also doesn't refer to the copious amounts of pizza consumed while sitting around watching football all day Tuesday, getting more and more annoyed as my alma mater, my grad school institution, and a team from the town I spent last New year's eve/day in (Michigan, Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, respectively) lost, one by one, in a progression of suck stretching from 1 PM on nigh 'til midnight.

The title, instead, comes from the title of the last album the band Kamelot did with their former singer, Roy Khan. I've previously mentioned writing CD reviews on line once upon a time, an endeavor through which I got to conduct a couple interviews, in addition to the free CDs and concerts I got to see. The first one I ever did was with Khan.

The site I wrote for is defunct, so I thought I didn't have any record of that. Of course, I'd failed to take into the account the awesome power of the internet, and fansites, as the site below has it archived. I just discovered that the other day, and have listened to a fair bit of Kamelot to start off the new year, not a bad thing in my book.


If you care to read me in fanboy mode, search for "Partha" on that page to find my chat with him. I like how I transcribed it, pointing out when we were laughing about something, or pausing to think up the right words for my questions or his responses. I'd like to think the typos are due to whoever copied it over to that website, and not my fault.

The following link is to the video for the song Ghost Opera, mentioned in the interview, and the title track to the 2007 album they were doing press for at the time. It's a cool vid, worth 4 minutes of your time, even without reading the other stuff.

You might say I'm on a Kamelot kick at the moment...definitely have to find the CDs, so as to rip to mp3 and have them for workout purposes.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

REDDBETSY 1/6/2013 3:08PM

    I love to look over my old writing-- even the cringe-worthy parts.
Despite the -OMG did I really use THAT metaphor/word/thought/cliche- factor, I am often pleasantly surprised by most of it. Good times!

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CLPURNELL 1/2/2013 9:23PM

    My team is out of the playoffs so my football weekend sucked as well!

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KJDINSC 1/2/2013 11:40AM

    I have to admit I'm not familiar with Kamelot. I did some "research" on Wikipedia and discovered that, "Kamelot is an American metal band from Tampa, Florida, formed by Thomas Youngblood and Richard Warner in 1991." Unfortunately, metal isn't one of my favorite genres of music.

Sorry also about the "progression of suck"... (your terminology cracked me up)... but all I can say to that is GO GAMECOCKS! What a nail-biter!


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1CRAZYDOG 1/2/2013 10:07AM

    Pizza and football . . . yup, that surely sums up DH's day!

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So where do we begin?

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

First entry of 2013, and I think I'll recycle the title with which I began in 2012, referencing a top 10 favorite album, "A Pleasant Shade of Gray", by Fates Warning.


So where do we begin?
And what else can we say?
When the lines are all drawn,
What should we do today?

And so 2013 begins, as the ashes against the grain of 2012 blow away, leaving behind...what, exactly? Hope?

I might not go that far...but I have to say, a peek back to that first blog of the year past did provide a couple of surprises for me, and cause for some optimism. For example, I thought I'd gotten off to a far more explosive start on the spark journey, and was under the impression that I'd lost 10 or less pounds in 2012. Instead, that look back tells me I started the year at 198 pounds, which makes the 183 I weighed in at after midnight on 1/1/13 a loss of 15 pounds.

That's not bad. Ain't spectacular, but a solid figure, and a decent goal to shoot for again, one that if I can make happen, would fulfill my not resolution of peeking under the 170 mark.

I think I can. Actually, belay that...I think I will.

(And for the record, I know that being literal in this case is both denying myself some credit, as well as cheating a tiny bit, since I'm actually up 5 pounds in the past 2 weeks, since moving. That means that I actually did, for a short time, achieve a 20 lb decrease. Also means that the initial 5 pounds of the 15 lb goal *should* be relatively easy)

January 1, 2012: 198 lb
January 1, 2013: 183 lb
January 1, 2014: ??? lb

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CLPURNELL 1/2/2013 9:22PM

    Have a great 2013!!

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KMM1123 1/1/2013 7:43PM

    Good luck in the new year! Not to sound sappy or anything but the possibilities are endless in 2013. I personally love the feeling of a new start and there's nothing quite like the new start to a year.

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GARDENCHRIS 1/1/2013 10:24AM

    It's like riding a bike .... pick yourself up and get right back on!

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1CRAZYDOG 1/1/2013 9:16AM

    It's not a gain, so that's progress! Happy new Year. Hope does spring eternal.

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Going over the physical cliff

Monday, December 31, 2012

Or maybe it's the metaphysical cliff of the odometer rolling over on the calendar, I'm not sure. Either way, last day of a not fun year, and an inevitable pause for reflection, no matter how hard I tried to resist doing that, since, essentially, I've been doing that all year, without much success. Maybe something will click in 13. Hopefully something will click in 13. It has a rather low bar to clear, as the standard set by 12 isn't very high. So here's to clearing that bar by 5280 feet.

And the same to you, regardless of how well your 12 went, I hope your 13 beats it by 1760 yards, or 63360 inches, whichever suits your fancy. I'd offer a metric option, but I am, after all, an American. Either that or I can't find my calculator.

Enjoy your Eve, and roll on 13.

And though this isn't a resolution, this next year will see my weight dip under 170 for the first time since 2004. Just sayin'

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CLPURNELL 1/2/2013 9:21PM

    Happy new year!!!

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BARBARA_BOO 12/31/2012 10:51PM

    Let's roll! emoticon

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FLEURGARDEN 12/31/2012 9:51PM

    Hope you have a blessed 2013.

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EJRANVILLE 12/31/2012 9:43PM

    Have a great 13. Here is to much success for us all. emoticon

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HEARTOFROSE 12/31/2012 7:40PM

    I have to give it to you... your blog titles are awesome :)

Here's to a splendid 2013!


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