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have had a lot happen in the last 2 years

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 2 years ago and i am finally have that under control with meds.... I am still seeing doctors because my left side from head to toe decides to go numb or not work at all (very scarey) but i am tired of waiting for these doctors to get here crap together I see a endocrinoligist thursday for my thyroid and getting 2nd opinion from a neuro on what is going on with my left side...

but till then i am going to do the best i can to be active with swimming and other equipment and walking.. i have adjusted my schedule at work so i can do this and take naps when needed...

see how this goes...

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ADEWYN 6/21/2010 11:16AM

    Update Saw second Neuro and she thinks the left side thing is me having seizures... and the paralysis has a name Todd's Paralysis It happens AFTER a seizure and can last anywhere from 5minutes to 36 hours(woah)
I am waiting for them to set up tests to see if that is what is going on and get the right treatment...
I am banned from Water heights and driving... Well I still drive (little as possible but i have to get back and forth to work and gym) I haven't gone in the pool at the gym since i have been banned but have done the weights and walking.. I have lost 8 pounds now lets hope I am on meds soon so I can do other things...
That's the update

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New year 2008

Monday, January 07, 2008

Well I did well til October of 2007 and then my life was in complete chaos with traveling for my work from october to being of december the 15 pound loss turn in to 10 pound loss I was ok.. not bad for not having time to exercise but I still ate right and watched portions.. The it was mom crisis of Cancer first they thought it was uterine and then the day before her surgery which was 2 days after christmas they cancelled the hystercotomy and said it was cervical.. Not a happy camper so I was traveling from vermont to mass to deal with all that.. Mom just had some of her outer cervics taken out and now as a precaution at the end of January they will do the hysterecotmy anyways... Long story could eget into the niti gritty but lets just leave it at that and the thought of hmm.. second opinion.
So came back dec 29th from my mothers and step on the scale and was 190 all over again I said that IS IT! Hopped on my exercise bike and did 25 minutes and some arms back and leg exercises drank even more water reevaluated my foods again and off and running again.. lost 6 pounds last week and I will keep this going I am done feeling big... just done... so off and running in the new year lets all hope this year is the year it all comes off!! Happy New Year!


Renewed spark

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I have to say I was almost ready to throw in the towel...and just accept fattness.. I am glad I didn't...because someof my hard work has finally payed off..... the wild weather we have been having here in New england has finally broke...All my hard work since January riding my exercise bike 9 miles a few times a weeks has payed off..... We had our first sunny day here and 50 degree weather yesterday and today So I came home from work yesterday got on my workout clothes and his the walking path up the street.. I struggled the first mile and a half with shin split pain.... just as I was ready to head back home hte pain stop and this new energy came over me I walked that path 2 more times for a a GRAND total of 4 and half mile walk yesterday!!!! I was so proud of my self I came home took a shower and stepped ont he scale and I lost 2 pounds.. came down stairs to log it in and decided oh what the hell I will take my measurements too... since the end of february I have lost and inch and half from my waist and a inch from my hips!!! I was like WOOOOOOT! sooo that made me feel like all the healthy eating I have been doing all the making sure I stay in my calorie range and making sure I exercise a few times a week on my exercise bike FINALLY payed off.... we had another nice day today and I was itching to get home and go for another walk.... the first mile and a half again was very painful wasn't sure I could do much more but once again i reach that point again and found a renewed energy and pushed thru it.... I coul dhave done it one more time around to make the 4 and half mile mark again but I decided 3 miles today was enough because tomorrow my husband and my two boys are going for a hike!and I didn't want to be too sore for that! I love hiking... so I hopefully will have new pics tomorrow to post on here..Hopefully the weather keeps cooperating for the next week or soo.. so I can continue to walk as much as I can... I have 2 weeks before my corporate trip out to vegaas for a big kitchen and bath convention.. and hopefully I will see a difference by then in my weight.... that is 12 pounds I have lost since January! I am Psyched! hope to keep the momentum going and the weight and the toning going!!.. see what a few nice sunny spring days can do for a girls moral and self esteem!! woot..go and enjoy the sun and the fresh air when you can you feel much better I am glad I didn't throw that towel in :)


Been sick

Friday, February 09, 2007

I have been sick with strep.. ear infaction.. and a virus on top of all of it.. been sick for a week and ahalf... I will hopefully be able to get back on track sometime next week.... I miss keeping track of what I eat and doing my exercises every day... but with no energy from this sickness I will not even bother till I feel like myself again.. I do not need to get sicker only better.. put a little delay in the weight loss but.. I will get there.. life change not a diet... see you all soon!!


started Jan 1st.2007

Monday, January 22, 2007

I started trying to get back to a healthy weight on January 1st... everyone kept saying I looked fine I look fine... I am sure i sill do but i was done buying bigger clothes...and when I took out my winter jacket this year and it did not fit that was the last straw... i vowed after theholidays that was it and it was time to get back on track.. i have gained 50 pounds in 2 years..i have had alot of stress with moving to another state and a few other personal road blocks that have settled down now in life and it is ime to get healthy again... I use to teach aerobics and be very active withthe kids......can't teach any more (docotrs orders) but i have a exercise bike and few dvds and the know how of what I can and can't do... so I make time for myself as soon as I walk thru the door after work before doing anything else.. i excerise...and it seems to be paing off finally after 22 days.. lost 7 pounds went from 190 to 183 and lost a inch of the hips.. 2 inches of the waist.. 1 off the bust and inch off the thighs... thank god.. :) and people are starting to notice which I didn't think they would right away but they say my body looks like it has changed.. and it has but I just thought it was just me.. so i am hoping I am down atleast 30 by may.. that would be a doable goal..and if it is more great and if it is less that is fine too.. causeI feel a whole lot better already!! and it is becuse of the amazing support I get from reading all of your stories and see the modivation everyone has.. the the encouragement that is given to each other.. we will succeed.. one day at a time!!


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