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Thursday, July 28, 2011

If you have been following me at all in the last year and a half, it seems like I've had a lot of issues with medications, acid reflux, and now sleep issues. Sleep is the worst. Since changing meds in April, my morning med is working just fine but I am really having trouble sleeping. I flunked the sleep study, choosing to kick my legs instead and so my doc suggested I take 100 mg of the sleep med he gave me assuring me it would do no harm. It didn't help me sleep either and I feel lke I am in a wrestling match. So last night I decided that I had tried that med enough and took a tylenol pm instead. I slept well, through the night. Maybe I still snored and kicked but at least I wasn't awake half the night and it seemed like I was slept all night. So I am pressing on with the tylenol pm to see how I cope with it and to heck with that other pill.

It is no wonder that my mind wanders on diet and eating. I have enough trouble concentrating on work and keeping up with my clients and installation of draperies, etc. That is far more important than what I eat. So once again, the diet process goes by the wayside until I can sort myself out.

Last night, I did however, cook dinner and it was a stir fry with sliced beef, onions, peppers, broccoli and garlic served on a bed of brown rice. I had 1/2 c of rice and a reasonable amount of the beef mixture and it was very good. No seconds and I was completely satisfied. Trouble is, my mother-in-law came over and helped us make strawberry rhubarb pie which I had to have a piece. Never made one before and learned some things to do next time. She was the pie baker in the family and they were always melt in the mouth delicious no matter what flavor. She hasnt' been able to bake in over 2 years so when a friend gave her the rhubarb, she enlisted our help. I'm glad she did as I now know what to do to make a rhubarb, strawberry tart, with only one crust.

I went over to my sister's last night and she and her hubby have rejoined this strict weight loss center which she lost 60 lbs on a few years ago. Kept it off until last year and slowly gained back about 25. She is determined to get it off again so we got there when they served their dinners. They had about 4 oz of cooked chicken, (looked boiled to me) and about 1/2 c of green beans and a slice of melba toast and that is all they could have. My husband and I both decided that life was too short to go that route. We could both lose a few but there has to be a better way than that.

I'm pressing on and hope to get some sleep tonight and every night there after.

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AMBERLEIGHM1 7/28/2011 3:14PM

    I'm glad the Tylenol PM is working for you I hope it continues to work. Your dinner last night sounds really good and its great you didn't need seconds. I agree life is too short to have to put up with boiled chicken and melba toast diets, I want to eat in a way I will be happy for the rest of my life and enjoy the taste of my food and be happy to serve it to company. Have a wonderful weekend. Peace, love, light, and blessings.

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ANDI571 7/28/2011 2:50PM

    I haven't slept well since they took me off of replacement hormones. It's hard to lose weight with no sleep. I eat instead. I take a low dose of ambien at times, and if I don't want to take that, 1 Benadryl will do the trick.

I don't like taking meds, so for the past week and a half, I have been drinking a glass of hot chamomile tea around 9:00 at night. It does as well as a Benadryl. It's worth a shot. My daughter is giving the tea a try and said it is helping her also.

Check out The 17 Day Diet Book. He starts you out strict, but introduces back the carbs slowly. It's doable.

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KASEYCOFF 7/28/2011 2:19PM

    Hang in there, hon - things'll get better!

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TRIMBY39 7/28/2011 1:41PM

    Best wishes finding balance emoticon emoticon emoticonLife is short, having good health is riches emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I flunked the sleep study and don't qualify for a CPAP just yet anyway. I only slept for 4 hours and I kicked my legs 99 times in 1 hour! So I have restless leg syndrom too. I always knew I kicked my legs but 99 times? In the meantime, my work performance is really less than adequate as I can't concentrate and drag through the day.
My only question is, if I kick my legs 99 times in one hour, how come that doesn't qualify as exercise?
I have a really nice and thorough doctor and he is working through this with me. So hopefully things will get under control and soon. Thanks for listening and reading.

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SGKAYLOR 7/26/2011 3:16PM

    Very strange, hopefully you're kicking both legs at least so it's even work lol

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KASEYCOFF 7/26/2011 11:33AM

    Hmmm... dunno what's up with that restless-leg thing. My daughter (she's 28) has fibromyalgia, and she suffers from restless-leg syndrome, but I think the doctor said it might be the medication she takes, or it could be a side-effect of the FM.

