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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I have a secret. I've been going to wikipedia where they have a complete list of fruits from a to z! This morning I had no clue about V so I went there and found that they listed vanilla as a fruit, the bean I guess? Didn't really talk about it but did describe it as a spice. They also listed voavanga with no description so if anyone out there knows what voavanga is, jump right in here. W is for watermelon and easy to list but there were a few berries such as wineberry and wolfberry which is commonly knows as a goji berry.

Spark's tip of the day is to enjoy vegetable based soups and throw additional fresh veggies into soups that are low on them. I guess if you are heating up canned tomato soup you can throw some fresh spinach leaves into it. That would probably be tasty.

Winter Squash is a veggie with a w and veggies are v's. Other than that, w's and v's sound kind of wintery.

I planned a walk this morning but woke to a steady drizzle. Kind of nice sleeping with the window open and the rain softly coming down! Soothing it was but hubby had to get up to go to work so me, too.

I have found that it is incredibly easy to get 25 points each day in order to spin the bonus wheel. As a result, my points are racking up very quickly. It's fun because when I see I only need a few more points, I'll take a quiz or a poll or look up something informative on Spark. It's good for me too. I learn things and I also learn that I already know some things as well! Later.

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COLEENCOLE 9/23/2011 8:30AM

    Have you been trying all these fruits and veggies?

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ANYVAR54 9/20/2011 6:40PM

    KASEYCOFF - another reason for me to buy a hand blender. My sister has one that she uses to make smoothies.
I have enjoyed your lists of fruits and vegetables.

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GAILRUU 9/20/2011 10:38AM

    Violets are also edible, especially if you glaze them with sugar and put them on a cupcake!

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KASEYCOFF 9/20/2011 10:06AM


I use Google, my own self, lol...

If you'd count WINTER squash, what about VALENCIA oranges--?

Re vegetable soup: I have a... whaddayacallit, a hand blender? a wand blender? You know, one of those gizmos sometimes used behind the bar to mix drinks. Anyway, what I do with vegetable soup is throw in whatever vegetables I want (I don't use potatoes, but just about anything else is fair game, especially carrots and rutabagas... squash is good... so are parsnips, and turnips if they fairly mild), then after they've cooked down I use the mini-blender and blend the soup right in the soup pot. It ends up like a creamed soup with a great meld of flavors. I almost never use salt, but once the veggie soup is blended I usually add some herbs and spices for flavor. And I'll tell you, it doesn't last long at our house--!


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Monday, September 19, 2011

T is for turnip and I don't know what else. Anyone? I'm ready to get to the Z's. Never tried any UGLI fruit. Anyone? This has been an interesting venture, going through the alphabet for fruits and veggies. Someday, I'm going to pick up an ugli fruit at the supermarket and try it. When we went to the market yesterday, I had a list and got everything on it. I even had gone through the cupboards and checked what we needed. In between big trips, hubby usually goes to the grocery because I don't want to.

Actually my husband is really helpful around the house. He does most of the laundry, takes out the trash, grocery shops when we need it, runs the vacuum, gets up first and makes the coffee and gets the paper. Before Panda died, he fed her most often and walked her. What do I do? I make most of the mess around here and cook most of the meals. That's kind of a real eye opener when I think about it. Not much of a housewife I am. I think it's because we reversed roles when I bought my business at age 36. I became the major breadwinner and hubby became the house husband in a sense. Never really thought of it that way but I guess it is true.

We had 2 sons and he was there for them, taking them to practices and activities. I was always there too but he did more in that fashion than I because when someone called for a decorating appmt, I had to go. My husband is also the type that wants to be active, to be doing something. Drives me crazy sometimes. I would just as soon take a nap, or sew a quilt or watch TV.

Since I joined the Organized Life team I have jumped into organizing big time. Check out my new blog! organizeanddecoratoe123.blogspot.com

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ANYVAR54 9/19/2011 3:51PM

    Sounds to me like you and your husband have a good marriage. That is awesome. I always enjoy your blogs. Gotta get ready for my grandson.

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HEALTHYSLIM2 9/19/2011 1:48PM

    Love the idea of finally getting organized. I am trying. Small, baby steps at this point. Thanks for being a motivator. It's great to know that even an Interior Designer can have issues with personal "clutter".
On your blogspot blog you talked about putting away one thing and then leaving out something else, and how it would never get better if that's what we did. So I am off to put away three things and not leave anything lying around today! Wish me luck!!

Comment edited on: 9/19/2011 1:49:05 PM

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4DOGNIGHT 9/19/2011 10:41AM

    Can't believe I missed tomato and tangerine. Guess I was off in la la land this morning.

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KASEYCOFF 9/19/2011 10:36AM

    Tomato. Tangerine. And I'll get back to you on the 'U' thing, lol...

