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Day 18

Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy 4th of July to you!
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1CRAZYDOG 7/4/2014 5:12PM

    HUGS! Hope it's a good day for you.

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Day 17 Hot

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Today is day 17.
I am dealing with the very hot,
very humid weather and have been
looking into purchasing a portable
AC unit. I have now purchased a Honeywell
unit! I am very excited to be using this
very soon!
I'm sure it will help me to focus on more of
my projects instead of being very distracted
about melting all over the place in my own home!
(Too bad the weight doesn't melt this easily).

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2HAMSDIET 7/4/2014 9:29AM

    Any kid of Ac is good. emoticon

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RDEE22 7/4/2014 6:34AM

    Portable A/Cs are good. They can move with you. emoticon

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PURPLEPEONY 7/3/2014 8:22PM

    Stay cool! emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 7/3/2014 6:22PM

    Good for you. can deal with many things, but heat and humidity . . . difficult. Glad you got a portable a/c.

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Day 16 Observations

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

You can't control people or situations,
you can only control how you respond to them.
In this journey, I am becoming more comfortable
with just watching things unfold.
Often times when I am in a situation it is like
I am watching a movie. The various people are,
what I call, 'manifesting their own issues'.
It is as if they are stuck in this pattern of 'manifesting'
and I am there to watch and I observe.
Sometimes they are twisting what other people have said,
and they are 'reacting' to that in an unhealthy,
unproductive way.
I am watching this unfold before me over and over again.
It is interesting, yet it can be painful if their 'manifesting'
is directed towards you and they lash out.
It is interesting that these days I am remaining very calm as
I see these things unfold before me.
It can be in many different locations, a vast variety of people,
and with people that you think should definitely know better.
I am usually quite shocked at the amount of people that are manifesting.
I am now trying to live in a constant state of what I call 'professionalism'.
It is like when you are a counsellor, the client should not be able to get you
upset in any way because then the counsellor would cease in acting in a
professional manner and would not benefit the client.
The counsellor must not have 'any buttons to push'.
The counsellor must always act above the foray.

I have been learning to separate myself from people and their inappropriate,
and most of the times, damaging way of relating to others, and just watch and observe.
I am able only, with the help of God, to watch and observe these things going on
before me like a play that I am not a part of, even if they lash out at me.
It is really empowering and interesting,
but often times I do feel sad and alone.
Hard to be close to people when they allow their issues so determine their outcomes.
They are kind of ruled by these issues, and can't, perhaps, see their issues to
rise above them.

But in thinking a lot about these things, I think that the bottom line is that
there really is only one acceptable way in which we need to act towards others.
And this is the way of love and respect, even if the other is 'striking a chord',
or 'pushing a button', or even if the other person is flat it wrong.
I really don't see any other acceptable way of responding but in
a civil tone and way.
If individuals and society would get this right, then we would be so much closer
to experiencing peace on earth.
It is the way of Love and respect one towards each other,
demonstrating love towards our fellow man.

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PURPLEPEONY 7/2/2014 3:41PM


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1CRAZYDOG 7/2/2014 11:53AM


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Day 15 Living in the Light

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Today is day 15 of my blogging journey.
It has been difficult dealing with some of the
challenges that I am faced with. At times I
have eaten the food that has not helped me
lose the weight. Such is the challenge of
dealing with very stressful situations.
Food can be seen as a comfort as I'm sure
everybody knows at this point. All in all I
do feel like I have dealt with some of these
life long challenges with unusual clarity and
good discernment, which I do credit my Creator
However, when the way seems oh so long and
difficult, it can very much weigh on you after a while,
especially if it has been ongoing challenges for quite
some time.
But I will end this blog with hope.
For hope is the evidence of things not seen.
Good things, things that will work out in the end, even if they
are different things, yet somehow end up being good.
So here's to all who have been dealing with difficult challenges
for quite some time.
Hang in there it will get better.
You will see the Light and the Light will warm you.
And the Light will heal you all the way.
And it will be comfortable living in the Light.
And you will be at home living in the Light,
living in the Light of the Son of God.
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PURPLEPEONY 7/1/2014 10:23AM

    emoticon emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 7/1/2014 10:12AM

    ((((HUGS)))) Yes, it will get better.

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GODSCHILD2_2011 7/1/2014 9:26AM

    Great blog...thanks!

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Day 14

Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday day 14 is another start to a new week.
I already have set some of my goals and
looking forward to achieving them. Slow and steady,
so the phrase goes.
Wishing everyone a fabulous Monday!

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LACEYKYLE 6/30/2014 10:05PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 6/30/2014 11:39AM

    That's the ticket!

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