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Midnight musings

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wonderful time to not be asleep. No facebook to placate myself with and a change from losing weight to maintaining. I'm not comfortable with having to change my eating habits to accommodate an extra 600 calories a day. As it is, I struggle with eating within my range on carbs and regularly go over substantially. But as an above active male, I do burn alot of calories and carbs daily between work (relatively physically strenuous) and walking + gym time. I've been doing this for months and it doesn't seem to have affected my weight loss journey.

I was going to bring something else up but it seems to have left the building. Reminds me of the replays of the JFK documentary on NOVA about his assassination and the replay of his brain being splashed in the air. Slightly morbid but it is how I feel on the ideas or important things that enter my brain and just seem to force their way back out in rapid succession.

I had a long few weeks at work. One involved my promotion and a very nice raise. On that, I do the same things I used to with very minor traveling. So far no more than 1 hour a week. It will change as i get a replacement for my original position and I start traveling to more of the stores in my area. 4 main and 6 or so minor ones. Nothing I can't handle but it does involve talking to other people which I would really rather not do. The second one was I had injured my thumb on a 15lb metal plate. Deep bone bruise I think. Still painful after 2 weeks.

My ass hurts from spin class earlier but I think I enjoy doing it once a week. I get alot of cross-training from that, treadmill and elliptical with some weight training thrown in. I still feel like I am "floating" here on spark. The term makes sense in my head but it is difficult to explain.

I have switched to maintenance but I still think I will continue to lose some weight and since my BMI is at 25.3, I figured by the time I stabilize and find that happy medium, I will b in the 160-165 range. I'm happy with that.

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ANGIEN9 6/26/2014 1:14PM


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4A-HEALTHY-BMI 11/14/2013 10:04AM

    Congrats on transitioning to maintenance.

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My musings (possibly offensive)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm not sure what to write about and I may just meander around with this but I have been a part of Spark for 3 months now and feel like a sort of pariah. Now my situation does tend to be different and my outlook is my own. It is shaped from having autistic tendencies so I do not try to offend others with my comments or status updates but it is part of the world as I see it.

I'm 39 and understand the world does revolve and change whether i like it or not. My status is more of a matter of fact type statement being in that I have not had others experience in having trouble with weight loss, (in which I am luckier than most I think) my ability to focus on a task at hand, ie calorie counts, exercise, following size portions are relatively easier for me. I am not able to grasp to an extent the troubles others have with that concept. I know it is a struggle for many but the knowledge and experience for myself doesn't really mesh well in my head.

Being a man on Spark, I feel left out a bit in that the proportion of men to women is generally higher. That in itself isn't the problem given I'm more prone to speak to women then men because I usually have more in common with them (among other issues I have with men in general besides sports). I think that because I am married as well that I'm less likely to get responses or comments. I don't gravitate towards blogging or prolific posting which doesn't lead to more interaction or communication and I will take some of those concerns and direct them at myself where they belong.

To me it seems the community of Spark is actually a small number of people who are active and visable. The vast majority seem to be ones who came and left or those who are more content in staying behind the screen without being seen or counted upon. Team Leaders who try to get the most positions without being able to actually be a part of 95% of the teams they are entrusted with of supporting. Fundamentally I think Spark is a good site but it is missing a distinct overall leadership.

Overall I am just rambling/ranting about things I have no control over. I can't explain how I view things very well and hope to have someone understand just as well as I do and vise versa. I do my best and have learned through life I can only work with the clay I have. I can't change the mix but I can craft it as well as I know how to create something that is beautiful in my eyes. My art may not be pleasing to everyone of course, but if I accomplish it and am proud enough to display it, then I will have achieved my goal or hope.

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4A-HEALTHY-BMI 11/14/2013 10:03AM

    Your assessment was pretty much spot-on, in my opinion.

And you ARE in the minority. That is why there are some teams oriented toward the male experience - so those guys can actually find each other, LOL

The enormous attrition rate is one reason I require everyone in the Maintenance Anniversaries list to update their information once a year. I want a list of *current* maintainers, not a cobwebby list of folks who at one time reported getting to a goal weight.

And don't get me started on the site leadership.

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SUSYEILEEN 10/26/2013 1:00AM

    I agree with how you view this site. I have tried in the past to reach out to other people several times and while I've gotten responses, I've never been able to actually connect with anyone. If you look at my page and see my friends, they're just people I like to follow, but I can't say they are my actual friends. I've just used this site to help me with logging my food and such.

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