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Just out of reach....

Monday, March 08, 2010

Have you ever had the "That's It, that's how it works" or "Yes, I understand" or any of those other revelations that change your life. The thing that turns on the light bulb and you feel accomplished, directed, orientated, or (insert some other motivational word here).

Well, I have the feeling that, that moment is right in front of me, but I have no idea what it is, or where it will take me, or if it is really there. I have "glimpses" of something, have dreams that I wake up from recharged, and excited, but when I try to remember what it is, I am blank.

I feel like a horse with the apple being dangled in front of me. It is so... what's the word... It is just right there.

So to make this story even longer... Amy and I have started a new budget system (Dave Ramsey), we have started cleaning / selling stuff around the house, working with the kids to help them plan for the future, working on the house, .... so we have lots of projects going all (and all of them are good, and moving forward), so they are all great and positive, and I am excited to see all of them moving forward. I don't feel like there is anything lacking in my life. My job is fun, I like the work, I don't dread going to work. I am so in love with my wife, and kids are wonderful (well most of the time). So I am not looking for anything.

So it confuses me even more why i feel like there is something just right there, something that will make a life changing moment, when I am not looking for or feel like I need anything.

OK, enough rambling, to those who have read this far, thanks for listening to my rambling.

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KGWINDER 3/12/2010 1:44AM

    This isn't rambling. I get it - you have a deep desire to "level up" in life. When you look around all the basics are there and doing well, but there is another inner voice driving. So here are some questions for you:

When is the last time you have a really good belly laugh?
When is the last time that you did sometime that wasn't publically acknowledged, but made you feel like "I'm a super person"?
When is the last time that you took two hours in complete silence to listen to your inner mind sort itself out?
When is the last time you looked in the mirror at yourself and gave yourself a talk about all the things you like about yourself?

What does accomplished, directed, orientated and motivated mean to you and when was the last time that you felt you have one of these road bumps?

Is it time to take up a new hobby, interest, spiritual quest?

I think within these question you will be able to form some of your own. You are an amazing support person here on Spark - maybe time to turn some of that energy back into yourself!

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SPARKIN_REESIE 3/9/2010 3:23PM

    Hooray for positive projects! Maybe you are just really excited about the budget and other projects going on and that's causing you to feel like something is "just out of reach." Perhaps you are just really excited to see it all come to fruition. Either way, I'm glad everything is positive for you!

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BARBARA_G 3/9/2010 8:45AM

    This is a very interesting blog. Maybe something really great is going to happen. You just never know what life throws at you. You're doing great things and when you do great things, usually great things happen. Wait and see what the surprise is.

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Just a short blog here.... I am too stressed to think much beyond breathing.

Work, Kids, work, schedules, people, traffic.... the list can go on and on. I keep trying to think how nice the weather is, and how wonderful it would be to go for a walk or hike and get fresh air, then my bubble is popped with work, phones, meetings, aAAAAaaaaHHHHhhhh

deep breath, and only one more day...

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SPARKIN_REESIE 3/5/2010 10:21AM

    Hope the weekend proves to be less stressful for you! And may you have a less stressful week next week, too!

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    Awwww poopie...you can get through it! It's almost the weekend! Hope you are feeling less stressed tomorrow! emoticon

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FIREPHOENIX 3/4/2010 5:07PM

    I hope you get to take some time for yourself this weekend. A refreshing hike without the cellphone to disturb you sounds wonderful.

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TINK9305 3/4/2010 4:29PM


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USMAWIFE 3/4/2010 3:25PM

    I know stress well. It has become my constant companion most days. Without stress I would not know how to feel anymore. emoticon

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Hello Monday Hello March

Monday, March 01, 2010

OK, the weekend is all wrapped up, and the down day was really relaxing.

Saturday spent the day moving the dirt... the story behind this: We have a long driveway that leads up to our house. Amy has never like the "hump" in the middle of the driveway, because it makes it so you cannot see the house from the street, or the street from the house. We have talked about renting a "machine" to dig up the hump. I tried with a pick and shovel, and made less than a dent in the hump (and lots of blisters and sore muscles). The neighbor also has the long drive (our lots are "mirror images"), so we decided to both plow down the hump. Got a bulldozer, and started digging. I have no idea how much dirt we moved, but the hump is about half gone. We need to get the removed dirt taken care of, before trying again. Who knew a simple hump could be so much work.

So here is to the start of a new month, and new goals. Amy and I have created several family plans/goals (most based on Dave Ramsey). We are excited to get starting, and moving.

I need to figure out what happened to my weight goal. I hit my "phase one" goal, and set my "phase two" goal. In doing so, SparkPeople adjusted my calorie range (since my new goal is less dramatic than the first). It went up almost 400 calories. I manually moved down by 200 (so I am still 200 more than before). I have been staying in that range, and I have managed to gain 3/4 of a pound in 2 weeks. I have tried to keep in the lower end of my range, but have not been successful in it. So I am now thinking I need to move my range back to where it was for my phase one goal, and see if I can get back on track.

So a bit bummed that I am now 1/2 pound above the end of my phase one goal, and I hope that adjusting back will work???

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SPARKIN_REESIE 3/1/2010 8:20PM

    Hooray for a new month and new goals! I love seeing all the goal-oriented blogs at the start of the month. It's so inspiring.

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BARBARA_G 3/1/2010 6:15PM

    I wish you the best of luck in finding the right amount of calories to eat. The minimum for men recommended is 1500 cal/day. I think you'll do fine going back to the prior amount of calories.
Good luck!

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Raining Sunday

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The rain today had kept us inside, and just relaxing for the day. It is good to have a down day once and a while. And I sure can use it, after spending 11 1/2 hours moving dirt, and plowing the driveway.

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BARBARA_G 3/1/2010 12:20PM

    I spent the day inside also. I finally got some house cleaning done. I did take the dog for a short walk while it was not raining later in the day. It certainly sounds like you deserved a day off. What are you doing with all of the dirt?

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KRYANPRINCESS 2/28/2010 4:28PM

    We've just been hanging around the house today too....watching movies and doing household chores...I can't believe it's still raining! I haven't seen it rain this long in one stretch since we moved here!

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Woo Hoo.. Tomorrow is Friday

Friday, February 26, 2010

Although I spent Wednesday mostly off work, I am still glad that tomorrow is Friday, and the start of the weekend. This week has seeeeemed so long. Not sure why, or how. So off to wrap up the daily stuff then to bed. See ya all tomorrow

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KORISTA1 2/26/2010 1:06AM

    Rest well and don't go off the deep end. Keep motivated.

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