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Vacation is Over - Back to the Grindstone!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. I went on vacation last week to Myrtle Beach and had a great break from work and spent some much needed quality time with the family. We took the kids golfing, saw a magic show, to the beach, etc. and just in general had a great time.

One scary thing that happened was while we were on vacation at the pool this girl that looked like she was 10-12 years old was spotted at the bottom of the pool not breathing. Since the place we were staying did not have lifeguards (swim at your own risk), there happened to be a guest there that knew CPR from on the job training, he jumped in and pulled her out of the pool and started performing CPR. He finally got her to cough up the pool water and got her to start breathing by the time the paramedics arrived. All this happened and her parents still didnít notice, they were sitting at a table drinking and watching the ocean. They just realized what was going on when the paramedics arrived. After she went to the hospital the police came and did some questioning just to wrap everything up. It was so fortunate that the guy saw her in the pool. That was super scary. I was worried my boys might be really scared since they saw all of that happen but they seemed okay, and we stayed around at the pool for a while and they went swimming and didnít seem scared of the water after seeing that.

On the nutrition and exercise side: I started out the vacation keeping up with my exercise plan but the second day ended up pinching a nerve in my back (I believe thatís what happened), because my back and my legs started hurting really badly, so I couldnít exercise much the rest of the week other than slow walking. On the food side I just blew it. We went out to eat way too much and I did not order healthy options at all, I just let myself get what I wanted. I really noticed it too in my hands, because my fingers swelled up from all of the sodium and my rings got tight. Weíve been back since Saturday evening and Iíve been eating healthy since then and drinking my water and I already can already see the swelling has gone down in my fingers. I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning and see what the damage is to the scale from all those vacation restaurants.

This week Iím back to work and playing catch up with all the craziness that Iíve missed. I hope everyone is having a great week!


Space out your calories!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing well! Ok Ė full disclosure on my eating habits, I just had a total ďdo as I say, not as I doĒ moment at work. I tend to save all of my calories for dinner, mostly because I am the worlds pickiest eater. No matter how much Iíve tried to like vegetables, or tried to disguise them in smoothies, etc, I canít bring myself to like them. To compensate for the fact that the food I eat is higher in calories I tend to eat very little during the day so that I can have a somewhat decent meal with my family. My breakfasts at lunch typically consist of a packet of low sugar instant oatmeal or a cup of yogurt, and then lunch will be a lean Cuisine, or a Smoothie, something similar. Thatís during the week. On the weekend is when I completely blow it though and eat all of my hard work out of the water. This morning I completely got lightheaded and felt like I was going to pass out. Once I had some cantelope I felt better. I think my body is telling me I need to space my calories out more evenly throughout the day.

I made a big step this weekend on incorporating strength training into my routine. Typically Iíve been stuck in my cardio routine 6 days a week. This weekend we went out and found a home gym weight set that was on sale steeply discounted because they came out with a new model, so we snatched it up. Once my husband puts it together Iím going to start alternating strength training with cardio. Iím really excited about it.

Send me your positive thoughts everyone Ė I found out the doctors think my dad has prostate cancer (he had 2 PSA tests that went from high to very high in a short amount of time). He is going in for a biopsy this week and Iím pretty much a nervous wreck about this. They are already discussing the treatment options with him which I would think they would wait until they got the biopsy backÖbecause shouldnít they wait to make sure there is anything there before scaring everyone?

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NATURALLYME126 7/11/2014 11:19PM

    I am definitely lifting your father up in prayer my friend.

As for your calories, you absolutely need to space them out throughout the day. I hear you though about wanting to save your calories for dinner. I think like that too. But I don't do it everyday.

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PEGGYO 7/8/2014 6:07PM

    My husband Jerry had prostate cancer and he is doing perfectly fine today. Try and not let it scare you too much until you know what to be scared of.

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MOMTO6CUTIES 7/8/2014 4:07PM

    Sorry to hear about your Father.

And I agree about trying to space out your calories a little more.

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ANDREAG89 7/8/2014 1:42PM

    I'll work backwards through your blog.

