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Monday, July 19, 2010

My oldest goes off to college in mid-August. It's a 12-hour drive from our house. So between the drive, orientation and getting her settled, we'll be gone a week. Exercise, other than a lot of walking would probably go by the wayside, but did I mention a lot of walking so I'm not worried. I've learned a lot about eating so I think I'll be ok in that regard, too.

Then, we decided to sneak in a vacation before we go. I'm so excited. We're cruising to Bermuda, all 4 of us. But we're going in 3 weeks. Now I've cruised before while I was strictly watching what I was eating. And I did great.

So here's my request. I'd love to lose another 5 pounds before we leave. 5 pounds in 3 weeks is certainly attainable. I'd appreciate all your good vibes to help me drop the 5 pounds and keep them all off during the two weeks I'm away. My best wishes for you as well.

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RWALTON730 7/19/2010 4:34PM

    Good vibes are coming you way. Have a fantastic trip!!!

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JAMIKA224 7/19/2010 4:27PM

    Sending good vibes your way!
How are you with sending your baby off to college. My little one is 7 months old and I dread the day already! :) But congrats go to you as well.
You'll do great and look great on your cruise.

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KFMITCHE1 7/19/2010 2:27PM

    You can definitely lose 5 in 3weeks. Good luck! And enjoy that vacation.

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The Proper Way to Weigh Yourself

Saturday, July 17, 2010

So this is my question for the day. Is there a proper way to get on a scale? I ask this because I can get on and off my scale three or more times in succession and each time see a different reading. And the variation may be as much as a pound so it makes a difference.

I mentioned my dilemma to my husband and he responded by asking how I was standing on the scale. His thought was that your weight is in your heels, not your toes and therefore when I get on the scale, my heels should be as close to the center of the scale as possible.

If you read my previous entry, you know that I was a bit disappointed in my weigh in on Wednesday. It was a loss, however, so I'm not complaining too loudly. Just because I couldn't believe what I saw, weighed myself again Thursday morning and was down an additional pound. That's better. So when my husband voiced his opinion, I started to think about it.

So breaking my vow to only weigh myself once a week, Wednesdays, I got on the scale again Friday morning. This time I didn't just get on and wait for the dreaded number to appear. Rather, I thought carefully about where/how I was placing my feet. So there I stood in First Position, heels together and my toes on either side of the display. And, to my surprise, I weighed 2.6 pounds less than I had Wednesday morning.

Now, I've done nothing different to lose 2.6 pounds in 2 days when I lost only 0.7 pounds in the previous week. It really makes me wonder if he's hit on something. I know that balance is really an issue. For example, is the floor level?

Who knows? But perhaps it's something to think about. I just know that when I weigh in next Wednesday, I'll be thinking about how I'm stepping on the scale.

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SLIMTHICK2 7/17/2010 8:01PM

    I think there is something to this question. Needs looking into.

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RWALTON730 7/17/2010 4:13PM

    Hhhmmmm................ that's a good question, and one I have never thought about. I hope someone knows the answer, and you can bet I am about to weigh myself in "first position" and see if it makes a difference, too.

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Weekly Weigh In

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I started to write this last night, but I had sloppy fingers and lost my post. Starting over...

I weigh in on Wednesday mornings. I consciencously avoid the scale the rest of the week because daily fluctuations can be so frustrating. Well, weekly ones can, too.

I was really looking forward to that weigh in. While I had to curtail my exercise routine because of an injury, I've been eating right and finally felt like my hard word these last 6 weeks was paying off. The weight was not falling off, but I was noticing several other indications that I was on the right track.

1) I bought a new bra. Yippee. And while the band size hasn't changed, the cup size did. Yeah.
2) I found myself tucking in tops that haven't seen the inside of a waistband in a quite a while.
3) When I got dressed on Saturday, I actually felt thinner.

All of these are great signs.

I anxiously got on the scale yesterday morning. Anxious might not be the right word. Excitedly might be more appropriate. I just knew I would see a 2 pound drop. Not. 0.7 pounds down. Ok, deep breath, at least it's down. I've always had issues with my digital scales. I got back on with a couple of cleaning products then put them down and reweighed myself. That's better, 1.6 pounds down. I tried this one more time with other "weights" that were handy and when I got back on, it was more like 1.1 pounds down.

So which weight do I record? If I use the first one, I'm a bit disappointed but I know next week will be better. If I use the second one, the one that showed the best, am I setting myself up for failure this week? I could always use the last one; it was somewhat in the middle.

I decided to use the first weight. To use anything else would be playing games, I thought. Maybe I hadn't lost as much as I thought. Maybe the exercise I had to give up the last week or so made more of an impact than I thought. But I really do feel "thinner." My clothes are looser. My "muffin top" is almost gone.

So this morning I decided to "cheat" and weigh myself. And wow, down 1.6 pound from yesterday morning. That makes 2.3 pounds down in the 8 days. Wow, does that feel better. I'm not recording it other than this blog, but seeing that number has done a lot to boost my spirits.

I hope you're having a better scale day.