Beats me!

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NOMUFFINTOP3 7/26/2011 10:45AM


Well, the kicking should count for some exercise. Haha.
I sleep with a CPAP machine and it makes a world of difference.
I hope you can get some relief from the restless leg.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

My husband and I never got into the Harry Potter phase. Read a bit of the first book and sat halfway through the movie but that was it. With the last movie coming out, I saw that there was a made for TV movie about JK Rowling and her life prior to Harry and how she wrote the book. On a whim I decided to record it to watch when nothing else was on. Last night Hubby and I sat down to watch it and also noted that the first Harry Potter movie was also on. As a result, we watched both of them simultaneously. When Harry had a commercial we switched to the Rowling move and then back to Harry. It made it so interesting because there were many things she used in the book that she had also experienced as a child playing in t he woods with a cape and witch hat and magic wand. I guess we are hooked now, finally and will be watching for the reruns of the various moves. How many were there? I wonder. Later.

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CELLOPLAYER1 7/25/2011 7:20PM

    We went and saw the last movie over the weekend. I have the books on CD and listen to them while I quilt. I love the series of books and have reread them several times.

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BOOKRUNNER 7/25/2011 4:58AM

    I'm a children's librarian and don't think I've come across anyone who had read the entirety of the first book and not been hooked. The films are great too. Just saw the last one last night. Felt a bit sad it's all over. My husband comes from the next village over from where JK grew up! Hope you enjoy it all.

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MFLYNN8 7/24/2011 8:16PM

    yes, the books will always be better. emoticon

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KASEYCOFF 7/24/2011 5:13PM

    Harry Potter's not my thing, but I surely admire Rowling for turning her life around in such a positive fashion, going from single parenthood and living on the edge of poverty to taking care of her daughter and herself, just with persistence and hard work. More power to her, thinks me!

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TOWHEE 7/24/2011 5:04PM

    There are 7 books and 8 movies. The last book was made into two movies because there was too much material for just one movie. We got hooked on the movies when my sister gave my DH the first two, so then I got the books and got hooked on the whole genre. I'm sorry I missed the JKRowling program. I'm sure it was interesting.

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SGKAYLOR 7/24/2011 5:04PM

    I haven't seen the last movie yet but I love the others (of course I love the books more but I always love the book more than the movies). 7 books but they split the last book into 2 movies so 8 movies total

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CHEROKEE1946 7/24/2011 4:43PM

    My daughter and family really like Harry Potter. I took my grandkids to see different shows, but I think it is something you have to watch all to understand.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

I got home at 4:30 this morning tired as all get out with latex stuck to my face and my hair all askew! Pretty I was. My husband has been complaining about my sleep habits for years and I never paid much atttention because it seemed I always had a good nights sleep. But the last few weeks I haven't been sleeping well. Maybe it is my new medication taking over from the old which sedated me. But for 2 nights I've had about 5 hours sleep and dragging during the day. The only thing that helps is to go to my sewing room and cut and piece fabric together.
Last night I arrived at 9:00 and had 20 wires attached to my head and body. I knew I wouldn't go right off to sleep being in a strange place like that. And I was right. Tossed and turned for more than an hour and finally gave in. In my subconscious I know I didn't sleep well and caught myself snorting and blowing and tossing. At 4:00 I Woke up, instantly so I'm wondering if I wasn't breathing? Anyway, you have to sleep for 2 hours before they put the CPAP on you. I didn't get a CPAP so I guess I didn't sleep the necessary 2 hours. Can't wait to see the doc and get results. Now I will have to go back again for the CPAP test.
I've been waking up with a headache the last couple of days and that is a symptom as well. Can't believe this is happening to me as I've always been a good sleeper. I thought. Now I'm wondering if my oldest son has this problem as well. He is always tired, can't go to sleep and has headaches. He also has depression, poor thing, got all of this from his mama I guess. But he does have a beautiful wife and 2 beautiful children. I am so blessed.
Now I have to figure out how to get this sticky stuff off of my face. Later.

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DAP1313 7/25/2011 7:44AM

    So glad you finding out if you have sleep apnea which I strongly suspect you have. When you get a CPAP you will find how much of a difference it makes. You will start getting more energy and waking up without the headaches is so worth it. I know it's hereditary so your son should go through a sleep study now instead of waiting. My grandfather had it but at that time it wasn't as well known.


