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stress change and new goal.

Monday, March 15, 2010

well now that finals are almost completed. i am feeling better and getting back into the groove. i did the walk away the pounds 4 fast miles today. and out of that half of it was while carring 5 pound weights. not to shabby for the first time with weights.

on september 5 i will be competing with some friends of mine (kari, liesl, april and myself) are going to do a halfmarathon. it can be done as indivduals or as a relay team of 2. first person does 5.8 miles 2 person does 7.3 miles. the only requirement is that you do a mile in 15 minutes and complete all 13.1 miles in under3 hrs and 30 minutes.

if you want to sponsor me go to then click search athlete enter my name katrina french and enter a pledge as little as you want to as big as you want. all the money raised will go to autism research. please join me in raising money while doing fitness activities by pledging or joining.



Wednesday, March 03, 2010

i have been very stressed this week. and it showed on the scale. i gained 3 pounds out of those three pounds 2 pounds was body fat mass. and 1 pound of water. damn. i need to try to relax so i don't screw myself again. im working out like crazy. 1 hr 30 minutes day a and 1 hr day b. and following diet plan made by dr. so the only thing i can think of to blame is the stress.


cherish the little things

Saturday, March 03, 2007

through the last 7 months i have learned that every minute counts. your life could change very rapidly and those phone calls you avoid and the family you hate bugging you what is wrong with the 5 minutes to talk to your mom? sure you are grown and have a life but what does it hurt to talk to her about something so stupid as how are you? my mom nearly died and i just about freaked. it was so hard to see her in the hospital and not talk to her. or when she finally was able to have therapy to see the struggle to talk again or to dial a phone or to hold a phone. never take those annoying things for granted. you may not have them tommorow.