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8.7.11 Greater Cleveland Triathlon

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Friends - today was the greater Cleveland triathlon my 14th event for Team in Training raising money for the leukemia and lymphoma society.

During the last week I have felt under the weather and Friday night I thought - perhaps I should look into changing from a olympic distance to a sprint. I did !!!!

All my gear was ready when I went to bed - my bike was in the car so I just had to get out of bed this morning and get to the start line. Got there 5:45 and got everything ready so I could 'shoot the breeze' until start time. Well as it got lighter, we could see the lake and the Sheriff's vessel bopping up and down. There were waves - and there were white caps ... hmmm .... will they cancel the swim?

To make a long story short, the swim was not cancelled (waves 4-5 feet) but it was kept at a shallow part of Lake Erie so people were able to walk if they needed to. It was a real challenge, and I am not sure I am up for that anytime soon. However, I survived the swim - got on my bike and despite the winds mustered a pretty decent speed. (forgot my Garmin). Flew through the bike course, so it felt, and then on to the run course, which was pretty uneventful.

After I finished - I went back out on the course and supported the last TNT participants on their last stretch. It is such an awesome feeling to have people with less experience cross the finish line that words cannot describe.

Now I am home drinking a little coffee - hoping to wake up - but I think a nap after my shower may be in order.

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MAGELLAN1 8/13/2011 11:38AM

    i went home after the race and slept 2 hours! that was some swim! nice to finally meet you in person. you were my rabbit for the last stretch of the run.
maybe i will see you tomorrow at vermilion!

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TIGGER622 8/8/2011 5:08PM

    Way to go Jan!!! 4-5 foot waves sound scary!!! Off to look into bike racks so I dont have to 'use' my boyfriend for his truck everytime I want to bike! Love how you always support the other athletes, you are truly something special!

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ROOT4HOME 8/8/2011 2:08PM

    Great job on your tri and on racing for a great cause! emoticon

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RACING4ME 8/8/2011 12:55AM

    Love you Jan!!!

Thanks so much bringing awareness to such a crazy disease group. I'm so glad you had some fun with your tri, and my goodness, I don't think I could swim in 3-4 ft waves!!! Don and I talked about you today as we were walking around Granville Island...he wanted me to give you a virtual hug from him, and one from me as well.

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GRACE612 8/7/2011 9:39PM

    Hope you got some well deserved R & R today!!!

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LOGOULD 8/7/2011 9:21PM

    Sounds like you could use a little extra rest to kick whatever it is that has you down....but you certainely kicked it at youir event. How wonderful of you to stick it out and support the new folks!!! You are one in a milliion!!!

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BE-THE-CHANGE 8/7/2011 8:44PM

    emoticon emoticon

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LADYGWEN25 8/7/2011 6:05PM

    get a nap and get some sleep.. you've earned it! :)

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ELYMWX 8/7/2011 5:21PM

    Yes. Take that nap.

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L3DESIGNS 8/7/2011 4:47PM

    Congrats on finishing... Enjoy your coffee and nap!

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LAGREBE 8/7/2011 4:18PM

    Congratulation! That is indeed very inspiring

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Beginning to set (my) goals for the fall and the early part of 2012.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Tomorrow I am doing a sprint triathlon. I was going to do the olympic distance, but because I am feeling a little under the weather, I don't think it will be wise of me to do the International distance.

+ I have signed up for three half marathons in the fall (Akron, Columbus, and Philly)
+ I hope I will be going skiing out west this winter *
+ i am running a 50k in March and I am planning 30k at JASR
+ I am planning the long course (70.3) at Wildflower
+ I am planning a HM at the Cleveland Marathon.
+ I would like to do a Ironman (R ) HIM in July.

- I am planning to pull out two books
+ Fit soul - fit body
+ 5 Essentials for a Winning Life: The Nutrition, Fitness, and Life Plan for Discovering the Champion Within

+ I am planning on continuing with my yoga class on Monday
+ I will be doing more weights

early 2012 I will look at the goals for the rest of the year.

* If I am coming through Vancouver I will let a couple of my SP friends know.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BOBBYD31 8/7/2011 9:37PM

    you make me tired just reading this. you impress me everyday with everything you have accomplished and what you have planned to accomplish. i guess i will live vicariously thru you and your amazing achievements!! you da man my friend

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LADYGWEN25 8/7/2011 4:26PM

    Some great goals.. reminds me i need to start looking at my winter and spring goals now too.. THANKS!