I have no knowledge or experience with what your dad is going through, but have much experience about stress when family members are going through tests and facing illness. I wonder if the doctors know more than they're saying being as they're discussing treatment options with him? But again, I have no knowledge or experience with this.

I suggest to you to find a healthy way to deal with your 'nervous wreck' situation. I ate my way through mine last year, which only hurt me and puts me into a spiral. So regardless of how nervous and stressed you are, maybe you should make a plan for how you are going to handle the anxiety that comes with aging parents (without trying to eat away your stress). Just a thought...

Hooray to you on the new weight set! You'll love the results you get from strength training. You'll continue burning calories longer, too, b/c those lean muscles need more energy. Woohoo!!! Just remember how you may see a small step up on the scale until your body gets used to the weight training - you'll retain some water for a little while until you're in the routine. But you probably already know this being as you've had such fantastic success thus far!

Light-headedness from not eating is scary! Keep those tiny snacks handy!

Good thoughts coming your way about your dad's situation...

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GYPSYGOTH 7/8/2014 10:57AM

    Sorry to hear about your dad possibly being sick... my mom just had something similar going on and now I'm super paranoid even though they told her just to come back in three years (?!?!) Hope everything works out fine.

It must be very difficult to try to live a healthy lifestyle if you hate vegetables! Have we talked about this book, Suffering Succotash? You should definitely seek it out. Fruit has many of the same nutrients, but you're really missing out on most of the good stuff! Have you tried using a Green Food supplement, at least?

I hope you can find some solutions that work well for you. Good luck.

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AUNTRENEE 7/8/2014 10:06AM

    You will be fine. Just stay positive.

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Plan of Action to Reach September Goals

Thursday, June 26, 2014

So I have decided to make a September goal Plan of Action (since I have been plateauing at my current 147 lbs for way to long now, I think itís been about 1.5 months now with no movement). Donít get me wrong, 147 is soooo much better than the over 200+ that I was, and I feel so much better now, however Iím not at my goal of 135 and I feel like Iíve gotten way too comfortable at 147 and itís time to move on.

I have my September motivator now, and so Iím motivated to push towards my goals. Iím not going to beat myself up if I donít hit that goal by my September trip (especially with a July family vacation occuring), however my key is that I move the scale down. What am I going to do to accomplish this? I need to go back to what helps me most, which are:

1) Visual reminders:
- I am going to mark each day in a calendar that I stay on plan with green, days out of plan with red. Every day I am going to look at this.
2) Exercise Challenges:
- I push myself more when I have an exercise challenge to meet. I will start by finishing off my 30 day plank challenge while doing my running or walking with this. Then I will look for another 30 day challenge to add, or possibly a 60 day challenge. These will get added to my calendar. 5 days a week I will do some type of Cardio workout (jogging/Insanity), etc. for a minimum of 45 minutes a day.
3) Water, water, water.
4) Track everything eatenÖI cannot stress this to myself enough. Over time I feel like Iíve gotten to ďknowĒ what my meals are calorie wise because Iíve consumed the same things for so long, and I have not completed my tracking through the end of day. I need to stop this assumption.
5) No more half-hearted taking it easy workouts. I donít have a lot of time during the day after work, and If Iím going to put in the time I need to exert the energy and expend some major calories! Why am I spending an hour just walking around on the treadmill when I can be jogging? Didnít I complete Bridge to 10K? Why am I letting my fitness backslide?? Move your butt girl and gain some muscles!!


emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SARAHSMC22 7/1/2014 8:33AM

    Great job. Just so you know, when I posted the 30 day plank challenge, I used this site. They have more 30 day challenges!


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LADYOLIVER 6/27/2014 3:42PM


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VILIAGARCIA 6/27/2014 9:17AM

    Thank you for this! I printed out my calendars for the rest of June and July earlier this week. I like the Green and Red colors, I had not thought of that.

I never really give myself goals like that to strive towards. I need to start!


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ANDREAG89 6/27/2014 8:30AM

    Awesome awesome awesome awesome
I really like the red and green days of a calendar. REALLY like that. Thank you for sharing that.

I know how easy it is to get comfortable and just "know" what's happening. I know that's one of my first steps backward, is for me a certain amount of cockiness like "I got this" then next thing I know I'm looking at a long trek up the hill again.

