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Read your labels

Thursday, September 24, 2009

For some reason I started to gain weight last week. The gain was at a rate which made me puzzled. Today I reached approximately (for my eyes only) lbs, and I started looking at what I ate, what I had changed, until I reached an ah - ha moment. I found the culprit. A food which was low in calories (and I should have known better) turned out to have a LOT of salt in it - WOW ....

the morale of the story - read your labels and be very careful with the amount of sodium. This particular item would have given me a total of 420 cal if I ate the whole thing - but at the same time it would also give me a whopping 3000 mg of salt. And I wonder why my weight increased. It is all retention of water.

'Say no to salt"....

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LIMASTAR 9/24/2009 9:33PM

  I had a lot of nuts recently & along with the water that I drank because of the thirst that resulted from eating the nuts gained 3 lbs overnight.

I lost 2 of the lbs in 2 days, but never thought about salt & water retention having been the reason of the weight gain.

Learn something new every day. Thanks

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IRISHLASS117 9/24/2009 9:30PM

    You have me laughing Warrior! If it was only salt I had to say no to I'd be fabulous in no time.


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DDOORN 9/24/2009 9:25PM

    You betcha! No salt shakers or processed foods in OUR house...! :-)


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JCORYCMA 9/24/2009 9:15PM

    I feel ya! I ate ham all last week -- you know how you make one dinner plus six more with the left over ham -- and I noticed a big difference on the scale!! I watched the sodium this week and I've been in the bathroom every 1/2 hour but the weights coming back off!! Thanks for reminding us!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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It is not about the bike ... or

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I am going to come with some musings I thought of after todays bike ride.

I realize not everyone have the luxury of having health insurance, but that is for a different blog entry.

A couple of years ago I was friendly with one of our environmental services employees. We were talking health, and she shared with me that she was hypertensive but had not seen her doctor for - I can't remember how long. I suggested she saw her PCP, and she did. When he saw her - he had her schedule a physical. That possibly saved her life. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. Subsequently she had surgery but no chemo or radiation.

About a year ago I had a conversation with one of our MD's. We talked cycling, and health. Well, I finally succeeded in having him go and have a physical done. We then talked about bike riding ... after 1 year he had a physical and today we went bike riding for 25 miles (I added some miles to the meeting place and home). Of course the MD found his cholesterol numbers were in need of correcting.

I am sure all of us have someone who inspire us in our journey. I certainly do. I have set goals. Those goals are mostly not in lbs, but in healthier behavior, and to brag - my second (preventive) stress test was better than my first.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Look at what this journey have done for you. Then take it and apply it to something you care about and make them healthier, and because of that feel better. We can - each one of us - make a major non-partisan contribution to the health care reform - live a healthier life - feel better ... and if you like bike riding ... well then it is about the bike.

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TRAINOF4 9/23/2009 11:53AM

    Yep it's about the healthier lifestyle - FEELING better each day, waking up with energy, not getting winded climbing a few flights of stairs, the way your skin & hair look, how you are getting fewer colds & illnesses, that you'll live a long & healthy life without (God willing) the end being a miserable struggle because of all the years of not caring for your body.

Every tiny bit of progress counts. Great blog!

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BILLALEX70 9/21/2009 9:02PM

    It is about the bike, shoes and food. It's living an entirely different life than I've ever lived. I eat healthier than I ever have. I exercise more than I ever have.

I have great Spark friends, like you Jan, who continue to inspire me and push me to my next challenge. It's hard to remember that just 5 years ago I could barely walk on a treadmill for 15 minutes and now I'm contemplating a half-marathon. But, more on that later.

I look forward to our meeting up again.

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JULISABROCAR 9/20/2009 11:58AM

    after doing my first TRI (and grinding it out on a mountain bike) I assure you - it IS about the bike - LOL!

I'm with you - being inspired/pushed/pulled by both Sparkers and cancer patients in my own life circle; it is about the bike/my health/my goals/my life and helping others with theirs.

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DDOORN 9/19/2009 11:33PM

    There's nothing like celebrating the healthy lifestyle we've built for ourselves and then paying it forward so that others can do the same.