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LAGREBE 8/7/2011 4:20PM


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BE-THE-CHANGE 8/7/2011 9:21AM

    Hope today went well! You have quite the list of goals ~ daunting for most but I know you can do it!

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JUST_TRI_IT 8/6/2011 11:19PM

    LOVE this list. Really gets me inspired and thinking ahead. One problem with this list though.. It is missing STP!!! emoticon

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LOGOULD 8/6/2011 9:46PM

    Sounds like you have alot on your plate for now and taking it easy when you're under the weather is a wise choice.

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B-N-ME 8/6/2011 8:34PM

    Sounds busy! Glad you are listening to your body for the distance tomorrow.
Have an awesome race!

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Pirates tri (local sprint tri)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Earlier today I participated in the 'pirates tri', a local sprint triathlon in organized by Lake metroparks. It has also become sort of a team in training alumni event for the triathletes, this was the second year.

We picked up packages on Thursday and while we were there - we did a practice swim.

The event started at 8, and at 6:30 I pulled into the parking lot. Although the tri is small 150 max the parking lot fills up quick. Milling around, meeting and greeting my friends, plus i ran into a few people I knew from work.

The start was a standing start (most of the swim you can stand up should you need to - which makes it attractive fro novice triathletes). Did my swim with some wheezing, but I managed to 'keep my cool'. I walked the transition - because of the wheezing and on to the bike. They ride and run start out with a short 75 yard steep hill and off to the race we went ... I think my avg was about 19 mph. Back and into run gear and up the hill again. Half way into the run I needed a rest room, and it was very uncomfortable to do the second half of the run.

At the end - I met briefly with my friends and headed off - as I had a lot to do this afternoon.

It is a fun tri, and the weather was hot and humid. My fluid intake (water and gatorade from this morning is currently in excess of a gallon).

Although I did OK, I will be honest and say I did not have my heart in this one ... It was kind of another day at the office - I am sure a good night sleep, rehydration, and aircondition will change my outlook.

Posted times

Swim 15:24 Bike 44:13 Run 28:32 Total 1:28:09

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TIGGER622 8/3/2011 7:41AM

    Sounds like the weather zapped your enthusiasm :) I suppose that happens from time to time - to feel like just another race. You are a hero to all of us, great tri! Good luck on the next one!!!

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BARBIETEC 7/27/2011 5:37AM

    Congratulations with the tri.

I hope your next Tri will be more enjoyable and I hope you are glad that you did this one even though it was not the best race ever..


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DAVEINSEOUL 7/26/2011 7:25AM

    Jan, you did great considering the weather and the wheezing problems. I sure feel for you when you said "it kind of felt like a day at the office". For as passionate as I am about cycling, I've had a couple of days like that on the bike. Rest, recover, and recooperate - and you'll be back to doing what you like in no time.

It always works for me!

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BOBBYD31 7/24/2011 10:08PM

    your amazing jan! i hope your feeling better tonight, take care of yourself my friend

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LOGOULD 7/24/2011 9:44PM

    Just showing up with the heat we've had is a big accomplishment and to tough it out even though you weren't really into this one is admirable. I'd say all in all it was a very solid performance!

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JEN-LOVES-LIFE 7/24/2011 9:31PM

    Wow, I think that is great! Although your heart was not in it, you did it and I think that is pretty cool! The weather was rough today, hot and humid. I'm proud of you and think you are inspiring!

Have an awesome week!

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MIAMIA7 7/24/2011 8:48PM

    Great job Jan. It is terrible to work out or compete in this weather.

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BE-THE-CHANGE 7/24/2011 8:22PM

    Wow, you did amazing in this heat!

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Just a few things

Monday, July 04, 2011

I have been registered with since 2007 but never really used it. I just found out I can import my Garmin into it. Cool.

