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Back on Track

Sunday, March 15, 2009

OK, so I've been MIA for 4 months, but that's not because I don't love you! emoticon
No excuses, I just messed up, but that's over now, and I'm back, or getting back, on track.

The thing is, right after getting so excited about FINALLY seeing some change on the scale (that sinister contraption), the very next time I stepped on it that couple pounds I *thought* I had lost was back, along with another one! I just hit my breaking point, and gave up. I mean, what more could I do?! I thought I had tried everything, and was really working hard on my program, but nothing seemed to be changing except for my attitude, and that was changing for the worse.

After talking to my daughter about our mutual struggle with our weight (even though she's not overweight), I realized that all that "hard work" I'd been doing was actually just what I need to do to maintain my weight, not lose it! It only *seemed* like hard work because I'd BEEN doing nothing. Oh, and because it was a LOT harder work, IMO, than what I'd done when I lost 40 pounds a few years ago. But that was pre-menopause, and this is post or mid-menopause. A different body, so it's time for my mind to catch up to the changes!

Anyway, I'm back to exercising daily and logging all my food and exercise. I'll try to get around to posting on the teams I'm interested in being a part of. I have, so far, only posted a few times in the WATP team, because I'm still doing more of that than any other exercise. Just gotta face that fact too...I AM an older, overweight woman...just the kind of person Leslie makes many of those videos for.

I would LOVE to find a SP workout buddy. I am always much more able to remain accountable when I'm just accounting to one or two people who are expecting to hear from me daily. Teams and message boards are great, but I need something more personal. I guess I should make that a goal, to find a workout buddy or two.


Halleluja! I'm finally feeling good again! (for now anyway)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Although I'm STILL sick of WATP videos, and not really quite able to keep up with any of the others I have, I'm still trying to do the others, and still doing the WATP workouts I've been doing all along. Today I'm planning on just taking a nice, long walk with S.O. in place of workout videos. It won't be nearly as intense, but will be a nice change of pace.

I'm also starting to do some of my exercises in the evening, when my body is at its ultimate flexability and capability. I never wanted to before, since I have trouble enough sleeping anyway. But I've decided that as long as I don't do intense cardio or anthing else to spark my metabolism so late in the day, a little exercise is ok at night.

And the biggest news of all...I've managed to see some numbers moving on the scale - FINALLY! Just two pounds, but that was all the motivation I needed! Too bad I remain so fixated on the numbers on the scale, but there doesn't seem to be any way for me to avoid it.

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SUSIECANDOIT 10/24/2008 10:50AM

    I do the WATP when the weather is bad, but not as often as I should. I like to walk around here as we live in a beautiful part of the UK, but ususally wait for hubby to have days off to do the bigger walks. otherwise I walk to the shops in town and back, a 2 mile round trip. I try to do that a couple of times a week. I find I have to do it early or I don't want to do it, but we all have to listen to our body.
as for the scales, I wish they had never been invented!!!

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    Cheers and congratulations! I'm so happy for you. emoticon

I know we're not supposed to focus on the numbers, but we all do, and it feels so good when they decrease.

I was interested in your comments about doing some minimal work-outs in the evening. I don't do anything at night either, because I'm wanting to wind down before bed. But I bet some stretching might be helpful. I'm glad I read your blog; you've given me some new ideas!

Keep up the good work! emoticon

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So tired...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I don't know what's wrong with me these days. I have about one day a week when I feel good - energetic and ready to take on the world. The other six days I just feel tired all the time. I really have to work hard to get myself to do any exercises, and it can be a real struggle to complete my workouts. And I'm getting so tired of those WATP videos I could spit! But Leslie seems to be the only person whose moves I can follow without getting dazed and (more) confused, so I just keep doing them. But I really need a change, and soon. And I REALLY need to stop feeling so darn tired all the time!

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SUSIECANDOIT 10/19/2008 7:15AM

    have you had blood tests for B12 and thyroid? I have had both and now have B12 jabs and start thyroid meds tomorrow when he has figured out which to start me on

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Back In The Saddle - AGAIN

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I've been MIA from this place for quite some time now, in fact, I can't even remember just how long. Spring, I guess, since my last blog entry was Cinco De Mayo. I did pick up quite a few new exercises and routines, but only recently. The bad news is, I haven't lost a single pound or inch since spring. The good news is, I haven't gained any either, so it's like it never happened, lol. More importantly, I've somehow managed to dig deep enough to find a modicum of motivation still hiding away somewhere, and am ready to begin this journey again.

More good news, I've also become involved in trainwithmeonline (dot com), which is where I've found some of the new exerises, and a bit of extra support, maybe. The support in that place leaves a lot to be desired for someone like me, who relies heavily on input from others to remain motivated. Therefore, I've suggested a new forum thread, "My Daily Routines", in which we will discuss goals, achievements, and obstacles. It's a place for accountability, which is what I felt was missing from the site...and which I find on *this* site. I'm beginning the thread on Monday (tomorrow). Most of the members of www.trainwithmeonline.com are Canadian, so Monday is Thanksgiving for them. Maybe that will give me a slight edge, huh? (grin)


HAPPY CINCO de MAYO!!! (and) S.W. Grilling Fiesta!!!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Whew, the fifth of May, and it's FINALLY looking like spring here in Wisconsin! Maybe there's hope for getting to the beach (my all time favorite activity - swimming in the St Croix river)!

To celebrate this festive day, as well as my S.O.'s birthday (which was on Friday), I'm preparing for a southwestern grilling fiesta! I'm pretty excited about it too, since I love finding new and interesting ways to make nutritious foods appealing, especially to people who'd rather eat at Taco Bell or McDonald's. Besides, I kinda like food as well, as is evidenced by my expanding waistline and girth.

On the menu for this evening, a surf duet! The duet will consist of lime - cilantro marinated jumbo shrimp AND spicy tilapia filets. Joining the surf action on the grill will be marinated portobello mushrooms, to be saved until tomorrow when they'll be reheated and turned into mushroom burgers emoticon BUT!...back to this evening's fiesta... In the kitchen there will be spicey red beans and quinoa (instead of refried beans and spanish rice).

OF COURSE there will be home made salsa for anything and everything, guacamole (mine will be thinned down with salsa to reduce the calories a tad), and MARGARITTAS!!! No, I really haven't lost my mind, but if I can't find a way to enjoy a fiesta, including alcoholic beverage of choice, and stay within the guidelines of healthy eating, this healthy lifestyle just isn't gonna work for me AT ALL. However, I know that I CAN do it, it just takes a little more attention to details...and the end result is often actually much more flavorful than the less healthy alternatives. I like to think of it as sacrificing calories for flavor emoticon

Here's the LOW CARB, LOW CAL margaritta recipe (from Atkins.com) :


3 ounces tequila
2 ounces lime juice
1 teaspoon orange oil (optional)
4 packets sugar substitute
7 ice cubes


Mix all ingredients in a blender until ice is crushed. Pour into a chilled glass.

Prep time: five minutes.

Makes two servings. Nutritional values per serving: 4.5 grams carbohydrate, 0 grams fiber, 0 grams protein, 0 grams fat, 118 calories and 4.5 grams net carbs.


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