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Ten pounds, finally!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

After my first four weeks, I set mini weight loss goals for myself based on how I was losing at the time. I had hoped to lose ten pounds by 5/14, but when the day came, I had only lost 8.5.

Though disappointing, I didn't let it get me down - instead I used it as motivation to keep going. And it worked! Today, one week later, I hit the ten pounds lost mark!!

Even though my measurements have barely changed, I can definitely see a difference in my body. The "back fat" is almost gone. A chemise that used to be snug around the belly now flows loosely. I can wear pants that I haven't worn in over two years.

I know that there would have been no way that I could have done this without SP. I am soooo grateful to have found this site. I know that I will be able to finish this journey - and I can't wait!


Week 6

Monday, May 07, 2007

Yay!! Got back on track this week - ate at least my minimum number of calories every day, did at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday - and lost another 2 pounds!! That puts me at with a total loss of 8 pounds in six weeks.

I look at the scale with mixed emotions - I am excited and terrified all at the same time. All weekend I looked forward to this morning. I knew I was doing well and couldn't wait to weigh in. But when it actually came time to step on the scale this morning, the devil on my shoulder started talking. "What if I didn't lose anything?" I definitely feel like I am doing this program to the very best of my ability, but failure to lose weight in the past (on miserable diets like Atkins or South Beach) stays in the forefront of my mind. I remind myself to look at the success of my fellow SP friends, and know that this is different. THIS is real.

I LOVE the new life I am creating for myself!


After my first four weeks

Monday, April 23, 2007

Okay, so I have lost six pounds -which is great!! I am very happy to be losing. Lost 1 lb the first week, 2 lbs per week for the next two weeks, and 1 lb this past week. Got kinda used to dropping 2 lbs per week, so when I weighed in this morning it was kind of a disappointment. HOWEVER - I know why it happened, and I think some might be surprised. I actually went under - WAY under - calories three days in a row this week. I wasn't hungry and I didn't want to force myself to eat. But it just goes to show that going under your caloric range is just as bad as going over. So the goal this week? Stay IN my range, not under, not over, but smack in it.

And speaking of that, it's time for breakfast.

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HENRYSMOM0215 5/2/2007 8:11PM

    I found the same thing. When I don't feel like eating and go with that I don't loose but keep in range and I drop.Congradulations (and I think i'm in love with your dog)...di

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