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Monday, November 21, 2011

I got the dress yesterday (pics to come need and micro chip thing for my phone to download pics) OH MY GOD.. I took in a 14 and a 12 and said well lets ry the 12 first because I know I can fit in the 14... Wel oys and girls this chicka doodle walked ot with a 12 *snap snap* I was so friggin excited.. My hubby hasnt seen it yet might put it on for Thanksgiving dinner :D so friggin excited!totaly rock it... I will get more pics that day!... then went to class and one of my friends Adrianne that I only see once a week.. says to me.. Girl are you losing more weight? (big smile) Why yes I am :D Told her abot my dress excursion earlier that day :)... She says what are you doing? Zumba? I said yes Zumba(at least 3 classes) and Kickboxing class(only 1) and 3 toning classes She was like lol.. how do you even walk lol.. i said oh was that part of the deal LOL... She jst start 18 session of Personal training and she is a small woman around 145 my height she doesnt need to lose weight she did it to strengthen her back and core and tone up a little.. well her trainer let her have it the other day lol.. she weighs in wendesday before thanksgiving and he said if she hasnt lost weight .. they are having a coming to Jesus talk LOL.. she is scared LOL Oh boy so glad i dont have the money for a personal trainer lol... I think we would go rounds and kill each other lol...
Well have to feed he birds and get to work!! Have a fabulous day! Keep on track.. it is gonna be a busy week.. and portion control.. (yeah thats for me :) )

Hugs and love!!

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LOPEYP 11/21/2011 1:28PM

    Where are those pix??? You are doing great!

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FITNESSMONSTER8 11/21/2011 11:25AM

    I can't wait to see the pics of you in your new size 12 dress!!! I know you look great! emoticon

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Shopping on the agenda today

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I saw this dress thursday while I was working putting out and rearranging misses dresses.. it is so mine It is eggplant in color and jewels on the neckline are purples and clear.. I almost died.. the girl i work with went OMG it is sooo you lol.. so today we get a employee discount... gonna have to get it slipped into the christmas pile :D

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EOWYN2424 11/20/2011 6:44AM

    OH My! What a gorgeous dress!

Do post a pic when you finally get to wear it!

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Well the holidays are upon us

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holidays are here and I have to start really thinking about getting the kids gifts done so i can send them LOL... but the other thing that has been the buzz at the gym in classes ...yep you got it weight...I have a anniversary coming up jan 3rd is when Zumba came into my life this past year(2011) It will be a year this coming jan 3rd I have lost 45 pounds to date I was hoping (before i realized how hard it is to lose on my medications) to lose all the weight (70 pounds) before Jan 3rd of 2012 now I might come close wwith another 5 or 10 pounds during the holidays or I might stay the same til after the holidays either way I am ok with where I am at the moment...either way come Jan 3rd 2012 My life has already changed for the better and only starts of next year with a bang :)
So i was planning thanksgiving yesterday with hubby I am making 4 pumkin pies (2 for him to take to work to share and 2 for us at home :) ) It is the only time of year i make these pies thankssgiving nd christmas and I am not going to stop now... the only other pie I am making is is a apple pie but I am only putting crust on the bottom and a crumble instead on the top...less carbs that way ::) and that is usually what i at for breakfast and snack til its gone LOL i usually have to make 2 because my older son and I dont share very well when it comes to mom apple pie lol :) the other thing that only comes in our home on those 2 holidays is cool whip :) (Cosmo is gonna be SOOOOoooo Happy LOL its his favorite! )
then of course turkey mashed potatoes carrots and stuffing with cranberries for the dinner (never understood why we have to have diner and dessert when all i want is dessert ) LOL
It will be just hubby and I and the birds :) (Fids) the kids will skype on both holidays :) which will be nice...really didnt do to much decorating for fall around here but if i have saturday after black friday off i will decorate for the winter holiday...I really dont get excited about the holidays I just go thru them...My holiday has already passed :) It was my new year (halloween) that holiday is MY holiday lol and NO ONE can screw that hokiday time up for me at all :) I started MY new year a few weeks ago andoff to a good start so scale finally went down a few ounce today so I am happy to see that... means my body is in tone mode and will lose weight when it reachs a certain point... I dont plan on gaining weight over the holidays or losing weight but if either happens I wont cry about it :) But i have a feeling i will be losing this holiday season with my strict gym schedule and running around at work (which is retail) I am sure i will be fine this holiday season :)

I have a plan and i plan to stick to it and enjoy the days we eat I will track good or bad like i always do and just go from there .. now just to get shopping lol ugh :D

Do you have a plan or do you wing it?