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm trying to get through this fruit and veggie alphabet so I'm doubling up. Thanks for the Quince hint. Never had one I guess. Rutabaga and rhuebarb, squash and serano peppers NS and sweet potatoes. and I'm sure there are more. Went grocery shopping with hubby today. We had nothing in the fridge in the way of fresh fruits and veggies so I made a long list. By the time we got down to the end of the produce aisle, I was tired of being told I didn't need that, we didn't need this. How does he know what I need to eat healthy? I'm the one eating lunch at home. So we move onto the meat counter and he is eyeing a steak and I say, OH, we don't need that and he promptly looks at me. I said, that's what you told me! So he shut up after that. And I was able to put what I wanted in the cart. Hubbies are a nuisance sometimes. When we were checking out, there was a bottle of white vinegar he had put in the cart. I was pretty certain we had a gallon jug of it at home. But he insisted we didn't. We get home and we have a large gallon and several small jars of it plus now a new jar. What we don't have is cider vinegar. SIgh!

FSU lost the game yesterday but it was a great game and the players were awesome! We had nothing to be ashamed of! We walked to and from the stadium and up and down the stairs and all around so did well on that. Later.

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ANYVAR54 9/18/2011 11:14PM

    I need to do that too, start writing a plan and menu, and grocery list, I have just been winging it. Buying all the fruits and veggies that I want. But no plan.
At least your husband went shopping with you. Good thing.

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KASEYCOFF 9/18/2011 5:20PM

    Sounds like it's time to start drawing up a menu or meal plan, and writing out the grocery list, lol...

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

P is for pear and peas, pineapple and pumpkin, pomegranite. Q is for kumquat. Oh, at least kimquat has a q in it. Can't think of any Q starters. I'll be glad when this fruit and veggie alphabet is finished but it has been interesting. Spark says to eat fresh veggies, which I did last night at the Yacht Club. Also don't forget dried fruits, prunes! There's another P! ANd top your cereal with berries! PLUMS! Lots of p's out there.

I could not sleep last night. I had met with the doc who said I was fat and I met with my friend Cassandra, the professional organizer who is helping me get organized. I had a lot of organization things going around in my head last night and the visual of all that clutter was keeping me awake. So, I got up, pulled the empty box next to me that I'm filling with trash, and sorted magazines. I got a binder with clear dividers and tore quilt patterns out of magazines that I wanted to keep and put them in the clear dividers. Now I can't wait to finish sorting the magazines and have one binder of patterns that I might use in the future. Can't believe that I am that interested in getting organized! Been talking about it for years.

Anyway, at midnight, the tylenol pm finally kicked in and I was able to go back to bed and sleep.

Something is happening to my body and I hope it continues. All of a sudden I am not that hungry. I am actually aware of being full and I stop eating. Hubby is as we speak puttering around the kitchen coming up with breakfast. And I'm reducing the portion size in my head before it even gets to the plate, knowing that I don't want to feel stuffed. I felt a bit stuffed after dinner last night and I didn't like it. For years and years I took a medication at night for depression. It helped me to sleep I guess because I always did and I usually took an afternoon nap as well. One of the side effects of it was weight gain which I slowly did over ten years. New Doc took me off that med in April and I suffered immensely for a month trying to adjust to the new med. He said that most of his patients taking Pristiq, which is my new med, lost weight. Well nothing has happened in the weight loss department but I am wondering if finally, the old med has left my system and it took that long, 5 months? And the scale seems to be slowly moving downward, although I'm not posting anything until it looks permanent. I'm too up and down.

Today we go to the FSU/Oklahoma game and I will be doing plenty of walking. And tomorrow, we have to go grocery shopping as we are out of most everything and the fridge is void of fresh fruit and veggies. So with this lack of hunger in mind, I am definitely going to be planning some healthy meals for the week! I will weigh in and record my weight in a weeks time! Promise!

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BEVPRESLEY 9/17/2011 11:05PM

    It is so good to stop eating when you feel full. That is a very big lesson learned, good for you. When I get on my organizing binges, I lose a lot of sleep too. But it feels so good to get rid of all that "stuff" you don't need.

How about quince for your Q fruit?

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LJCANNON 9/17/2011 8:26PM

    Hubby is watching the FSU/ Oklahomagame as we speak. I may hear some of it, but I am not really watching.
emoticonOrganization and Decluttering sounds like a good idea. Maybe I will think about doing that.

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ANYVAR54 9/17/2011 6:40PM

    I was too wondering if you try to eat all of these fruits and vegetables you are posting? It would be difficult to find them all. Glad that you are getting some organizing done, but not at a loss of sleep. It does take a while to get adjusted to new antidepressants. . I have had a lot of experience with that.

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TOWHEE 9/17/2011 5:44PM

    Q is for Quince, which looks like an apple, but is tart. I had one last year during a WW challenge.