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RENA1965 9/19/2009 9:38PM

    Hej Jan,
Super blog post. I spent 5 years traveling back and forth to a heart department with my dad (the New Zealand doctors are good at education about what they did for my dad, I was showed scannings of the cronic heart disease damage and how I could help him eat healthier- still he only got 5 more years) and then my husband the 12 years to and from the diabetes units at århus and dialysis/diabetes unit at skejby with my husband.
This journey for me was a decision of own free will, I now know what hell looks like in the waiting rooms of these two departments and because once you get a lifestyle illness in the door, if you don't act swiftly and do as the doctors say you eventually die. My two fought hard, but you just can't win when things get out of hand. The scarey thing about it was, both these men were thin as beans, never smoked and were very active in outdoor activities..
I now know never to put a price on healthy food, ignore what wise people say and have given the time to this project feel how great a person can have it. I thank the danish social services for keeping me active. I would have still be overweight if they had not pushed me. No regrets, and love my exercise like a old dear friend..

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Spokes of hope

Sunday, September 13, 2009

In my previous blog - I talked about the bike ride 'spokes of hope'. The first spokes of hope is currently taking place. Because of my planned vacation to Europe I cold not be part of it. However, next year I will be.

Spokes of hope was conceived by my friend, cyclists extraordinaire (national champion and state champion) and breast cancer survivor. It is a bike ride which will start from different parts of the country and end at the National Cancer Institute - and then with the participants proceed to Capitol Hill with the purpose of advocate for cancer care and survivorship.

Below is a very emotional (warning) account of why we are riding for spokes of hope, and trust me - I will be there next year to meet the Michelle's out there and to say 'fight like hell'. By the way the author is a 20 year survivor of brain cancer.

livestrong & ride2live


Rather than tell you about the entire day I want to share the one piece that shook me to my core. Our group had ridden to the third stop of the day. We were visiting the cancer center in a west side hospital. We had the SoH banner out for all to sign, Livestrong bracelets ready to handout and our "army" ready to go into action.

It was here that I met a beautiful 22 year old woman named Michelle. She slowly walked into the room wearing PJ's and socks. Only a few strings of blond hair stuck out from her blue bandana. Her face was pale and blood was visible in the whites of her eyes. Her hands and body could not stop shaking. She was so quiet and soft spoken. It was difficult to hear her when she spoke but when she did I hung on every word.

Michelle is battling Leukemia and recovering from a bone marrow transplant. After talking for a while I gave her one of the bracelets and then asked if she would like to sign the banner so she could "go with us to DC." She agreed and we walked slowly over to the banner where she got to meet Cindi.

The three of us sat in front of the banner and we all talked. Michelle is the mother of a three year old boy, David. She has not seen him for months. The doctors have not allowed the visit due to the possible passing of germs. She was so sad. Her heart was broken, her body was broken and almost to the point that her spirit was broken. As a parent, I hate to be away from Aneshka when I go out of town. This trip alone is for more than a week and I miss her so much. I cannot imagine being denied the hugs, kisses and whispers of, "I love you, Daddy." Especially during a time of struggle, when you need those the most.

Cindi was talking about cycling and I asked Michelle what she did for physical activity. She said, "nothing." I told her that just getting up and walking was going to help her heal and feel better. She told me that she was not walking much. It clicked for me and I told her that if she started to walk more, the quicker she would heal and thus the sooner she would have David in her arms again. She smiled. As I teared up I told that you have to find your reason to fight and for her it was her son, David. You have to get up everyday and " Fight like hell" I told her. Her way of fighting could be as simple as walking often.

Before she got up to make a visit to her room Cindi offered her one of the SoH cycling caps. Michelle quickly pulled of her bandana and let Cindi slide on her new fashion piece. Michelle smiled.

As she walked out I started to talk with another group. I had just gotten into a conversation with this group when Michelle slowly made her way back into the room. Both Cindi and I were talking elsewhere so Michelle sat down alone. I watched from the corner of my eye and could see she was sad. We were just finishing our conversation when I saw Michelle making her way to the door. I was blessed with hugs and handshakes from my new friends and then bolted for the door. Michelle seemed to be slowly dragging herself down the hall.

I walked up to her and told that it was pleasure meeting her and that she would be in my heart and mind this entire trip to DC. She put her weak arms around me and gave my a tremendous hug. Almost like a death grip. She didn't let go and started to cry on my chest. As tears started to flow from my eyes I spoke softly into her left ear. "Fight for David. Fight for yourself. Fight like hell!" Every care, problem or issue in my life disappeared at that moment. All I could think of was the pain Michelle was going through and how much I wanted her to beat the cancer, feel better and be with her son.