Also, when I did the Motor City triathlon I was wheezing during the swim. Well, it is called exercise induced asthma, so I - without prompting from anyone - went to the doctor and he prescribed an inhaler ... the time of my morning run (hills and all) went from 43 min to 39 min. Morale of my story - when something is not right - you should see your health care provider.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BARBIETEC 7/5/2011 5:47PM

    My astma inhaler helps me a lot when I run and I can feel how I breath deeper to my lungs. I guess there is a reason it is not allowed in races. I always take the inhaler before a run and race when it is cold outside, or I am not good with my breathing. Sometimes it is good not to be first in races :) so no one cares if I take asthma medicine or not :)

Hope it will help you!

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LOGOULD 7/5/2011 11:46AM

    Oooo, convicting! I always think I need to b near death or quickly heading that way before I go to see a Dr.....maybe I can learn something from you on that one! Cool finding out about the Garmin and mapmyrun. I'm sure that the gadgets I have will do much more than I use them for, but I still become quikly discouraged when they don't do as I expect them to.

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ERLYWA 7/4/2011 10:57PM

    I have the same asthma problem...compounded during allergy season as well. I never run without my inhaler!

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JUST_TRI_IT 7/4/2011 10:52PM

    Nice to know that you are taking care of yourself. It really does make a difference!

Happy 4th to you, Jan.

D emoticon

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Does healthy lifestyle equate weight loss?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

As you know, I love reading other people's blogs because I learn so much from them, and I learn about people. I have learned a lot about physical and emotional suffering as I read blogs and postings. I also learn alot about positive things. So, I continue to read blogs.

This is a random collection of thoughts.

A blog I read recently really made me think, and made me ask the question (and you have heard me editorialize over this before), but does healthy lifestyle really equate weight loss?

Personally I think weight loss is a byproduct of healthier lifestyle, because once you start eating healthier (quality and quantity) things start to change.

Another blog I read recently was talking about - I am training for such and such - but I am not losing weight. hmmm. Are you adding more calories because your hunger patterns have changed?

Yesterday I talked with a long time friend of mine who has returned to the gym. He made an interesting statement. He said - work was in the way of me working out - or I made work get in my way to work out. The observation is quite significant. Because what made us get to the point where we started the search for help (in this case Spark People). I am sure you have seen the comment 'I have had a problem with my weight all my life' or 'I have had a problem with my weight since high school'. Have you ever sat down and meditated over why you have had that problem? For most there may be a cause - did something happen? And in continuation what made you decide to change this? Is it because someone else (spouse, family member, friend, doctor) told you to lose weight? What is the purpose of losing weight? Health and wellbeing? what you look at when you look at the mirror? What is more important to you - weight loss or healthy lifestyle?

The next challenge is your surroundings. What happens when you start your healthy lifestyle? Will you be sabotaged by the people you live with - will they support you? And then when you start to work out, living healthier you MAY start to change - you MAY start to get more attention from others because you look healthier - you feel healthier - you appear healthier ... but was that the reason why you did it?

I know I am rambling and I am all over the board, BUT as you go through the process of a healthier life style I want you to keep in mind that there is a balance between fit soul and fit body (book by Mark Allen) and that balance has to be maintained ... therefore if your soul is fit - your body is more likely to be fit. If you lead a more healthy lifestyle - you are likely to lose weight.

my philosophy is :
three disciplnes - one mission - one goal.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DAVEINSEOUL 6/4/2011 6:36AM

    Great post - I would definately agree with the bike2live - but sometimes I feel like I live to bike :-).

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LADYGWEN25 5/29/2011 9:14AM

    Great thought and observations... LOVE your philosophy... My first Triatholon is coming up on 7/2..I choose it for a reason... not for degree of difficulty.. Which i'm told the biking is one of the hardest in our area.. But because it will be my own personal independence day. :)

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ON2VICTORY 5/28/2011 10:07PM

    you made alot of great observations. i have had to dig deep and ask myself those hard questions before I made any real progress. as far as the sabotage issue, i think my addiction to running has pretty much squashed that problem. I run alone, train alone and rack up many lonely miles alone, therefore I am not really dependant on people and any unknowing attempts to sabotage my efforts. I guess i have dug down to that happy place so many times by myself that it makes me kinda independant.

great post.

