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Thursday, January 20, 2011

It is not a huge thing but i looked at the calendar today and realized i have been exercising and tracking my food for only 2 and 1/2 weeks I will be starting my third week on monday... but since i have started... I have lost and 1 1/2" on my thighs.. and a inch off my waist and today when i stepped on the scale I have offically lost 5 pounds!!!!! Wooohoo!!

I was so happy to finally see tha scale move.. I still have a LONG wayto go but jeez...So after realizing it only has been 2 and a half weeks and 5 pounds lost already along with my measurements going in the right directions... I have come to the conclution that I will be continuing Zumba lol and tracking all my foods and making conscience choice of food every day!! to get back to the old me :) A better me :) It is worth all the pain i have endured so far!

So i will keep you all updated on the progress but that made my day!

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DEBBIEDAY 1/20/2011 11:40PM

    emoticon Fantastic! Isn't it great seeing your hard work pay off???

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JOANN1212 1/20/2011 4:26PM


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another snowy day

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well it is snowing here again in good ol new england...Zumba class was cancelled today which is fine i will go tomorrow and i am sure she will kick our asses like the day after the last snowstorm lol...
I went to zumba last night and got talking to my instructor after class to let her know how motvating she is... which brought up the subject of the other instructor who called me fat...Whe i told this to Sallie last night.. and told Sallie after that inscident i wasnt sure i was ever going to come back to the club because of her.. she told me that they have had alot of complaints about her and how nasty she can be...She apoligized for her (which was not needed) i said I was
a teacher myself before all my medical ailments kicked me down.. I am finally able to do something in a class with others.. this was the first and last cless i will attend by that woman who didnt even know me like a hole in the wall.. and she is say shit like that to me.. well if my self esteem was the way it was 2 years ago or even 6 months ago i would have just crawled back in my hole...modivasting people is her job.. telling them they are doing well with a move is what she should have been saying.. if this proffession is to hard for her maybe she needs a new one.. I told Sallie if it wasnt for me blogging and getting the right motivation online i said I probably would not have been back... Sallie said they have heard a ton of complaints on her and the new mangement is aware of this and that they pulled a class from her to add a zumba class...and if she is not careful she will not have any classes at all to teach... Well thank god for that.. now thru this whole conversation there is a young man only a junior in high school 6 ft tall and a little over weight... He has been with Sallie for 3 months and we both shared with her our accomplish ments with her.. i told her i lost 3 pounds in 3 weeks and lost a inch around my waist and thighs.. she was like wow that is awesome and then he says i been with you 3 months and have lost 3 pants sizes!! WTG! he wants to look good for his prom this year and get to a healthy weight.. man I was so proud of him...i hugged him and so didnt sallie,...

So sticking with Zumba and body burn (she is trying to add another body burn class on saturdays right after zumba) which will be fantastic !

Well have to go dig out the car and head to work zumba in the am !! Have a safe and wonderful day!! and thank you all who read my blogs and encourage me to stick with it!! I appreciate it !!


I love Zumba

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I went to Zumba class at 930am and had to be at work for 12..I made to work in plenty of time... but Anywho went to class and had such a blast the more i do the class the more i seem to be able to do... I am making friends which helps the factor of coming back One woman there totally wants to hang out and workout at the gym more with me... I think she is looking for someone to hold her accountable lol. i told her sure lol..Going to become a gym rat anyways LOL
I still cant do jumping jack moves or jump in a circle and a few other things not sure if i ever will be able with all i have going on.. but who would have known i couldnt even walk almost 3 years ago
havent lost any weight this week (have no idea why?) but i alrady have my classes planned out for next week in between working so just keep plowing along

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ADEWYN 1/18/2011 9:57PM

    Fantastic! let me know what you think :) wiggle wiggle wiggle it away :)


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LADYLARAN 1/18/2011 2:24PM

    I talked to my friend (who is here on sparker with me) and asked her to talk to her gym people at Curves to see if they knew of any fibro-approved things for exercise. Oddly enough, they'd never heard of fibromyalgia.

Sounds like this is fun! I was sent a dvd for parapara (Anime style dances from Japan) and was watching it. I think I can do it. The lower half is just step from side to side with the beat and has hand motions for arm exercises. So I'm gonna give that a try.

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ADEWYN 1/18/2011 10:13AM

    there is plenty of was to keep zumba low.... do not bouce when the not jump when they jump....the parts you can do give it your all...each zumba instructor is different.. if they are travelling around the room with something you cant do just walk with them.. make sure you make every arm movement count every waist and hip whittler count and over time you will find something you can do while they jump... i wiggle or something when i cant do something and there are 3 songs that have that in my class and i adapt what i cant do into what i can do so i am still working as hard as them but not hurting myself or causing a flare... The first few classes you are going to fumble thru anyways dont get discourage if you cant figure out how to make it low impact talk to the teacher and she will come up with something you can do...we have such a wide ranges of lvls and ages in my classes that no one ever looks out of place...even when they are doing there own thing :) I hope you give it a try and let me know what you think of it :)
No Zumba today for me :( they cancelled class because of snow :(
meh...oh well i will go tomorrow :)
hope this helps!!

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LADYLARAN 1/18/2011 4:10AM

    I have to friend, who is also a sparker, did her first Zumba class at curves the other day and LOVED it. She told me it was high impact though, and my rheumatologist is adamant that my exercises stay as low impact as possible.

Is there a way to low impact it? How do you keep from flaring with it being high?

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ADEWYN 1/16/2011 9:46AM

    omg if you love latin dancing it works your hips waist and then everything else it is high impact but I make a low impact for myself and do high when my body can do the move... it is fun!