I've no doubt you'll do this. September is right around the corner, isn't it?

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NATURALLYME126 6/26/2014 7:36PM

    I think it's great that you have goals you want to achieve. Just don't get to caught up on a number. I am not saying you are, I am just warning you not to.

Challenges are always a good motivator for me! I have challenges on spark and off of spark that I participate in.

I love reading your blogs! They ALWAYS help me in some form or fashion. This blog was confirmation that I need to challenge myself to get in ST. :-)

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An Awesome Husband and A New Motivator

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

This weekend my husband did something totally awesome for me. Iím not the type of person that needs my husband to buy me things and do stuff for me all the time to show that he loves me, but what he did Friday made me feel so loved. A little background. My husband and I started dating when I was 16 and he was 18. We dated for 11 years before we decided to get married. Our 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up in October. Of the two of us I am the one who forgets our anniversary (I completely forgot our 5 year anniversary and only remembered it after he came home with a dozen roses and a gift = me feeling like a complete jerk). I think because we were together for so long before we got married (we had a house, the dog, everything but the kids), getting married just felt like a formality, so the date just keeps slipping my mind.

So last Friday after work my husband came home with a dozen roses and then took me out to dinner. While we were at dinner he said he forgot his wallet in the car so he ran out to the car. When he got back inside the restaurant he gave me a card to open. Inside the card a folded up piece of paper dropped out and it was an itinerary for a trip to the Bahamas. Inside the card he had written that he had called my parents and arranged for them to take care of the kids while we went on a trip to the Bahamas in Sept, it was all booked all I had to do was take off at work. I was freaking out. Then the next thing I know he hands me another card. Inside of it he had written that he loved me and that I was a great mom to our kids and Happy Early 10 year Anniversary (at this point Iím crying). Then he gave me a box, which when I unwrapped it had an anniversary ring in it. I love that man, I really did marry my best friend.

So the ring is a little tight but I donít want to get it sized (it fits almost perfect when my hands are cold, so Iím hoping when I lose a few more pounds the fit will be good). So now this Bahamas trip and the tight ring are the extra boost I needed to kick start me back in line. I havenít been gaining but I havenít been losing, Iíve just been staying at the same weight for the past month. Time to get back to pushing hard again!

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MOMTO6CUTIES 6/26/2014 1:35PM

    aw so sweet. :)

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ANDREAG89 6/24/2014 10:26PM


Seriously. This sounds like a scene from a movie. He could charge money to tell men how to do this kind of thing for women. What an AMAZING man you have there. How incredibly thoughtful and loving this 'gesture' (seems to small a word) is.

I am really excited for you to go on that fantastic trip in September. What a perfect getaway for the two of you. AND you'll be rockin' a cool new (small) swimsuit!!!!!

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    What a husband!

I'm so excited for you!

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NITTINNANA 6/24/2014 4:33PM

    Ooh - what incentive! That man ROCKS as a husband!

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BMCC488 6/24/2014 3:27PM

    Aw what a sweet husband. The trip and ring sound like great motivators!

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Weekend Fail

Monday, June 16, 2014

OK, so this weekend I went absolutely insane on the food department. I just lost it and completely went off the rail, Iím completely disgusted with myself. My husband and boys and I went out to my parents house for Fatherís Day weekend to visit them and let me give you a synopsis of how my failure went:

Friday evening, the drive to my parents: My parents live about a 3 hours drive from us so we left after work Friday evening and decided to just grab dinner and eat in the car as we were driving. We stopped at a place that had a Subway and a Dairy Queen. With a Subway I CLEARLY could have gotten something healthy, correct? No, I chose not only a subway 6Ē sandwhich, but ALSO a small blizzard from DQ. Did I seriously need that??? I had done so good all day, doing Insanity, eating healthy, and then just BOMBED. Then we get to my parentís house and the first then we do is start relaxing by having a few drinks, which we all know is calorie central. And wouldnít you know my parents have candy dishes all over the house loaded with candy, and I just have to snack of them. Friday = HUGE FAIL.