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LOPEYP 11/15/2011 12:29PM

    Plans are what it is all about. I think you are smart to plan on maintaining over the holidays.

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KIBAISREADY 11/13/2011 12:12PM



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MICHELLESMILES_ 11/13/2011 8:20AM

    I'm almost 30 and still go to my inlaws and grandmas for Thanksgiving dinner lol.
I sort of have a plan. I'm going to TRY to eat a decent dinner with only 1 hot roll ( my weakness) and 1 piece of pumpkin piem. Then hopefully I'll be done =). I'm really worried about Christmas. My MIL makes the best desserts ever, but I'm going to be strong. My 1 year on Spark ends on January 1 st =)

Sounds like you have a great plan! You can do it!


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Just another day in my life :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I was sitting here this morning at 330 am... andwas realizing as I facebooked thru my friends lives and other people i know but cant call friends.. that most people blog about negative things...then it occurred to me why my friends from my zumba class made this comment when I was up there recently visiting Lirio says in front a few women... could you please keep putting up positive messages every morning .. I read your comments everyday and you always make me smile.. I looked at her with a weird look ( i know she said) No really.. you inspire me.. you make my day more positive.. yiu make me smile or laugh.. you really make me look forward to my day.. and i remember all day what you say so when i am having a bad moment I think Adewyn said LOL

Now i understand what she meant lol...(Duh) I rad thru people comments and I always put a positive spin on there day to take the negitive and add a positive.. itsnt that what we are suppse to do?
I mean I could pos daily how much pain I am in every da from my fibromyalgia or how I cant feel my fet some days when i walk or how i burn my left arm at work because i couldnt feel the 200 degree steam searing my arm... But where would that get me?I live in pain daily.. minute by minute... I take my meds I get up I eat breakfast and I make a choice everyday!!! Everyday! Yes.. I choose to join the world... and make people happy! and show them we can live in pain and be happy I can live in pain and workout and achieve goals.. Does it take me longer to achieve them YES! Do I get frustrated Hell Yes! ut I get every morning anyways and choose to walk (which i couldnt as of 3 and 1/2 years ago today) Do I ever want to be like that again NO! Why Because I have come to far to end up back in bed again for months and not being able to move and then pushing myself to learn how to walk correctly again... I still cant walk up and down stairs correctly but who cares I can walk.... I have days I am stiff and in alot of pain I dont care I have work to do and classes to take THEN i can rest... I have weight to lose I have routines to learn so I can eventually teach Zumba now that I am certified... Yes this takes all my energy but I am worth it! I sit here in pain this morning from my last 3 days of working out and going to work... oh well.. i am gonna hurt anyways I might as hurt from exercise and look good in the process....
I have to remember the little things I accomplish every day... Everyday I am thankful for putting my feet on the ground ad standing upright every day I am glad I can put one foot in front of the other.. everyday I am thankful I can do my house chores again (as much as i hate them) I have days I have to stop.. I dont have a choice... there are days it rains or snows or the weather is changing again or i have done to much and my body says ENOUGH! So i crawl on my bed with the computer and relax with my heat pad and my flexril and calll it a day... and do light house chores or only get the things that absolutely need to be done and if nothing needs to be done I just rest... I stress my husband out I am sure.. he worries enough for the both of us... He has seen the Adewyn that couldnt move the Adewyn that wasnt the person he married the lively energitic person I was.. nw he sees it again and he fears I will be knocked down by whatever diease name they want to put on me... and though I cant say I will never be knocked down again with something medical (becuase I always do at some point) I know that I CAN and I will bounce back .. and I willl get up so I can inspire that one person that thought they couldnt to help another realize they can.. and to tell those doctors to shove it where the sun dont shine...Why Because I can! And that my friends is another day in my life and i am glad to have you all by my side!

