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my hydration and nutrition strategies (continued)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You may have read my recent blog about hydration and nutrition. Last Saturday I ran 15 miles and my nutrition was - sweet potato and almond milk for breakfast - GU Roctane every 45 - 50 min and coconut water.

Afterwards I felt great and I am actually going to use the strategy for the marathon. Can't decide if I am going to use my hydration backpack ... I may and fill it coconut water. It is a Nathan backpack and what I like about the bladder (reservoir) is that when you clean it you can turn it inside out and really clean it. The pack is like a vest which I really like - pocket for my phone, pocket for my gels, and a bigger pocket on the back.
(I did not pay that price on the link LOL)

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2WHEELER 9/26/2012 9:38AM

    Good luck, Jan, though luck will have nothing to do with a successful marathon. You've worked hard for this. I have a Nathan hydration pack, but have mixed feelings about it. I love having the front pockets to stash gus, keys or whatever, but I don't like the bite valve--it's constantly leaking. My Nathan hydration bottle leaks, too. Could be I got 2 lemons, but what are the odds of that? In any case, I was so frustrated last weekend (a big, sticky red Gatorade stain on my new Hancock 100 jersey) that I promised myself a trip to Appalachian Outdoors to pick up a new bite valve--and if that doesn't fix it, I'll go back to using my Camelbak, but I'll miss those front pockets.

Have a great run and I'll be looking for your race report.

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LAURANCE 9/25/2012 10:17PM

  I just got your response. All this (including how to respond on these Spark pages) is new to me. I went out and got a camelbak hydration pack that the Appalacian Outdoor House recommended, and which was on sale. I went to fill it a week and a half ago, since for the first time in my life I was going to climb a small local mountain (it's name, Nittany, means "big hill" in some local Indian language, and it's a big hill, not the kind of mountain real mountain climbers go up), and I made a mess, spilled water on myself and the floor, didn't close the thing properly. In the end I took no water along and didn't need it anyway.

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LAURANCE 9/25/2012 10:00PM

  I'm looking at this. For the first time in my life (I'm 71) I'm going to attempt a 25K race next April, so I need to learn about these things.

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Saturday, September 08, 2012

I was supposed to run 20 miles this morning. It ain't gonna happen!

Woke up - started to get ready - no motivation or energy.
Went back to bed for 30 min
Dragging, dragging dragging....

OK - As Macca says 'you are the CEO of your one person company' - so I get to make decisions - I am not running today!!!!

I also have Tim 'Lucho' Waggoner in the back of my head (Lucho is the winner of the 2012 Leadville seres. He is an ultra runner - you know 100 miles running). If you are not motivated - don't run - it will only lead to bad things like injuries.... so, I am not running today.

Do I feel bad - nope
Should I feel bad - nope
Am I going to be able to accomplishe my goals (two marathons in a month) - yep.

Breakfast ... packing, driving 2.5 hrs ( I will be wearing my compression gear) and riding 100 miles tomorrow with a sparker and her two friends. It is a new day tomorrow .. and back to running on Monday!

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BARBIETEC 9/18/2012 6:49PM

    I like your choice! Sometimes you just have to relax :)

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HEALTHYCHIC 9/17/2012 9:14AM

    Some days are just like that. No problem. You'll get it next weekend :)

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MCCOURTT 9/9/2012 8:54PM

    Yep, I've had those days, but in the end it's not any one run that makes the difference. It's the whole process that makes the difference. The best to you on the marathonS!!

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BILLALEX70 9/9/2012 8:44PM

    You still kick @$$! TWO in ONE month! emoticon

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DDHEART 9/9/2012 9:13AM

    You're so smart! Reading your body cues is one of the most important and sometimes, difficult things we do as runners. Ride strong! Run long!

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SP_COACH_NANCY 9/8/2012 9:52PM


Listen to your will tell you what it needs! Enjoy your ride!

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LADYGWEN25 9/8/2012 9:21AM

    the 100 mile bike ride will equal out to that 20 mile run in the long run.. One of my triclub member, Dirk, who's been doing Tri's i think since it was first created actually sat me down for a talk this year.. especially after he heard i signed up for IMLP next year.. I was nervous because i thought he was gonna tell me i wasn't ready.. i was wrong.. He's been watching the work i put in.. and said i wasn't necessarily doing ENOUGH.. i asked him about training plans.. he has steered me to a couple.. and he knows i have actually completed one IM training already... his biggest concern was i wasn't pushing myself.. In the sense.. i wasn't LISTENING to my body... he sat me down and said "Gwen if you're not FEELING the workout.. stop... Try something else.. And if you feel TIRED.. don't do it.. don't push it.. LISTEN first to your body.. trust in the endurance you have built." His biggest issue is when people are plan specific to the point they never give their bodies a rest when it's say or even screaming at them: HEY I"M TIRED TODAY!!! Since i started listening more to my body... my endurance has actually improved.. Gotta say it surprised me... that and it surprised me like you.. I am NOT feeling guilty about it one bit... overall i feel better and healthier. which for me is w win/win.. So enjoy the day of rest.. because with 100 miles of biking tomorrow.. you're gonna need it.. Looking forward to running MCM with you and my friend Julie... another fellow sparker! :)

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DREBENEZER 9/8/2012 9:14AM

    Never force the body to do what the brain doesn't want it to. Great decision! The day of rest will do you well.