Saturday: The plan of action on Saturday was for all of us to go out on the boat. So I got up early to go for a jog. I was just getting ready to leave the house when my mom saw me and asked if I wanted to go for a walk with her instead. After eating all that junk Friday I really wanted to get a hard workout in, but not wanting to hurt my momís feelings I told her sure, letís go for a walk. We went for about an hour long walk, but it wasnít anything that fast or strenuous, but I had some good conversations with my mom, so that was good. When we got back my mom had bought Donuts for breakfast (and yes, I just could not refuse) and then we went out on the boat. We stopped in the middle of the lake and me and my boys jumped in and went for a swim. I figured Iíd try and work my arms (as much as I could with the life jacket on Ė the water was 33 feet deep) so I did laps around the boat. After swimming we just hung out on the boat and had some drinks (more calories). When we got back to the house we were starving, having skipped lunch and we were scarfing darn all the food in sight (chips and dip, candy, etc.), until we all went out to dinner and grabbed pizza, which we later ended up heating up at 10:00 at night when we got the munchies after hanging out more.

Sunday: Before we left to come back home, my mom still had more Donuts for breakfast (yes, I ate them again), then we left. Before we got home we stopped and scarfed down fast food, and at this point my mind set was just likeÖI donít care! I ordered the crappiest stuff on the menu. When I got home for dinner last night it was like it didnít matter, I was eating Oreos, chips, whatever. I didnít exercise or anything. I felt disgusting. That was the first time I could feel all of my hard work wasted.

Today I have reset myself. I have my mind set back correctly, my food planned for the week. My exercise planned for the week. A new plank challenge for the next 30 days (thanks Hen House team). This one weekend crash is not going to derail me.

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NATURALLYME126 6/18/2014 10:10PM

    You know what? I want to thank you for posting this. You really provided me with inspiration and made me feel better about the poor choices I make. What stood out for me is the last part, you made a plan to do better. It so easy for us to focus on our "failures" and to over look the other stuff that we have done right. I have to be more mindful of that.

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SHEWWIMONSTER 6/16/2014 4:50PM

    Wow, REBESANCON said pretty much exactly what I was thinking after reading this entry.

You're awesome, and you're going to ROCK this week. :)

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NITTINNANA 6/16/2014 12:52PM

    Thanks to REBECCASANCON for having the heart and taking the time to say just what needs to be said.

Amy - you know you'll make your goals; you just don't know when. This was not your first setback, and it won't be your last. Life happens. We are imperfect people. You made mistakes. You did lots of things well over the weekend too. You're ready to take more control now that you're home. End of story.

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WHYTEBROWN 6/16/2014 11:37AM

    WOW!! I can't say it any better than REBESANCON!! emoticon with all that she said!! Also slip-ups, even weekend long ones don't make us failures. The fact that you can see where you've fallen, get back up, brush yourself off and continue is what makes you a success!! You've already set yourself up to bounce back from the weekend so emoticon You'll get where you need to go. emoticon emoticon

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REBESANCON 6/16/2014 10:09AM

    I think it was Henry Ford who said, "Failure is just an opportunity to begin again, more intelligently." Maybe, instead of looking at it as "a fail," you could use it as a "lesson learned."

Here's are the positives I see:
1) you had a 6" sandwich (not a 12")
2) you had a SMALL Blizzard (not a medium or large)
3) you got in a walk & got some quality time with your Mom (if, God forbid, you lost her tomorrow, the fact that you missed a run would not matter one. single. iota.)
4) you got in even more exercise swimming
5) "all of your hard work" is NEVER wasted
6) you're back on track
7) you've planned your food and exercise for the week
8) you know it, you've said it, and it's true: one weekend crash will NOT derail you
9) you are NOT disgusting - you are STRONG and you're COMING BACK STRONGER
10) you were courageous enough to share your struggle with a huge community of people here who support you and understand because we've been there, too
11) you fell down, but you are BACK ON YOUR FEET, BABY

emoticon emoticon

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GYPSYGOTH 6/16/2014 10:07AM

    Yeah! Learn and move on. It is just one weekend. There are off-track meals, parties, days, and weekends in life. As long as you just hop right back in, no harm done really.

So glad you are joining our Hen House plank challenge and came in to chat emoticon - Hope we will see lots of you. Good luck! emoticon

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