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Here we go again for the ump-teenth time.

Monday, March 09, 2009

So I fell off the wagon again. My friend that was working out with me stopped going to the gym with me due to family problems. And now I just can't seem to find the motivation to go. I know I need to go and I want to go but hate going by myself. The gym that I belong to is all about looks and money. They could care less about making going to the gym a positive experience. They don't like to help you unless you're already in good shape or paying them to do it. Even if you pay them their attitude sucks. Every time I go in I feel like they are judging me. I work there in the daycare and they act like I'm not good enough to work there. I feel bad enough as it is working at a gym and being overweight.
I'm going to force myself to go tomorrow morning even if I have to go alone. I need to go and get over the whole thing. I know I have to stop worrying about what other people think about me and worry about myself. It's so hard when you've been judged your whole life by everyone, including parents, but I have to figure out a way to get over it.
I know what I have to do, I'm just struggling to do it. emoticon

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JIBBIE49 3/10/2009 1:59AM

    Don't give so much of your POWER over to other people who mean nothing. When you are sick from some illness that is do to obesity, THEY will not care. I'm not saying this to be mean, but just to let you know that you have to think about YOU. I'm 59 and OLD, but I go to the gym and I don't care what the young people think. I just go anyway. emoticon

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KAMPER1 3/9/2009 3:19PM

    You can do this!! I know it's hard . . . if you really don't like going to the gym are there other kinds of exercises you think you might enjoy? Maybe something at home? Walking outside? Dancing? There are lots of other alternatives and you should do something you are going to enjoy. There is nothing worse than forcing ourselves to do something we don't like to do.

Be creative in your exercise choices! The gym is not the only option!!

Good luck and keep check in often.

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LAVON0673 3/9/2009 3:02PM

    You can do it, and I am right with you, I went to Weight Watchers finally today and had to rejoin again, it has been soooooo long. But Hey, I went. Don't let others judge you, when I start to worry about what others think I just think to myself "I could be at home on the couch eating oreos, then what would they think". At least you are there and that is a lot better than a lot of people. They can judge you, but there is always worse out there, trust me. Get There!!! I will be waiting to see if you went in the morning. I am going to an exercise class tonight. See less of you tomorrow.


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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm feeling really depressed today. I really want to make a change but I can't seem to find the energy or motivation. I work at the a gym in the daycare 3 days a week. You think that because I'm already there I would workout when I get done. But I just don't feel like it. I walk to and from work. I do 25 mins of steping on my wii fit and a few other exercise (total of 30mins min a day) I know I need to and should do more to meet my goal but I'm lazy. And my eating habits are completely different store. I can eat a meal and then 20mins later I get that pain in the pit of my stomach like I hadn't eaten all day. I drink a whole bottle of water and chew a piece of gum but that hunger pang just doesn't go away til I eat.
What the heck is wrong with me and what can I do to change it???

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JIBBIE49 2/12/2009 9:51PM

    Just don't do it if you don't want to, as NO ONE is making you. You are an adult and you don't HAVE to do anything. You can be as lazy as you want to be. Once you realize that fact, it will set you FREE.

Is your hunger 20 minutes after eating, real hunger, or emotional.

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SONORACHIC 2/11/2009 10:42PM

    Hang in there :-) I have the same problem--I am always hungry! I have heard people say that high fiber foods will keep you full longer, but for me it is really fatty foods that work best. I am really hoping that as I continue eating low fat/low calorie meals, my body will adjust and I won't be so darn hungry!

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Feb. 8th, 2009

Monday, February 02, 2009

Starting Sunday, Feb. 8th 2009, I am going to start my journey to lose weight.
I tend to do better if I plan ahead so that's why I'm picking a date. It gives me time to prepare everything and rid my house of all the junk. This will be the first day of my new lifestyle. So please wish me luck and send me so motivation and your support. I'm going to need a lot of it!!!

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JIBBIE49 2/3/2009 10:24PM

    You are SO smart. Really. This is about loving yourself and wanting to give yourself the best, so don't let that negative inner voice tell you things. This is for YOU and no matter how small the steps, you will get there. I know you will PERSEVERE! emoticon

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JLANDSBERGER 2/3/2009 12:39PM

    Welcome to Sparkpeople.

You've made the first step towards reaching your goals, whether they are to lose weight, develop healthy habits, or to exercise more. I've lost forty pounds using the site, and love the many features that are available, especially the nutrition tracker the support available within the SparkTeams.

I also don't keep junk food in the house...or if I do, once in a while (we all need a treat!!), I plan on small portions of it. I'm wishing you luck and you certainly have my support, and the support of everyone else on Sparkpeople...we're all trying to achieve the same things and together we can do it!!

If you have any questions or just need some support, feel free to e-mail me or to jump right in on the boards. We've got a great, supportive community here. You've automatically been put into the "Weekly Sparkteam" that has members that joined the same week as you...feel free to check it out and to join any other teams that you feel will support you.

Good luck on your journey,

Leader of: Creative Challenges and Saintly Souls
Co-Leader of: SP Class of February 1-7, 2009

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