We said our goodbyes and I went back into the room with the banner. Our time was winding down so we moved chairs back into place rolled up the banner and made our way out the door. I was not ready to get on the elevator. I so wanted to find Michelle and say something profound, motivate her or just be there for her. I looked down the hallway wondering which room was hers. As bodies moved through doors and adjacent hallways I saw the yellow and black cycling cap at the end of the hall. She looked weak and exhausted. She looked sad and scared. But none of that mattered because she was walking. I waved and she did not see me so I moved and waved again. She lifted up her right hand just a little bit and nodded her head softly. She was up and fighting.

I have been an emotional wreck since meeting Michelle. Jay, one of the great people on this SoH tour, told me why I feel this way. "Because everyone we have met so far has been a person. Michelle was a patient.". He is right. I also believe the her pain reminds me of my past and makes me look deep inside myself as I step into this new battle with the two new tumors. Meeting Michelle is another reminder for me to "Fight like hell!"

The Spokes of Hope Tour started out for me as a celebration of my 20th anniversary as a survivor. It is so much more than that. Along with taking the advocacy and awareness issue to DC we have the opportunity to touch the lives of others going through this battle. We can help them by listening to their concerns, sharing or experiences and just simply showing that we care. We can help them by showing everyone that cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence. We can help them by giving them hope. Hope is contagious (as proudly displayed on our banner). We can help them by leading by example. That means each one of us is out there "Fighting like hell!"

Thank you for letting me spill my thoughts and emotions. I know this was long but I needed to share it. Today really hit me hard and writing this has helped me find some balance again. Tomorrow, as I struggle up hills on my bike I will be thinking of Michelle walking down that hallway and being few steps closer to hugging her son. That's the motivation for me to pedal my way to DC.



  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RENA1965 9/14/2009 11:01PM

    Great entry, keep up the hard work!

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HEALTHYCHIC 9/13/2009 5:10PM

    I read every word of your blog. What a powerful story. It reminds us of how precious life is and that every day is a gift. What a wonderful thing you are doing.

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IRISHLASS117 9/13/2009 3:32PM

    Thanks for sharing Warrior and I'm glad you and Cathy are home safe and sound.

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JOPAPGH 9/13/2009 3:00PM


what a great cause.

Let me know the timeline for Pittsburgh next year and I'll get it on my calendar.

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PINKIEB1 9/13/2009 12:59PM

    Thank you.

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ACTIVE_AT_60 9/13/2009 10:58AM

    I am taking names for next year - we need riders and support crew. Stay tuned.

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BILLALEX70 9/13/2009 10:53AM


First, welcome back. I hope you had an enjoyable trip.

Second, thank you for sharing such a emotional story. Making this story known may lead to a contribution that will finally eradicate cancer.

I look forward to hearing more about this trip in the future.

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DDOORN 9/13/2009 10:51AM

    What a wonderful cause, Jan! How VERY inspiring to hear of folks like you and so many others stepping (eh, BIKING) up to the plate to offer your help and assistance the way you are!


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Looking at 2010.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Friends, we are only about 4 months away from new year, and it is 2010, and I am beginning to look into goals for next year.

First, I have been fortunate to have raised $7000 for the leukemia and lymphoma society to date. The money has been raised by a consulting for a company.

So what do I want to do. Well, on my bucket list is doing half an ironman before the aga of 60. Well, it is getting closer and closer, so that is the first goal, and since I have the money raised - I can sign up and focus on my training. (my swim leaves a lot to be desired).

The second goal is to participate in a bike ride called 'spokes of hope". Spokes of hope was conceived at the Lance Armstrong Foundation Summit in Columbus last year, and it is cyclists coming from across the country into DC - actually the first point of contact will be the national cancer institute and then on as a peleton (the entire group) into Capitol Hill.

I am planning on creating a spoke in Cleveland and ride to Pittsburgh, join the spoke there, and do the ride to DC ... with a modification of Lance's words - Cancer picked a fight with the wrong team.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TRAINOF4 8/30/2009 11:12PM

    You know I'll be cheering you on through DC. It will be great - wonderful goals Jan. Good for you! emoticon

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BILLALEX70 8/26/2009 5:17PM

    Sounds like some serious training coming your way. I have no doubt that you'll achieve them as well.