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SAFETYSUE 7/21/2011 10:00AM

    What an ordeal you have to go through. I have recently developed some symptoms of sleep apnea. I am hoping getting some weight off and mote exercise will stop it before it gets worse. Good luck with your next step you will get good news. (Hugs N Prayers)


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ASOBFALLS 7/19/2011 12:47AM

    Sleep well tonight! Back in your own bed.
Yeah, like a baby in a cradle. emoticon


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JOLETTE 7/18/2011 10:15PM

    I've had to take it about three times. One time I didn't sleep all night, one night I kept setting off the alarms off because my oxygen was going too low. I finally got the two hour limit in and I do have CPAP. It is not too hard to adjust too, and the headaches are gone so it is worth it. Best wishes on your tests. Have a blessed day and I will be praying for your son too. Take care. Jolette

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NANA2PRINCESSES 7/18/2011 4:24PM

    I can't imagine sleeping under the testing conditions, I think I would have to be heavily medicated. Good luck with the next test, hope the results help.

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JENNY888 7/18/2011 2:38PM

    I hope you have great results from all these studies.

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KASEYCOFF 7/18/2011 9:25AM

    Wonder if just a leetle tiny dab of baby oil would dissolve the adhesive--?

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

I feel like a hypochondiatic always trying to find some reason for this and that. Tonight I am going to a sleep clinic to see if I have sleep apnea. Hubby has been complaining for years that I snore and seem to gasp for breathe at night. I have just ignored it because I didn't think I had a problem. I think the previous med I was on kept me sleeping at night and I didn't notice but now with my new med, I have noticed some irregularities and so my doc is sending me to the clinic for eval. This entire week hubby has slept in the guest room because of my snoring. And when I wake up, I am still tired and have a headache. Right now, at 7:58 a.m. I am ready to go back to bed after skipping church because I just didn't feel like itand can't seem to concentrate. I woke at 4:45 and was awake and I have been having restless dreams. So maybe hubby is right and I do need that machine to help me sleep. It is always something.
This is affecting my job performance which isn't like me. Not taking care of my clients and letting things go. All accounts say that losing weight is the key and I'm trying once again. I have lost about 5 lbs since being on Sonoma diet again but that puts me back to where I was in the first place so nothing to record. Anyway, the future is bright! Later.

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SAFETYSUE 7/21/2011 10:33PM

    All the symptoms you listed are classic symptoms of sleep apnea. I hope the test give you the answers, maybe using the mask will help you and set you back on track in all areas of your life. I suffer from some early signs and hoping my new commitment to weight loss and exercise will change that. If it gets worse I too will be doing the sleep testing. Good luck to you, I will check back and see how you are doing...

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DAP1313 7/18/2011 7:48AM

    I have sleep apea and the CPAP really, really changed my life. I also was waking up with headaches and was exhausted. A couple of times I nearly fell asleep driving home from work. If you need the machine it's kind of a pain at first getting use to the mask and hose but having energy and no headaches in the morning is well worth it.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me.


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NANA2PRINCESSES 7/17/2011 3:23PM

    I so envy people who sleep well. I have trouble turning off my anxiety and DH has classic symptoms of sleep apnea, but so far isn't believing it. Hope the test is helpful and you find the answer. Also congrats on the 5# loss - doesn't matter if it's a "re-loss" it's still a victory.

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KASEYCOFF 7/17/2011 12:31PM

    It will be really interesting to see if there is some kind of apnea or other problem keeping you from getting a sound sleep - I've been reading some things lately on just how much even a little sleep deprivation can affect so many things, from energy and concentration right on to difficult in losing weight and mood swings. Keep us posted, hon!

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AMBERLEIGHM1 7/17/2011 10:29AM

    Every pound is a victory, every good decision is a victory, I'm glad you are doing so well on your new plan. I hope you get answers from the test. I know a couple relatives that have needed it and the machine completely changed their lives, they had so much more energy and were so much less irritable because they weren't tired. Stay strong, you are doing well, think what would have happened if you hadn't went back on the plan you would be 5 lbs. heavier.

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SETAGOAL1 7/17/2011 9:44AM

    Don't give up on yourself. You are the

only one that can make it happen for

you. You have the power to succeed or


You have choosen to succeed.

Janet emoticon

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