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What a week

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Now I am not the one to complain about pain... I live with pain everyday.. I have Fibromyalgia and have beaten alot of odds that are stacked against me...I thankfully have great meds that keep me upright and walking...and now has taken a while to get to this point...i still have other things going on medically they havent figured out yet but i am still pushing... This week I have to say has been the toughest week yet... seems like in March is when my fibro flares the most...I am hoping that this will go away soon.. i have still gone to every class this week and i have 2 more classes to go which is fine ... but my pain levels are through the roof with the weather changing back and forth back and forth.... I have literally shed tears in all my classes this week from the pain.. but i still gave it 200 percent,... I thankfully have not had anything important to do after classes so i have been taking naps on my heated matress pad.. which helps alot but i cant stay there forever lol (wish is could somedays) you cant describe to someone what the pain feels like when they dont have fibro... when i go to exercise i can get my body to go numb while exercising and dont feel the pain because it has gone beyond that... and sometimes it peeks thru...not only did i feel the burn all this week while exercising i felt the uncomfortable pain and I know if I wasntt taken my meds for fibro I wouldnt have been able to get out of bed....
I havent flared this bad in a few months so I guess i have forgotten the pain levels... if the tempetures are consistent enough i feel ok .. (use that loosely) i can tolerate the daily pain level.. i could up the dose of my meds but that will make my battle of the buldge that much harder since it causes weight gain and i am having a hard time getting the 20 it put on me in the first i wont go that route but i just pray this weather evens out sooner then later...
New england weather is just not nice to us with fibro... I am hoping once we move to the carolinas that i will fair a bit better with the weather aspect.....since there winter is way shorter and the warmer weather is more consistent..i will also have to find a great zumba teacher like my Sallie here :)
I guess i was making a mean face at her today LOL in buns and guns and i said no it is the pain level but i could get to the I hate Sallie mode if you want lol.. She makes me smile even when i feel like crap lol and keeps me grounded when the pain is like today... Sorry I am rambling... just cant believe this flare :)

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DEBBIEDAY 3/12/2011 10:56AM

    emoticon My daughter has fibro so I know how bad it can be! Hope you get to move soon to warmer weather!

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Starting my 9th week (had to share)

Sunday, March 06, 2011

I got up today like any other.... I dont have any excercise classes today nor for the last couple of days But thats ok I will be making it up this week with classes everyday!

But thats not what i wanted to share.... Yesterday I went thru my closet briefly of things I will wear this spring and will not It was only a smal section and only had a few minutes but I was putting laundry away and went thru a couple of things... So I came across some pants I havent worn in 3-4 years since i moved from vermont to New Hampshire and said huh...Tomorrow when i get up and shower i will try those on.. and gave myself a little talk of not getting discouraged if they dont fit yet even though they are size 16 still... so with that talk and stuff i headed off to work not to think of it again til the morning.. got up took my shower grab the jeans and said ok now remember no biggie if they dont fit....
LOL... One legg goes in the other goes in.. so far so good... over the hips and Ziiiiip... WHAT?! LOL THEY FIT THEY FIT THEY FIT LOL... MY husband comes in the room and says what are you yelling lol.. I said look I havent worn these since we moved from vermont LOL THEY FIT!! He was like lol thats what happens when you lose weight lol clothes fit again LOL... Shakes my head... lol.... I said look not only do they fit they are baggy... he smiled and said Keep it up :)
starting my 9th week at 196.5 14 1.2 pounds down.... i will take it!5 and 1/2 mor
e pounds and I will be down my first 20.... I cant wait....I have alot of classes this week I am taking and planning out next weeks classes later today!..

Hope you all have a fabulous day! I know I will.. :)

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COLORADOTINK 3/7/2011 1:18PM

    SWETT SUCCESS!!!! emoticon

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DEBBIEDAY 3/6/2011 11:51AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

GREAT Sounds like you ARE READY for that new pair of jeans when you hit the 20 pounds down mark???

Keep up the awesome work!!!!

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    Way to go! What an awesome feeling that must be! You'll have your first 20 off in no time!

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Has really only been 7 weeks?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I dont know why I thought it was longer time... but I am Glad I have stuck out the last 7 weeks... the other day when I hit 200 I was excited! 10 lbs down... and had a conversation with my zumba teacher about how I finally fellt my body kick in... it was like I knew my metabolism had finally turned on... it was hard losing those first 10 pounds but it was worth since i had this conversation with her...which was only 3 days ago I have lost another 2 pounds to make the total week a 4 pound weight loss week!! So I was right the body decided to catch up and stop being sluggish! This week i have done including the class i am heading to in a few minutes will make 5 zumbas and 2 toning classes.... next week i will be making 4 zumbas and 2 toning classes ( i hate when work interferes with my classes lol.... but no biggie saturday I only work til 130 so I can head to the gym and walk the treadmill or jump in the i will do something saturday ..!!.... so 7 weeks and 12!!!!! pounds gone!! see what the next week brings!! woot woot!!

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CAROLIAN 2/23/2011 6:53AM


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LAURELSPARK 2/19/2011 1:20PM


Keep up the good's working!!!

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ROCKETNUT 2/19/2011 8:33AM


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Back to reality... Zumba and body burn

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

going to try and do that 7 classes left this week 2 today 1 tomorrow 2 on thursday and 1 each on fri and sat..

I the scale finally moved a smidge this morning so hopefully next week it will move more i have never had this much problems takin off the first 10 pounds lol... i am at 8 lb weight loss almost 9... and its like aarrgghhh....
but i wont get discouraged my body shape is changing and my clothes are fitting better better and getting looser in alot of places..

So off to zumba have a fabulous day!

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HEIDIBB 2/16/2011 9:07AM

    Also remember that your body IS changing on the inside. You're making changes that you can't see... forming new habits. It just takes a little bit for the change to happen on the outside. It is frustrating though, believe me...I know what you mean.

Keep it up, but try not to burn yourself out. You're doing so many classes, just make sure you're consuming enough calories to compensate for what you're burning!

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VW_STEPH 2/15/2011 3:19PM

    That's brilliant! And remember the victories of knowing your body is changing and clothes getting looser is just as big a victory as the number on the scale going down!! Keep up the great work!!

Sounds like you're loving zumba hehe enjoy!! x

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Went to zumba

Friday, February 11, 2011

and have been in alot of pain since i did some jumping on wednesday...Had to take it down a bit today but I still got a huge workout in....

And I work sunday and monday so I will not sta my workout week till tuesday and i will be getting 7 classes in from tuesday to saturday... the following week I am going to hopefully add monday work out a total body work out or a zumba class or if daring both lol! This weight needs to start coming off,,, the scale isnt moving but the measurements are... but i need the scale to move again...


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