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Monday, June 13, 2011

Thanks for all the feedback to my challenges. I will keep moving forward. I do LOVE the connection to my Spark Friends. I love it that we all going through the same journey just at different states of it. THANKS!

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CXNLITTLE 6/14/2011 5:09PM

    emoticon emoticon

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POKIE1 6/13/2011 5:51PM

    It helps me too! I don't feel alone in doing this, and everyone here seems to understand that it's not easy! We'll keep on Sparking together!!

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MOMFAN 6/13/2011 1:40PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Advice wanted!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

OK, I am starting week 3. I am planning enough time for "Spark" time really learning from Spark People. I am getting my work outs BUT I have stated before I can follow my nutrition plan 75% of the time. It has been helpful write and see what I am really eating, but I am so challenged to not stray from what I plan ahead of time. I have only lost 1.5 pounds in 2 weeks and I have 30 to go! I do not want this to be an excuse but I did quit smoking on May 31st. I am working hard to not letting snacking replace that, I chew gum for the first time when I had braces 30 years ago. I hope that I am not alone and those that have found success may have some advice. Have a happy healthy day!

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LISAPEDEN65 6/11/2011 10:44PM

    Hello Friend!! Congrats on stopping smoking, that is my next goal. I don't follow the SP meal plans. I look at what calories etc they suggest for me and work very hard to stay within the range. I found for the first couple of days I was all over the place..then..all of a sudden, I started being in range on 9 out of 10 things most of the time! I make sure to drink a ton of water...remember, if you drink 4 Nestle brand (from Walmart) bottles of water you have met your goals for water. I sometimes add flavoring, but try to only do that once a day. I still drink a glass of southern sweet tea at dinner..it helps with my carbs lol. I have been doing SP for right at 2 weeks, and lost 6 pounds. Well, actually Sunday is my weigh in day officially. I have often heard if we take it slow it has a better chance of lasting. I removed ALL unhealthy foods from my house. I mean..I was a white-bread-aholic...went to McDonalds EVERY morning..had chips, candy, pudding and the such around all the time. I cleaned out. I replaced the white bread with whole-grain (after five days I was ok lol), replaced eggs with Egg Beaters (only like omlettes) and eat a balance of fruit and veggies. Anything I can do to support you just holler. We are in this thing TOGETHER!! Lisa emoticon

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TERP_TERP 6/11/2011 3:51PM

    Congratulations on the quitting smoking! I know how hard that is. I quit 7 years ago July 4th and every so often I still like the smell emoticon My best advice would be to focus on the not smoking and get through that first.

The lbs will come off, and slow is the best way. I too use the trackers, but eat my own foods. I try to stay within my calorie range, and do well. As others have said, drinking the water will really help. Just try to keep moving when you have a bad craving for either food or cigarettes. I find that distracting myself really works. emoticon

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MOMFAN 6/11/2011 2:56PM

    Congrats on quitting smoking! You can do this!

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JUICINGJOJO 6/11/2011 1:20PM

    I find things that work for me during the time that I have the worst trouble, and build room for it into my eating plan. For example, you can eat a good amount of air-popped popcorn that isn't too high in calories if you are a snacker or want the crunch. Cut up veggies in a bowl in the fridge are super accessible and easy to grab, so are grapes or strawberries. Having that little bit of something around is great. I buy Hershey's kisses so I have a tiny bit of chocolate without wanting a whole candy bar.

Also, it takes a bit of time for weight loss to really kick in sometimes, your body is trying to figure out what you are doing! Make sure you are getting lots and lots of water. I use MiO in my water to keep me drinking, because I don't really like it plain. You'll start to figure out what works for you and what doesn't, the key is just sticking with it and learning as much as you can. You are doing great!

Hopefully we will get some pretty weather here, too, huh?!

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PURPLE180 6/11/2011 1:16PM

    Hi there. First I would like to say Congrats on qutting smoking. I am sure that was pretty hard. A Second congrats on the 1.5 loss, it may not seem like much but trust me it will add up. I don't really follow the meal plan given by SP, I do however try to stay within the calorie range that SP gives me 1200-1500. Chewing gum is an excellent tactic, I do the same I chew the sugar free extra and it works really good plus it helps to curve my sweet tooth. Are your drinking around 8 eight oz cups of water each day? Believe it or not that really helps as well. What kind of workouts are you doing? I know you can do this...please feel free to stop by my page with any questions.

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week 2

Monday, June 06, 2011

I am really like the Spark, it has so much to offer. I am reading the Spark 28 Day book. It tells you the importance of blogging. So I am keeping up with planning meals, doing my Saprk Streaks and added blogging. My struggle is that I follow everything easily during the day...then there are a couple hours in the evening that I am far more tempted to eat wrong. I will continue to change the old habits one day at a time. Have a great day to all of you :)

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POKIE1 6/9/2011 5:39PM

    Evenings are the hardest for me too!! You are not alone emoticon
What I have been doing (this is day 12 for me!) is treating myself to a weight watchers ice cream bar or a fruit bar (Breyers) in the evening. I decided that part of my caloric intake needed to be saved for an evening snack, which is necessary for me right now. Maybe later, (did someone say much later?) I will be able to do without an eve snack.
One thing the book said that stuck in my mind is to be prepared for those temptations and cravings.
Keep on streaking!!!

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MOMFAN 6/7/2011 8:05PM

    Keep you hands active during the evening hours! You can do this!

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First time blogging

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Today is Sunday 6/5. I am begining a new journey with Spark. I am going to review daily and blog. Yesterday I ate well, and got a shoft walk in. I worked 14 hours...that can be good or bad. It keeps me too busy to eat out of boredom. However I am not as motivated to move today. I will get my walk in to keep true to my Spark streak. I ahve already entered breakfast and will track the rest of the food. Why is it that the first half of the day is so easy to stay on track, then after 5:00 p.m. all temptations come??

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SPLASHDOG1 6/6/2011 5:40PM

    Wow, 14 hr days are rough! I have a hard time getting motivated after a 10 hour day! lol! I love Sparkpeople it's a great tool and your spark friends will help you stay on track!
Good job with the first blog!


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MOMFAN 6/6/2011 1:54PM

    Hugs! "Just do it!" That is what I often tell myself!

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JUICINGJOJO 6/6/2011 10:40AM

    Sounds like you are motivated! That is great. I find that my evenings go smoother if I stick with eating every few hours during the day to keep my metabolism going and my blood sugar evened out. By planning what I will eat in the evening, and having something ready for when that snacking urge hits, I keep myself from doing something bad instead. You know your cravings, if its something salty you will likely want, portion out your snack ahead of time so you don't eat out of a bag or whatever. Air popped popcorn is a good choice. If its sweets you want, try drinking hot tea. I have a weakness for hot chocolate so I use the Silk Pure Almond Dark Chocolate milk, heated in the microwave with a bit of cinnamon added. It is YUM and good for you, and sends those cravings right on their way. I think finding a way to deal with the cravings in a healthy way is so much better than just denying them. Good luck, you can do this! emoticon

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CACEYPARRISH85 6/6/2011 1:02AM

    I used to be a late night snacker, I wouldn't eat much through out the day, hardly anything at all, then at night I would be so hungry that I just ate everything I could find!!! I am acutally finding it very difficult to get all my calories in for some reason... only 800 today which I know isn't good, so i need to train my body to actually eat more through out the day!!! I have faith in you don't give up!!!!

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    You can do it!

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