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BETS44057 1/16/2011 9:44AM

    I am older and do not know what my knees will do, but I want to try it. will buy a tape for use in my own home!! I only hear of people really liking it.

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Having a tough day

Friday, January 14, 2011

Well wednesday i was having a hard day because of the weather (i have fibromyalgia) it is usually under control most days but storms really do a number on me... I did a zumba class tuesday and worked hard (which was good... wednesday was a wash.. thursday i went to a stretch and tone class and basically was toold i was fat by the instructor .. this woman doesnt know me from a hole in the wal nor does she know i was an instructor at one point in my life and never ever was this heavy.. nor does she know i couldnt walk 2 and 1/2 years ago.. and have put on weight because of it... but still made sure she ppoked at me thru the whole class.. she was lucky i didt get up smack her with a mat and leave.
So made it thru the class.. vowing only to go back if I am not feeling well (one of those slow boring classes) but i exercised and did well for a fat person :P

last night i was starting to doubt myself.. i have had such modivation to lose this weight.. such drive... and i still do just feeling down I guess.. the scale hasnt really moved down at all... and i dont want to do any measuring til monday.. but i dont think that has changed much either.. and now i work all weekend and going to zumba before work tomorrow...I am making the effort.. when will i see the rewards.. i track my food.. i excerise.. feeling a little defeated and monday will be the start of the 3rd week...
i guess she got under my skin and stepping on the scale and not seeing it move welljust adds to it..
keep trudging along i guess..

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DEBBIEDAY 1/14/2011 6:52PM

    emoticonIn my opinion that instructor had no business leading a class and making such comments!!!

The best revenge is to simply ignore her and (maybe) go back in her class as you lose weight and flaunt your stuff!! LOL...

You ARE doing it! It takes time and does get frustrating when the scales doesn't show all our hard work but you are there, in the gym exercising while most people are still sitting on the sofa watching the tube 'wishing' they could get in shape!

Give yourself a hug and a huge pat on the back for doing what needs to be done to reach your goals...


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ADEWYN 1/14/2011 10:43AM

    Thank you thank you thank you! for reminding me to ignore ignorant people.. i guess i am just so sentitive to others comments i have never been this heavy in my life! and though i have learned to love myself at any size i just didnt need to hear such rotten statement from this woman... and i was proud i didnt slap her either lol..
But i will let you know i just took the calendar off the wall and put in my work schedule (which is all over the place) and took the class schedule and scheduled my life of exercise and work for next week and when i get my new schedule for the following week i will do the same.. so i have a standing apointment with myself!
thank you again!..i needed a slap :)

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140ISMINE 1/14/2011 9:45AM

    NO NO NO ... DO not let other people dictate how you will feel about yourself for the whole... Do you think that instructor lost any sleep over you? ... or do you think after she left that class she said dang I should not have spoken to her like that ? NO.. do not give her your energy... keep your energy and use it for urself.. I totally understand the time issue.. I face that everyday .. I get up at 5 am and i dont get home til 6, and I have two children and between childcare, church, my boyfriend and all the other responsibilities I feel like working out is not even an option. But think about it.. you cant do any of those things if you are not here... or alive... we have to take care of ourselves... Some days during the week I wake up at 4 to go to the gym for atleast 45 minutes.. It feels great .. I get in the shower get ready for work and i feel like a brand new person.. At first I hate it .. but once I am there I am glad I went.. I also read a blog the other day it says if you want to do atleast 30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis .. but you dont have much time.. break it up .. do 15 minutes in the am and 15 in the pm... we can all afford to give 15 minutes... Stay encouraged.. and excuse me but F$#@ all the other ignorant people.. they dont appreciate there size because they were never big.. the good thing is when we lose weight we will be all around good people.. compassionate to others.. .. Good luck and I am proud of you for not slappin that I will follow you .. emoticon

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missing my excerise classes today

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sitting here resting as the snow jeeps coming down.. already 18 inches and more still to come... waiting for it to ease up a bit to dig out my car... everything is closed today including the gym (as it should be) buut i am happy that my body is Craving workouts... I hurt alot today from the weather and possibly some from working out but i even said to my hubby last night lol half joking half not.. i said well i think i am back .. i am enjoying the zumba class and the body burn class i said i think i am becomeing a gym rat (again) lol..I am enjoying working out again (even though it hurts) i am making myself a priority and it feels good.. I ate to much yesterday because my hubby was home and i told him so when he made choc chip cookies and i had 2 (counted them in for the day) and he offered me a 3rd one and i told him thanks but i am over my calories for the day.. and he said oh im sorry.. i dont think til that moment that he even realized how much i eat when i am with him lol... so i told him no worries not a big deal just making him and myself aware of what i eat when i am with him...(i wasnt really over over just a couple of callories no biggie but it was the point of it)
So later i will go for a walk in the snow and clean off my car and tommorrow i will head to the gym and walk for a while (since there is no classes that i attend) and do some weights... friday saturday and sunday i work all day so if i work out it will have to be after work... but i wont beat myself up if i dont workout thise days.. i will just go on monday to 2 classes :D.. i am working on balancing work and working out and it will work... i want to keep this going because i am doing well i may not be seeing big numbers on the scale but a couple of my shirts are fitting better and my jeans are getting there...
take the little things :) i will lose and look good for the spring i have a photo shoot to do in the spring and i want to look fabulous for it :)
i think i have babbled enough for one day... stay safe if you are in Newengland today and remember to count shoveling in for your exercise!


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