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One week down!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Just had my one week weigh in, and it was better than I'd hoped!!! Down from 199 to 192.6, 6.4 lbs total weight loss!! My goal is 2 lbs a week, and I know it's not all gonna come off that easy, so I have to stay focused and motivated. So hard because I love food, and I really hate to exercise, it always feels so much like a chore!! But I keep looking for fun new ways to get active so I don't feel so lazy about the exercise thing. The eating thing, I've done okay with, usually, past couple days have been visiting with friends, can't really stick to my eating plan, but I just watch my portions and keep going. For this next week, my goal is to lose just 2 pounds, because that's the standard, my hope however is to see 189. I wanna get out of the 190's for good, and stay that way... I remember when I was upset that I had hit 150, wish I had gotten control of my weight issues then, but no... alas I am here, and taking control now... no more excuses!!

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ESMILTON 11/1/2011 11:00AM

    Congratulations on your accomplishments so far! Keep working at it!


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Day Number 2

Friday, October 28, 2011

So I am so very excited, and motivated at the moment. Which is awesome, because it keeps me going! I lost 5 lbs in just 2 days, yay!! I'm lucky enough to have a gym where I work, so my first break I did a half mile on the treadmill. Will do it again on my last break as well. Then, later I will be perfecting my "Thriller" skills. Got that idea from someone else's blog!! I found youtube videos that teach you step by step how to do the Thriller dance. Definitely keeping the workouts fun and upbeat!!

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PSCHEP 10/28/2011 6:51PM

    Keep up the great work and the fun moves! emoticon

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Holy CoW!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

So I got the shock of my life, when my sister shared a picture from when we were kids, and I saw how skinny I used to be! (not as a little kid, I'm talking 18) couldn't believe how great I looked, and how far I have let myself go!! I'm getting serious, and I want to look that good again!!! Starting to get into an exercise routine, and getting very serious about watching my eating habits as well! This time, I'm sticking to it, and come June 7th 2012... I will be at my goal weight!!!

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RSSSLHB 10/28/2011 8:32AM

    emoticongood luck on your journey

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MONIQUE138 10/28/2011 8:10AM

    Good luck! and great attitude. emoticon

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Getting back on track

Monday, June 14, 2010

So I have stopped eating at work completely! Which I think has been very good for me... I have already dropped 3 lbs in less than a week, which doesn't put me at where I was when I decided to fall off the wagon so to speak, but 2 more lbs and I'll be there. I also have only had pizza once... yesterday while at a friends place. That's what they were having, and I only had 2 pieces, which is much better than ordering a whole one just for me and scarfing the whole thing right down in 2 days...

Excercising is still a struggle for me... I still view it as a chore, but I'm hoping to get more active and find the motivation that I need to stop being lazy and get out there and enjoy the world!!!

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FICTIONRUNNER 6/14/2010 10:24PM

    Keep trying different things for exercise. You'll find something you can enjoy and look forward to. A dance class? Walking the dog? Jumping jacks and push ups in front of the TV?

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SHARONGD 6/14/2010 9:52PM

    When I crave pizza (used to be my all time fav food) I now love Lean Cuisine Spinach & Mushroom pizza - add a salad and it will fill you up and taste really good! The flatbread mushroom pizza is good too and both are below 600 mg sodium so fit into a lunch or dinner meal easily....even my husband loves the everything pizza from Lean Cuisine and that is something!!! When my friends were doing lasgana the other week I took my own frozen Lean Micheangelo's 5 cheese lasagna and put it in the micro at her house and enjoyed the food with everyone and had salad together....they understand how important my health is to me....I'm the one with the will power in the group and make it ok to do something different. Just do it! The more you stay with it the easier it is to say no to the other food and not feel're not missing anything but getting clogged arteries...LOL Find an activity you use to enjoy as a kid and you might actually like to exercise it just needs to be fun. Good luck and you can do it!!!!!! emoticon emoticon

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FITKAT2010 6/14/2010 6:33PM

    Are you using the Nutrition Tracker? It's a real eye opener. You can't avoid what is written down. It certainly sobered me up!

Choose something fun and active to do for exercise. It's easier than you think.

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50 Q & A's about me!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

This was fun to read on another people's posts. Found some neat things in common, so here is mine.

If you've are reading this, you have the honor of copying all these goofy questions and writing your own responses! paste these instructions in the body of your blog.

1. What time did you get up this morning? 7:30

2. How do you like your steak? Medium well

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? was... Shreck ever after

4. What is your favorite TV show? it used to be Gilmore Girls, I also like One Tree Hill

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? log cabin home surrounded by mountains!

6. What did you have for breakfast? a slimfast and toast with peanut butter

7. What is your favorite cuisine? Italian!

8. What foods do you dislike? olives

9. Favorite Place to Eat? I think it would have to be Red Robin

10. Favorite dressing? Ranch

11.What kind of vehicle do you drive? a 92 Buick

12. What are your favorite clothes? jeans and a tank top

13. Where would you visit if you had the chance? Going to Colorado in September!!!!!!!

14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? definitely 1/2 full

15. Where would you want to retire? stay in Maine if possible

16. Favorite time of day? ummm... depends

17. Where were you born? Norway Maine

18. What is your favorite sport to watch? I don't watch much for sports

19. How many siblings? 6: 3 brothers 3 Sisters

20. Favorite pastime/hobby? crafts (sewing, knitting, crochet)

21. Who are you most curious about their responses to this? Everybody!

22. Bird watcher? not really

23. Are you a morning person or a night person? more of a morning person

24. Do you have any pets? 2 fish in a giant 10 gallon tank

25. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share? ummmm... not off the top of my head

26. What did you want to be when you were little? a singer I think

27. What is your best childhood memory? catching frogs in the pond

28. Are you a cat or dog person? love them both

29. Are you married?no

30. Always wear your seat belt? always

31. Been in a car accident? a couple

32. Any pet peeves? fake people who are sticky sweet to your face, but won't hesitate to turn around and stab you in the back...

33. Favorite Pizza Toppings? philly steak and cheese

34. Favorite Flower? lily

35. Favorite ice cream? bananna from John's

36. Favorite fast food restaurant? ummm... Mcdonalds

37. How many times did you fail your driver's test? once

38. From whom did you get your last email? Sparkpeople

39. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? oh I'd go to the mall and have lots of choices

40. Do anything spontaneous lately? kinda... adventures with my friend Cool Lucas

41. Like your job? I do

42. Broccoli? Yea, I like it

43. What was your favorite vacation? I would have to say Bar Harbor... I love it there

44. Last person you went out to dinner with? I don't really remember... I think my family

45. What are you listening to right now? the humm of my computer

46. What is your favorite color? pink

47. How many tattoos do you have? none

48. How many people will fill this out? I don't know

49. Coffee Drinker? not really

50. What time did you finish this quiz? 12:11 pm


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