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    I think I might have to do that weekly weigh in because my daily fluctuations are messing with my head. I have only been back on Sparkpeople for a little more than a week but in the past 8 days I have lost and regained 1.5 pounds. I was getting really frustrated but I plan to get on the scale tomorrow and see a 2 pound loss for the past 10 days and from then on I plan to have a weekly weigh in every Friday. Thanks for the idea emoticon

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Wow, was I caught off guard (or maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

I know I eat out more than I should, but I'm usually very careful about what I order. I ask for my meal to be prepared without butter, oil, sauces, etc. More often than not, I order a dinner-size salad with chicken on it, dressing on the side. I use very little of the salad dressing. Let's just say if the little cup they bring the dressing in is a 2 tablespoon cup, then I use, less than 1/2 teaspoon.

One of my husband's favorite places to go is Bertucci's. When I'm there, I typically order their Venetian Spinach Salad wtih Grilled Chicken. Here's what their website says about the nutrition info for that salad.

300 Calories
9 grams Fat
5 grams Saturated Fat
31 grams Protein
29 grams Carbs
8 grams Fiber
330 mg Sodium

They estimate the dressing as an additional 110 calories, but as I mentioned above, I may use 10 calories of it.

I usually eat half the salad and save the rest for lunch the next day. Don't worry, I get enough calories because I treat myself to one of their rolls. If you're familiar with this restaurant, you know how hard it is to pass on their rolls.

Here's what their website says about the rolls.
170 Calories
2 grams Fat
0 grams Saturated Fat
6 grams Protein
34 grams Carbs
1 gram Fiber
370 mg Sodium

Well we went there last night. I wanted to try something else for a change and scoured the menu for an entree that wasn't prepared with butter, cream sauces, etc. I thought I found one: their Spaghetti and Meatballs with Pomodoro sauce. I had that before and felt it was among the better choices. The dish does not come to the table obviously swimming in grease. And, what can you do to spaghetti? The Pomodoro Sauce is chunks of probably canned diced tomatoes and barely covers the pasta.

Our food finally came. In front of me was a HUGE bowl of pasta, 4 meatballs and a smattering of the sauce. I dug in. I ate 2 of the meatballs and 1/4 to 1/3 of the pasta, before my body said enough.

Came home with leftovers I thought I would have for lunch today. That was before I found their nutrition information.

Here's what their website says (I hope you're sitting down):

Spaghetti w/ Meatballs w/ Pomodoro Sauce
1530 Calories
54 grams Fat
19 grams Saturated Fat
69 grams Protein
196 grams Carbs
13 grams Fiber
5870 mg Sodium

Gee if I had eaten the whole thing, that's more calories than I've had in a single day since joining Sparkpeople, 5 weeks ago.

So, now I'm trying to figure out just how much I had.

Their website also shows a Spaghetti w/ Pomodoro Sauce.
1010 Calories
16 grams Fat
4 grams Saturated Fat
35 grams Protein
178 grams Carbs
9 grams Fiber
4190 mg Sodium

This suggests the Meatballs (4) were:
520 Calories
38 grams Fat
15 grams Saturated Fat
34 grams Protein
18 grams Carbs
4 grams Fiber
1680 mg Sodium

So, if I ate 1/2 the meatballs and 1/3 of the pasta, I'll estimate my intake for that meal as
596 Calories
24 grams Fat
9 grams Saturated Fat
29 grams Protein
68 grams Carbs
5 grams Fiber
2237 mg Sodium

OK, as I began writing this, I was really upset by what I had eaten. But, maybe, just maybe, it wasn't the worst decision. Even with the rolls (and I had 2 - don't shoot me), I ended the day meeting all my goals for calories, fat, carbs and protein. I'm sure my sodium was high, but I had 12 glasses of water, so that should help with some of the sodium.

Lesson learned. . .go on-line and check the menu/nutrition info where available before I go out.

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FITMARY 7/8/2010 10:01AM

    It's amazing what they put on a plate for ONE person to eat. Sounds like you made the right choice to only eat a bit of it. It's hard to adjust our notions of what a portion really is when they are constantly upping the ante, but now you know!

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    I know it doesn't help with local restaurants, but my husband and I swear by the Eat This, Not That series of books. We, too, have a local favorite restaurant we love (Giuseppe's.... mmmmm just typing the name makes my mouth start to water), and I agree. We should always look before we leap. Those books have been so helpful to me... I have even tried dishes I wouldn't have thought to try before simply because I can compare the nutrition information.

Glad you didn't go as overboard as you though you did. At least now you know and can be prepared :)

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wow, was I disappointed when I got on the scale for my weigh-in this morning. 2.5 lbs UP. Yikes. How did that happen? I've upped my workouts and I'm eating as well as I ever have. Oh, I know what happened...

Yesterday was my youngest's 15th birthday. She really wanted to go to a Hibachi Steak House. They use butter like it's water. I know I piled the calories on, but the rest of my week was so good. I knew I would pay for yesterday's dinner, but honestly I expected the scale to be flat, not a gain.

I was so disappointed I really thought about not recording the weigh-in, but I know I have to account for everything, so I entered it. I guess my body needs a bit more time digesting that meal.

Otherwise I feel good this morning. I did Level 1 day 5 of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred after dinner last night. Honestly, it was the best it had ever been. Still don't love those push-ups or jumping jacks but it is a bit easier.

OK, nose back to the grindstone. Hope your scales are kinder to you.

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MAUR28 6/30/2010 10:11AM

    It will be gone in a day or two!! Keep up the good work- and that means being a good mom and making the best of and enjoying the special moments life give us!!

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