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LKEITHO 9/8/2012 9:01AM

    Good decision, Jan! Have a great ride tomorrow!

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LAURIE5658 9/8/2012 8:55AM

    As runners and cyclists (aka athletes) we know what our bodies need and ask for. Your body is pleading for rest and in the end it will be stronger. Go Jan!!!!!!


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Adjusting my hydration and nutrition on the last bike ride

Monday, September 03, 2012

I like to experiment with things I learn. Saturday was no exception.

I was on a 78 mile hilly ride and there was SAG support so I thought I would try something else.

Breakfast - greek yoghurt, chia seeds, and almond butter (not a lot of carbs you noted)
One bottle on the bike was plan water and the other coconut water (I had refills in the SAG vehicle).

I had one GU Roctane every hr. (I did not have any more at home). GU Roctane has added amino acids in them - they still taste awful.

I felt really good afterwards. I am not sure I should have used more GU's or not.

Oh, did I tell you the ride had 3500 feet of climbing ... and I rode avg 15 mph and it was hot and humid.

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BILL60 9/4/2012 8:31AM

    Well done on your ride. 15MPH avge on a very hilly course is impressive.

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LKEITHO 9/3/2012 10:05PM

    Sounds like a tough ride, and you came thru well. Congratulations!

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BOBBYD31 9/3/2012 8:59PM

    nice ride jan. i talked to a pro rider a while back she told me on their training rides of 50+ they are to fuel every 15-20 min with a couple of cliff blocks or a few bites of a power bar or something like that. the idea is you keep feeding to avoid the bonk, hydration is 2 bottles one water the other your choice

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ON2VICTORY 9/3/2012 4:21PM

    if you feel like you had the power to make that sustained effort and especially not feeling drained and depleted afterward then I would say you are on to something...maybe you can elaborate on the chia seeds sometime when we get a chance to chat. been hearing alot about them.

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running with my sister

Monday, July 09, 2012

My sister is also a runner. Not to the same extent as me. However, while visiting her I have been on a couple of runs. Today we had planned what my B-i-L called a 8-9 mile run. Well doable ... so we started out - he also said we would have the wind behind us .. didn't happen - - weather: overcast and then it started to rain. We had a nice run ... but rather than a 8-9 mile run we ended up running 13.6 miles.... no, no wrong turns or other route errors because we did a point to point on a rail trail.

I feel a little stiff now.

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SKINNYPOWELL1 7/18/2012 3:05PM


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DDOORN 7/18/2012 2:18PM

    It's great when we can make it a family affair, isn't it?

I finally got out to San Diego in 2009 and rented bikes with one of my sisters and had an awesome time riding out on the Silver Strand on Coronado Island.

I've been working on getting out with my other sisters on bikes...haven't succeeded yet. Course it doesn't help when they are in Anchorage, San Diego and Michigan and I'm in NY...! :-)


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B-N-ME 7/15/2012 11:15AM

    Glad you can share your passion with family! Inspiring I'm sure!

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LKEITHO 7/15/2012 7:54AM

    Good work getting in the run despite the rain!

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ON2VICTORY 7/10/2012 9:10AM

    Does this extra event put you into the half fanatics club? Just look at it as " bonus " Just pickin on ya bud :)

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DREBENEZER 7/9/2012 1:24PM

    Awesome that you had somebody to run with and that you were able to spend that time with your family!

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JEREMY723 7/9/2012 1:02PM

    I hope that you enjoyed the run and didn't overdue it by going to far. Was just commenting with another Sparkfriend about going to far because of getting lost--not fun or good for the legs:) At least it rained somewhere:)

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Be the match (on bone marrow donation)

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Well, it happened again. The day before yesterday I received an email from the national bone marrow registry that I am a potential match for a person in need of a bone marrow.

Over the the next two months I will know if I am a match and will have to share my bone marrow with someone in need. There are reasons why I may not be donating.

1. the patient chose another type of treatment
2. I am not a the match 'perfect' for the person (which is a must)

Should you have the desire to be on the bone marrow registry and possibly help someone - log on to and check it out.

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BE-THE-CHANGE 6/7/2012 6:35PM

    How exciting! I've been on the registry for years but have never been called. I do donate blood and platelets, though.

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LKEITHO 6/7/2012 1:04PM

    Good for you for being willing! It is sometimes so hard for us to find donors, it is great to see people who are willing and able!

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JEREMY723 6/7/2012 11:10AM

    Thanks for doing this. I know that it will involve asking a lot from you.

Maybe I should consider it--I used to donate blood all the time (easier I know) but can't anymore for a medical condition (vitamin issue, would hurt me to donate).

I hope that all works out for the best for both you and the possible match. Keep us posted.

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LIVESTRONG2010 6/7/2012 10:42AM

    Thanks for doing this and I am hoping someday I get that email.

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-POLEDANCEGIRL- 6/7/2012 9:24AM

    You are AWESOME!!! My Aunt who had cancer needed a bone marrow transfer. She was able to find a perfect match and lived another 10 years. THANK YOU for doing this!!!

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