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Saturday, July 02, 2011

We made it safely to NC on Wednesday We have been in unpacking hell.. the first day we arrived i painted 2 rooms and then the boys unloaded the truck lol pictures to follow because you have to see it to believe it lol... It is only Saturday and the master bedroom is all unpacked and so isnt the bird room and the 2 full bathrooms... Kitchen is all set up except pictures on the wall and the livingroom is set up just need the knick kacks unpacked so one more day of unpacking and we will be settled... been eating crap all week only gained a pound so i couldnt have selected to bad of things while eting out but man did I enjoy and miss my chobani yogurts lol... and salad and my cereal lol.. thanks fully back on track as of tomorrow! Kids are flying home as we speak and they had a blast and cant wait to come back again!! It was sad to see them leave :)

Hopefully have interent next week so I can start loggin all my food again and looking for agym at some point next week too... alot of running around next week t get the cars registred and us with licenses for NC...

Just checking in Miss you all! Especially Russell :) hugs and love!!

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    Wow. I'm impressed with people like you! I worked hard all week, ate right and GAINED weight! Sounds like you had so much fun moving! I guess it's just your positive attitude shining through! Back on track tomorrow.

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RUSSELL_40 7/2/2011 7:34PM

    Glad to hear all is well. You can lose a lb easy. Obviously you were eating pretty good choices, or too busy to eat enough of the Nice hearing from you.

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Has it really 24 weeks already?

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Let me see if I can up load a picture of where I started at 210 and where I am now (Down 29 POUNDS!) as of today!!!

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CAROLJ35 6/5/2011 6:19PM

    What a wonderful job you have done! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ADEWYN 6/3/2011 6:56AM

    Oh Dear I need to amend this LOL... I looked on my calendar that I have marked weeks on and I have lost 29 pounds in 22WEEKS!! not 24! Holy crap! Thats even better lol!! Woot woot!

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ADEWYN 6/2/2011 8:46AM

    when starting this journey at 210 with my medical conditions.. I barely had a stride in my walk... now today I do 5 zumba class and 3 toning classes recently have added jogging on the treadmill for 3 miles and a aqua zumba class and a different teacher zumba class LOL How would have thought... so now I am 181 and even more determined to lose even more weight even with the challenage of moving states away... Moving from NH to NC at the end of june.. My Zumba teacher here told me she is going to arm me with a few collections of music I like in class so I can continue my weight loss journey and she will be putting music together for her toning classes for me... God I love her...She says I better check in often and let her know How i am doing! What an angel she is...She says We have invested alot of class time together and i care .. I almost cryed... She is such an inspriation I hope only one day to insprire people like her and motivate like her...

Well just wanted to share my big day :) I am actually starting to jump in pictures again not many of me once i started to get really fat... a sporatic one here and there now i am like sure you can take a picture of me lol... COnfidence motivavtion ALLL GOOD!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

I saw a sign on the way to picking up my prescriptions and it was for 5k in Nashua for the Salvation Army and it is June 11th/.... I am still here til the 28th of june.. I finished my errands and was sitting by the pool (before the rain comes in) and it kept rolling in my head... So I came home and researched it.. never done anything like this.. so I sent a email to the organizer... because i dont have a printer to print off the form so Just needed to know where i can pick up a form and pay the entry fee I am waiting on this... but then I am thinking do I tell people? Do I try and get other invovled or should I just do this solo and see how I do LOL... Weird...Its like I have something to prove to myself but do i want anyone else with me? do I want anyone there? or just do it.. lol Then I think what if they found out and wanted just to be there for me .. Argh I over think things lol... I think I will wait to hear from the lady and go from there LOL...
Such a creep I am lol

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ADEWYN 5/29/2011 11:21AM

    Well It will be either me doing it by myself or with a friend from the gym.... My husband will be working and my kids are too busy.. So it is me or me or me

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RUSSELL_40 5/29/2011 10:06AM

    Do this one with the out the kinks, get one finished for yourself. Once you are sure you are dropping time with each race, you can tell others, maybe invite them to race with you

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you gonna love this

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

LOL... so instead of hanging around til noon today for my one Zumba class i finished my cffee after writing the last blog and said screw it... and headed to the gym at 10am... went in got on he treadmill warming up doing my power walk at 3.8 and i bumped it to 4.1 and i had to grab my ipod thing lol cause I wacked it off the ledge lol and next thing i know i was in a jog.. i was like oh ok.. so i was pumping my arms and jogging? and i bumped the speed up to 4.3 and still ok and then i put it to 4.5 and i was like.. WTH I am jogging lol I did the jog for 20 minutes and then slowed it down to a power walk and then to a cool down walk did 3 miles in 45 minutes lol WTH!
I am not a runner but i was jogging lol I kind of liked it lol.. might have to try it again and see how I do lol....AND THEN... I STILL did my Zumba class with all te vigor I alwas do LOL...and it was raining and man i hurt but lol I am amazed...tomorrow s my 2 classes but maybe friday or saturday I will try i again :) I am still trying to the 5k but 3k is good LOL

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ADEWYN 5/5/2011 7:23AM

    lol you learn something everyday lol... and i will next time i go for a jaunt what is 10k 6 miles? lol new to this whole aspect of exercise I am a class groupie lol

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RUSSELL_40 5/5/2011 7:18AM

    Um.. 3 miles IS 5K! 3.1 anyways.. most treadmills have a 5 K option.. why not try to jog/walk one?

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its raining again ugh mother nature please!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

So yesterday I went thru my 2 classes with such a fight... already sore from the day before and a storm coming never a good mix with exercise.. but i did it.. after i took a shower went and saw hubby at his work (had a frappacino..yes he is a store manager of a starbucks LOL) that was my lunch and you know it was a skinny one beccause god forbid he makes a fat one for me lol...came home put my heat pad on my bed made dinner answered emails I look 90 yrs old on these days when i get up from a chair... had dinner and grabbed 2 oranges and head to my warm bed to watch make over night on BL. They all look great as usual but i loved the whole fairy tale theme it was so classy and tim gunn not my favorite man really was awesome last night... ad to take away the yellow line was fantatic!
wasup half the night wih my wnderful pain i get with storms... and now heading out to do my one class today take a shower and see how i feel but i want to pack a few more boxes today... se wha i can muster up for strength today.. hope you all have a wonderful day!

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RUSSELL_40 5/4/2011 2:03PM

    take it easy. If you get too sore, take a day off.

I also loved the makeovers, especially Olivia's, her hair was amazing. Her voice was even more beautiful. I got something in my eye right about then. emoticon. Glad no one had to get kicked off the show this week..especially since they jack up the schedules. Jay dodged a big one, and Austin may have just lost a 1/4 of a but I am sure all he cares about is that he is an athlete now. I am 241.. maybe I am an athlete now.. I'm lighter than Rulon, and Austin.( both, athletes ).

Hope you get sun , and relief from pain

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