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VW_STEPH 11/10/2011 2:44PM

    We might as well try our best to be the most positive we can be and like you say, put a positive spin on even the most negative events or happenings. I try to do this too, we might as well smile? hehe...

You are very right though... it always seems easier to blog about negative things - but also i think typing it out helps to rid one's self of the negativity! :) x

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MICHELLESMILES_ 11/9/2011 7:29AM

    Good for you for being positive!


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RUSSELL_40 11/9/2011 6:16AM

    Yeah. I find sometimes I am sliding to the negative, and have to stop myself and realize. I feel pretty darn good for a heart patient, and the bother of everyday life is 5% of the day. The other 95% is a blessing. I enjoy every day, but we post about our troubles, probably looking for support, or commiseration. Then you look back, and go .. Man I am depresssing! lol

I sometimes worry that pushing myself is gonna hurt me, but if you don't go LIVE life, and enjoy it to the utmost, what use is squeezing a few extra years out anyways. Plus, I think it is actually adding years. Tell your husband not to stress. Pushing the limits has more benefits than danger, and makes life more enjoyable. Then we can make positive posts, and share with others what a great thing it is to just wake up in the morning, and be alive, and even better healthy. Healthy people take this for granted, and all of us sometimes lose focus on the good things. The bad things seem so much BIGGER! lol

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I just sent this to my friends in NH!(Wanted to share )

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I wanted to share this letter i just sent to my friends in NH Because with out all of you and them in NH and my new frinds in NC I wold not have the motivation the staminia.. the pride and the love of my friends .... Ilove all of you Thank you for being you and sharing your most intimate thoughts and feeling here .. with out that we would feel alone and i have never felt alone on the journey in life when it comes to my health.. you guys are the best and I love you! this letter pretains to you also.. enjoy and thank you again!!

Hi guys! I am back in NC! getting back in the swing of things here... people here at work missed me :)(I was shocked LOL)
But what i wanted to share and I know you guys wuld apreciate this accomplishment more then anyone ....
I went to Zumba class last night.. and Erica who is a hoot and actualy keeps the music playing was impressed on how far i have come with jumping jack moves and that damn sciccor move.. she watch me thru the whole song in amazement that i could do it....then the next song she waves me over and on the platform and I co taught a song with her.. she had as much fun as I did :).... then tonight I went to the Hulks class LOL (Arlene is her real name lol) and we did those plat form raises i showed you guys in the gym last week.. we did i dont even know how many sets but i felt good we did squats with weights we worked the deltoids the lats and I used 5 pound weights in each hand!!! and did all her sets of 15 LOL... then we did full planks and held it for 30 seconds and I made it (shaking but I made it) then we stayd in the full plank and lifted an lowereed our hips up and down for a bunch of sets.. then did push ups (I had to get on my knees but I did to real ones in the floor... then did the full plank to elbow and back up on each side....i had to go to the nees to do it but I could even think of doing them before :) Then we did side planks and the up and down with the hips the right side i still need to hold it up with my other hand but my left side i can put my hand on the hip and do it....
We did more arm work and obliquies and a quick innner and outer thigh... but I left there tonight strong and sweaty... and so proud of my accomplishment...all this time in the gym is starting to pay off... the weight is coming off but even better then that I am getting stronger everyday....I thank you girls and guys for always being here for me.. as I am for you... I had a blast the classes i made it too.. the luncheon we had... I love you guys... and think of you at very corner of my journey.. thank you for joining me in mine and letting me in to yours.. hugs and love

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CAROLIAN 11/4/2011 4:23PM

    emoticon you are doing great

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VW_STEPH 11/3/2011 4:00PM

    Aw this lovely! And so great that others not only you have noticed your progress! x

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LOPEYP 11/2/2011 8:17PM

    emoticon You are strong!

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