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KASEYCOFF 9/17/2011 11:32AM

    'Failing to plan is planning to fail' - sounds like you are on track in the planning department, which is a good thing!

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REOVERMAN 9/17/2011 8:51AM

    I love your page and your alphabet...had similar experience with my doctor, but it got in my brain and made me actually do something...I'm actually looking forward to getting on the scale next week, so he will see how far I've come! Do you eat all the fruits you shared? I have never tasted a kumquat and only had pomegranite juice. I am allergic to citrus, so I have to be very careful with fruits. I didn't consider kiwi a citrus, but ended up having a bad reaction to it. Have fun at the game...I'm a huge college football fan, but I am Mizzou all the way baby!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

This morning I had a consult with the sleep doctor on the test that I had taken in July and flunked. First words out of his mouth were, you have the same problem I have, overweight! If you would lose weight it might help you sleep. I was a little insulted. Okay, yes I am overweight but I don't consider myself fat. Hey, I guess I am. He prescribed a CPAP machine for me even though I only stopped breathing twice in an hour and kicked my legs 99 times. Wasn't sure that Tricare would pay for it but we will give it a shot.

So I'm thinking now, I do need to lose weight, that is no secret. I have not been hungry lately. All of a sudden like. Wonder why that is? It's really a wierd feeling but something I'm becoming very conscious of. That is part of the Weigh Down Workshop premise, eat when you are hungry and don't eat when you are not. Makes sense. Last night I only at half my dinner and no snacking. If I can keep that up I might lose. I did step on the scale this morning and showed a 2 lb loss but I dont' track those things as I expect it to go back up. But maybe I should look at that in another fashion. 2 lbs lost, continue on a healthier track and maybe it will continue.

Americans are bad when it comes to having a diagnosis from a doctor to lose weight. If you have health problems that are related to being overweight, doesn't it make sense that it ought to spur you on to lose? Seems like a no brainer to me but it isn't that simple. I'm not a diabetic but it seems like many with that illness have a really hard time losing weight when they know it would help them to lose. I'm going back to see this guy in November. I'd like to be thinner and I can do it. Walking with my friend Pat and climbing the steps at the FSU stadium have firmed me up some. Maybe burning a few calories as well. I'm going to give it a shot and pay full attention to what goes in my mouth. I will ask myself if I am hungry and really want it or am I just eating to fill a void somewhere else. Later.

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FIFIFRIZZLE 9/19/2011 3:17PM

    Let,s face it ,if it was easy to lose weight and keep it off, who would choose to be fat. But it seems like you are well on your way. I have noticed, since I have been on the sleep challenge which involves a journal where you record your hunger levels, I am rarely hungry. I need to get in touch with my hunger, it,s not as if it is bad to be hungry. Though years ago, when on one f the diets that got me to what I weigh now, I consulted a doctor who said not to eat anything until I felt hungry. Two weeks later he asked me how it went. Well, I hadn't felt hungry. So I hadn't eaten.
He said I should eat something, and that hunger for me was feeling grumpy and maybe a little headachy. I had been feeling a bit of that but put it down to the lack of solld food.
Unfortunately, this is a true story.
I hope I am smarter now, but I can't be sure.

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TIRED49 9/17/2011 5:43PM

    I really enjoy your blogs. You are going to lose that weight. I have a doctor appt in November too, and I am going to lose it too.
Recently I got out and old Weigh Down book and started reading it and then a Chapter in Psalms each night. I too have not been as hungry lately and am sensing full. I have ramped up the exercise a bit and slowly, ever so slowly the scales are moving. Like you I have been firming up my leg and core muscles, so hopefully they will move a lot before long.

Keep up the good work!

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SPARKLED146 9/17/2011 8:30AM

    When you see this guy again in November, you will be thinner and he probably won't have lost any weight. emoticon Keep at it!

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ANYVAR54 9/16/2011 7:40PM

    I remember being very upset right after my knee replacement surgery in 2007, when the hospital attending physician wrote "obese" on my chart. I did loose some weight back then during my rehab, but have gained it back. But I am now on my way down, and I didn't know that there is actually standards for what is considered overweight, obese, morbidly obese, etc.
I hope the CPAP machine helps you to get better sleep.

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JDECKNESS 9/16/2011 1:10PM

    I was put on a CPAP in late July. I was also told to lose weight. I have lost about 12 lbs since then. The cool thing is the CPAP does actually help you sleep better and the better sleep you get the easier it is to lose weight. I am told that by losing the weight I need to, which is still at about 120 pounds, I should be able to come off the CPAP then. Good Luck!

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MAMACAT2_3 9/16/2011 12:37PM

    Oh dear, it does sting a little to have a stranger be so frank with you...

Yes americans are really bad about that, I wonder why that is? Maybe because there's so much temptation everywhere.... we're a country full of convenience, any which way you turn.

You can do this, you're already off to a good start!!

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