Maybe I'll be able to ride a spoke with you.

JOHN - Grab your bike and get on it. No need to sit on the sideline in Pittsburgh.

Keep up the great work Jan!

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GRACE612 8/26/2009 8:37AM

    I love how focused you are and I love Mere's idea of joining you some of the way...I'm in on that one!!

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PURPLEALLY 8/26/2009 8:23AM

    wow, not only do you set goals for yourself fitness-wise, your goals help others! emoticon

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    Oh wow Jan that sounds like a wonderful journey. Maybe we can ride some of it with you, as encouragement along the way? Let us know what path you might be taking and we'll all team up with you for a few miles. :)

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IRISHLASS117 8/25/2009 8:18PM

    You inspire me to be the best I can be so I can do for others, Warrior! God speed.


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JOPAPGH 8/25/2009 8:17PM

    I'll be sure to cheer you on when you hit the 'burgh.

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DONGR8NCHARNC 8/25/2009 8:13PM

    Best wishes on these goals and on your journey!

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SHARJOPAUL 8/25/2009 8:07PM

    good goals

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today was the "perfect 10 miler". I ran it last year for the first time and was joined by two friends. The weather was great, and I felt I did OK - plus - we had a good time. Lunch afterwards.

This year one of those friends were on (a well deserved) vacation with her family, and one was unable to come for a number of reasons, and to top it off - she tripped/fell and got hurt on Friday night. So, I was all by my lonesome ... sorta - with about 700 other people running the event.

The weather was great, although hot (for Cleveland) mid-seventies @ gun time, and it climbed 10 degrees during the race. I started in the middle of the pack. I had decided to have an extra water bottle in a fanny pack + one in my hand to make sure I was well hydrated. However, I did not feel I ran as fast, but my Garmin said 9:02 min mile. I got rid of the bottle I carried in my hand and I felt 'liberated'. As I kept going, I felt I had a comfortable pace. I drank H20 at all the stations - which was every mile. At mile 5 I had a bottle from my Fuel Belt with HEED (carb + electrolytes) and at mile 7-ish I drank another bottle of Perpetuem (sportsdrink with protein, carb, and electrolytes). and I felt really good for the remainder of the race. I kept going ... AND as I crossed the finish line 1:38:02 OR 15 ... FIFTEEN minutes faster than last year. Am I proud of my accomplishment this morning - you bet I am.

I am not sure what made me run faster, but one thing I can tell you - what is making a huge difference in my running and bicycling is that I have taken a serious look at what I eat and drink, and I am becoming much more generous with the calories I take in during the event. It has worked well for me earlier this year when I ran the Cleveland marathon, and when I rode the Tahoe ride, and now with a 10 miler. Most of us have an idea what we burn in calories, and I have used the concept of replacing 1/3 of the calories during the event, and it seem drinking water at every waterstop works too.

Now what you should ingest - varies from person to person. I happen to have found some products I like - it is the product (content - read the label), I like the taste, and I like the texture (some can get chalky, and some of the carb products to me are like cake frosting). However, it has taken me some reading to get to this point (sorry if you are a seasoned runner, cyclist, or triathlete - I have friends who are beginners.

One of my wishes for this year is a half marathon sub 2hr. After today - I think it is within reach.

Runstrong my friends

Jan Frandsen

- three disciplines - one mission - one goal

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

IRISHLASS117 8/17/2009 5:12AM

    Bravo Warrior!

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PURPLEALLY 8/16/2009 9:51PM

    way cool!
whats next for you?

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GRACE612 8/16/2009 8:56PM

    awesome job!!

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BILLALEX70 8/16/2009 4:07PM


It sounds like you had a perfect day for the perfect run. As you move forward I have no reason to believe that you can't make your goals realities.

The 1/3 rule seems to work out pretty well for me also. I appreciate all of the advice and information that we've exchanged. I look forward to our next meeting and challenge together.

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HEALTHYCHIC 8/16/2009 1:27PM

    This is wonderful. What great work! When's the next?

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JOPAPGH 8/16/2009 1:03PM

    Sounds like a great run!

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B-N-ME 8/16/2009 12:42PM

    AwesomewJob Jan!
I had no doubts you would do great!
Your ability and patience in explaining your preparation, care for your body, and feelings throughout the race are appreciated by those less experienced!
I'm sure we will be hearing about that half under 2 hrs!
Keep up the good work.

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