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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Patience is a virtue, I've been told. I have no doubt that this is true. Unfortunately, I've never really had enough of it to find out for myself, nor can I really be considered "virtuous".
But I think I am going to HAVE to learn to be patient if I ever expect to be successful on this road to weight loss and fitness. I KNOW that I can't expect instant results, but I still WANT them! And worse, when I don't get them, or don't get the results I want fast enough, I get mad and quit. Yep, that's right, a great big 53 year old baby is what I am!
What I need to do is get back to basics. SHORT term goals, and I mean really short, goals that can be reached in a day or a week. Something quantifiable so I can see the results, even if only on paper (or, in this case, on a computer screen). So that's what I'll be working on today, setting some really short, extremely short, measurable goals for the next week. Day by day, week by week is the way I need to work this program. Never mind trying to look good to go to the beach, just try to lose a quarter inch from my waistline. I will come back later to post those SHORT SHORT term goals once I've come up with some.

If anyone has any ideas for me, I'd sure love to hear 'em!


The Nutrition Puzzle

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another person's blog inspired this one.
Some of you who have visited my blog may wondered why I have a jigsaw puzzle background. The reason is that it just seemed appropriate, because that's how I feel about nutrition. Calories, to be more precise. We're told by some people never to eat until we're hungry, while others will tell us that if we wait until we feel hungry, we've waited too long. We're told, "eat less, move more" to lose weight, but then a notice pops up at the bottom of your tracking page informing you that you are "not eating enough to support your activity". I thought that was the point.

Don't misunderstand me, I am not really that dense. I GET the main objective, you gotta keep a balance. The idea is to have a *slight* deficit, but that's where the puzzle comes in. Trying to figure out how much is "slight", and how much more will send my body into survival mode because it thinks I might be starving. (HA! I could live on stored fat for at least a month, without eating a bite!) I've experienced this phenomenon, first when I was MUCH younger and trying to lose weight with "starvation diets", and then again when I was MUCH older, and trying to lose weight while gaining muscle, and the weight loss stopped. So I was told to eat more...and it worked! THAT time. But these days I just find myself getting confused. I suspect that those spark notices that appear might be geared more toward maintenance than weight loss, but I'm not sure. I'm well aware of the phrase "listen to your body", but my body's not very good with communication. I wish I could afford to hire my own personal trainer who would work one on one with me and help me find the exact tools I need for this journey, but that's never gonna happen. So I come here, read what everyone else is doing, and try to extrapolate what I need that way.

I can only say I'm glad I have SparkPeople, at least. THANK YOU ALL for all the help.


Hiking Madness!

Monday, March 23, 2009

YIKES! I guess those hikes caught up with me. I know better than to do the same hike two days in a row before my body's had a chance to get used to it, but I did it anyway. I have named this particular trail "The big Cardio Blast", due to the steep grade involved. Going up the incline pretty much takes my perceived exertion level to the max. Seriously, if I had to go five more feet I don't think I could make it, but I feel so accomplished each time I get to the top of that hill and am gasping for air, lol. The problem is, even though I know I'm not yet ready for it, it just feels so DARN good I toss common sense to the wind, and go for it whenever I'm walking in that area.

I should probably confess. This "mountain" I'm climbing is really nothing more than a service road for park vehicles to get down to the river, where a person can do a little hiking. Normal people walk down there every day...as I do during warmer months. But in the beginning of the warm season (to use the term loosely...this IS Wisconsin after all) I'm used to staying on safe, level terrain, since dealing with ice and slippery snow is all the challenge I can handle. So right now, I'm really pushing myself when I opt to walk up that steep grade (which continues to get steeper all the way to the top), just "because it's there". Today I have a real understanding of the term suffering fool! (Shins, hamstrings, waist, lower back are all KILLING me.)

Anyway, on day 4 (or was it day 5? CRS) I got another hour of cardio (and then some) done before noon. Took me long enough to get to that point, didn't it? On another note, I've decided to use today as a rest and recovery day, since I blew it off on Saturday, when it was scheduled.



Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 4: I got out for that walk to and through the park, 30 min of which happened before noon (barely emoticon). Then another 30 min which involved cross country hiking and some VERY steep inclines. I really felt like I got a workout - and I'm SO glad spring is here!

Today was really supposed to be my rest day, the weather is forecast to be cloudy and rainy again tomorrow, so I'll just switch days. emoticon emoticon


21 DAY FITNESS HABIT, continued

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 3: (yesterday) 2 miles of a 4 mile WATP video

Yesterday was not a good day. It was gloomy and snowy outside, and felt like it was inside as well. My joints ached, and my mood was really not good at all. When I weighed myself, even the scales seemed to be against me! The one bright spot came from knowing that, even though I didn't complete my fitness plan for the day, at least I did SOME exercise, achey joints, rotten mood and all. The "old me" would have just blown them off in a huff, but I was determined to stick with my 21 consecutive days of AM cardio, so at least I did that much.

Now today is entirely different! The sun is shining, my joints don't ache, and I feel positively rejuvenated! Although today is Saturday, which is my official "rest" day, I am still planning on doing my cardio by taking a nice, brisk walk outside in the sunshine emoticon

One more comment (for now, heh heh): I KNOW "they" say not to weigh yourself every day, but I've decided to do it anyway. Here's why. I am going to weigh myself at some point, because those numbers DO mean something to me, regardless of how hard I try to convince myself that the numbers aren't important. They are, and that's just the way it is. I've come to the conclusion that it is FAR less stressful, and potentially discouraging, for me to keep tabs on those numbers on a daily basis than it is if I wait all week to weigh in, imagining how much I MUST have lost, only to see no change on the scale. Or worse, HIGHER numbers emoticon I can't even count the times when I've anxiously approached that bathroom scale, anticipating weight loss induced jubilation, only to find bitter disappointment instead. And as much as I hate to admit it, many of those times ended in me just throwing in the towel and walking away from everything. Irrational I know, but... Anyway...so now I weigh myself every day, so there will be no terrible surprises awaiting me at the end of the week. I also track my nutrition faithfully, BEFORE I eat, so I can be sure to eat only the exact amounts of each of those nutrients that I need for the day. This may seem a little excessive, but it's what I need to do for now, until I have a GOOD, STEADY path. THEN I'll be able to ease up a little, and not be quite so obsessive and compulsive about it. So that's all I have to say about that...for now.


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