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LOGOULD 5/28/2011 6:02PM

    Although I am very greatful for having lost weight with Spark People, I am even more grateful for all that I have gained. You articulated it much better than I ever could, but in the process of doing what I needed to do to lose weight, I had to address some other issues....more mental and emotional and found that by keeping the mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual as well as physical balance in my life, the weight loss became a by product of my efforts. Thanks for posting this Jan....looking forward to coninuing this journey with you!

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JUST_TRI_IT 5/28/2011 9:02AM

    Great questions to reflect on while running, biking, swimming to live! LOVE IT!

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HALFFAST 5/23/2011 7:27PM

    Great post!

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SYNCHRODAD 5/23/2011 7:20PM

    Smart blog. My gut is directly related to my level of activity, especially aerobic activity. Less work out, more gut out. "Work" does get in the way of my working out. Your blog is well said. To it, I would add, "Most of us know what to do, we just don't do it." John Rowley. That would be me too..

Comment edited on: 5/23/2011 7:21:01 PM

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CANBDONE 5/23/2011 3:32PM

    A closer walk with Christ has been the exercise that has made the greatest impact on my Wellness Journey. As we give ourselves permission to release the extra pounds, we give ourselves permission to take off another layer of insulation.

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BARBIETEC 5/23/2011 3:07PM

    Love that post!

Thank you!!!

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TIGGER622 5/23/2011 2:18PM

    I have always struggled with this balance... I'm gonna go pick up that book! Thanks Jan!

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BILLALEX70 5/22/2011 7:11PM

    Good post!

I think you know where I stand on all of this.

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TTLEELEE 5/22/2011 5:49PM

    Hey Jan,

You already know I like your 3 disciplines. I have a question though, why is there not a 4th which can make just as much impact? - eat2live. What you eat is a key to health also, don't you think? [Then I'll put for a 5th - rest2live emoticon]

You always get me thinking!! THANKS!
emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 5/22/2011 5:49:22 PM

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    Very interesting!
Now you got me thinking too!
emoticon emoticon

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LKEITHO 5/22/2011 10:24AM

    You make some good points. I think not knowing WHY we want something can often result in not getting there. And being clear about WHAT we want is just as important. Your points on thinking these things thru and working towards a "fit body, fit soul" are key to getting where we want to be in life. Thanks!

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MBSHAZZER 5/22/2011 8:47AM

    Great post, Jan! I think it really depends... for example, my boyfriend is overweight, even though we lead a very healthy lifetstyle. He has an active job, goes to the gym regularly, and we eat very well. His brother on the other hand drinks 2 two liter bottles of regular coke a day and smokes like a fiend. He's not overweight at all, but I guarantee, he's not as healthy as my boyfriend.

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RAINBOWCHOC 5/22/2011 8:14AM

    I am here getting healthier...I had been told by the doctor to eat less and walk more. i didn't want to diet.....because they make you fat! I found the site when looking for info about carbs, and there was so much stuff on here I joined and have not looked back. However, although I have clocked up a 30lb weight loss there is a lot more going on in my head...self esteem and self awareness that no fat club in a local hall could provide. The anonymity of our Spark friends allows for support without any hidden agenda and the chance to be supportive without offense.
I hope you are feeling much healthier since your spark journey started, you are obviously thinking about how you are treating your body
best wishes, Sandra

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GABSTER26 5/22/2011 7:47AM

    I think that you are right - a positive change in lifestyle is likely to result in weight loss - but not at 5 pounds a week or some ridiculous thing - more like 1 or less a week which is the healthy way to do it.

But I also think that we avoid what we don't like doing by being busy doing what we dislike less - so we need to find joy in what is good for our bodies and minds and souls. So if you don't like running then for Gods sake don't run - find something else to do that makes you feel good. So that means that sometimes we invest more than enough time on something that deserves less time. Workaholics avoid relationships and responsibilities that lay elsewhere.....for example!

Once upon a time our work was our work out - farmers are a good example - living a hard life one filled with physical exsersion most of us can not imagine - of course nowadays with automation that physical aspect is different - but generally speaking most of us lead a sedentary life - machines do a lot for us now. So we must find some physical activity that makes us feel good all over.

We have to re:think our lifestyle - re:invent it - so that we can live a healthier life and hopefully a fuller life.

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DDOORN 5/22/2011 7:46AM

    People, places & things (or activities) are always useful to sift through when looking to make lifestyle improvements.


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