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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Today, we have to put up some Christmas Decorations to prepare for a party for my husband's office. We volunteered our home on Dec 14 and the food is catered so I don't have to cook anything. I will cook my famous Golden Fruitcake which is absolutely delicious, even if you don't like fruitcake! I've had people cut hunks of it off to take home from a party and it makes a large round cake with a hole in the center. It will be my table centerpiece.

Last night we attended a party at my sister's and it was fabulous. She did all the food herself and she is a gourmet cook. The roast beef was delicious and so was the punch made from champagne and 5 different liqueurs. It is the kind of punch that sneaks up on you. One of the best things she made was called prune surprises! You insert a whole almond into a prune and then wrap it in bacon and bake. They are best straight out of the oven and good for what ails you. Already worked for me when I got home last night.

They had hired a piano player for 3 hours and we sat and sang Christmas Carols that last hour. It was fabulous and a great party!

There is no way I could count any WW points last night. I'm sure I used up my whole flex allotment but back on today. Tomorrow evening is another potluck party and I honestly don't feel like drinking anything so diet coke is the norm. And I am bringing some kind of veggie. Then we are not partying again until Thursday, next Sunday, Tues, Wed, and Thursday. Major parties to go to. Just need to hold my own for the holiday! Have a great day!

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PRAIRIECROCUS 12/4/2010 11:54PM

    Best Wishes for you, as you enter the Holiday Season !
Hopefully, there will be some sensible offerings to choose from !

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GCHUNG 12/4/2010 12:47PM

    It's tough during holiday party season. You can do it.

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Thursday, December 02, 2010

BRRR! My friend Pat and I have an agreement to walk every Tuesday and Thurs mornings at 6:00. We meet in the middle. If it's raining or below 40 degrees we don't go. Got up this morning and asked hubby if it was cold outside. He said yes, so I got dressed in layers and put on a coat and gloves and scarf and set out. I was surprised to see frost on the ground but I kept going. Pat didn't show! I kept walking to meet her but she wasn't there. When I got home, I looked at the temp and it was 35 degrees!!!! No wonder she didn't go and here I was out walking. I could have slept in!

We Floridians aren't prepared for cold weather. I was wearing green gloves that I had since 1991 since the local high school won the state championship in Football. I had 2 layers of t-shirts on and a casual coat with a hood that I got for Christmas in 1997 or so. This stuff never wears out around here so we look ridiculous and out of style when we have to bundle up. I wore a sweatshirt on Tuesday but took it off midway because it was hot on Tuesday. Started out in the 70's I think.

So far I've done well on WW. I counted out 27 Kashi cereal squares this morning and had a whole banana! And last night, I was completely satisfied after dinner and did not have any ice cream that my husband went out and bought. Whoo Hoo! Didn't even want it. So we will see how this goes and if I actually lose this week. Later.

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PRAIRIECROCUS 12/2/2010 11:25PM

    I'm glad you had your nice walk, in the frosty air !
All the best !

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JWADDELL2 12/2/2010 2:40PM

    Good for you for walking! We are flying into Tampa on Christmas Eve and then driving down to the Keys to spend the next week - let's see if we can warm up by then!! emoticon

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TURTLETALK 12/2/2010 12:59PM

    I should be moving to Florida. If I only walked when it was 40 + degrees I could go months and months without activity! On the other hand I refuse to walk outside if it is humid so Florida wouldn't suit me either.

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PATRISNA 12/2/2010 11:31AM


We lived in Florida for ten years. Some years we were wearing shorts on Christmas day othere years it was freezing. So I am proud of you for going out and walking in the cold.


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BUGGYS 12/2/2010 10:39AM

    I remember a long time ago when my DH and I took our kids to Florida to visit my parents for Christmas...we stayed at a little oceanfront motel instead of my parent's condo and my dad came over on Christmas day with hats and mittens...he had gone to Walgreen's to get them...it was 28 degrees in Palm Beach!!! We were in the pool by the afternoon! emoticon I have relatives who live in Orlando and it does get cold there but you think that if you are in the gulf stream, cold weather doesn't come that far but it does! Good for you for continuing your walk even tho' your friend was a no-show! emoticon

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I ended up with 43 points yesterday, 29 allowed points and 14 into my 49 flex points. I also exchanged 5 activity points to get the 43. I am online as well as meetings so it is easy to track with the online tracker. Last night we went to our usual Tuesday night at the Yacht Club. They always have food and you can have a dinner for $5. Last night was white chicken lasagna that I estimated 10 points. I had 2 lite beers for 7 points. And they also had a tossed salad which was free. Now if I had stopped there, but they had sweet potato casserold and I had 2 helpings of that. I was hungry. Must have been using up leftovers. But last night was an evening out and today we are in for dinner so I should be able to keep it down.

So this morning, I had a sandwich round egg sandwich and soy milk with 1 cup strawberries. I think I need to have a good breakfast to get me to lunch. I'm going to a luncheon and got the Cobb Salad so hopefully I'll be able to figure that one. It is good to learn a new plan. I still have 35 flex points left to use for the 2 parties I have on Fri and Sunday so if I can save them, I should be okay. Have to go grocery shopping for bananas and milk. Later.

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PRAIRIECROCUS 12/2/2010 4:43AM

    All the best !

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DONNAEDA 12/1/2010 10:07AM

    tracking is good. You will be surprised how much you can eat so much. Happy holidays

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KATHRYNLP 12/1/2010 9:20AM

    All this Planning will definitely help.. emoticon

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well I went to WW today and lost 2/10ths of a pound after gaining 1.6 last week. The new plan sounds really interesting and exciting. We all need something new once in a while. It sounds more like the Sonoma Diet or Mediterranean Diet. Fruits and Veggies are 0 points so I can have a banana or apple or melon and not have to count any points. 29 points is the lowest available and you have 49 flex points. The fact that you can eat all the fruits and veggies you want really seems like it will be helpful because I would avoid those in favor of something I liked better, like yogurt. I can fill up on them and have my points with whatever good food I want. They encourage protein and whole grains so it will be interesting. I have a party on Friday and Sunday and I can really plan for those as I can eat lots of fruit and veggies during the day in order to have the party foods that night.

Another interesting thing, a lite beer is 3 points and a 4 oz glass of wine is 4 points. So I'd much prefer the beer anyway. A regular beer is 4 points. A shot of whiskey or vodka is 4 points. I sound like a drinker don't I. Just nice to know the options. So if I go out, I can have one or two beers depending on the food I eat.

I think it will be great! We'll have to make a new team!

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SANDY92308 2/26/2011 7:56PM

    I started a new team called W8W points+plan and we have three leaders so please stop by and check us out. It's a great new team that we put together...

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MISTY214 12/17/2010 3:13PM

  I have a question about beer/wine. When using the points calculator, and inputting the nutritional information for Bud Light, it says it's 1 point. Using White Zin info, it calculates 0 points. I'm confused. (BTW I just joined last night, so maybe I'm misunderstanding something.)

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LIFES*2*SHORT 12/10/2010 6:04PM

  The new program has not been released in Canada yet. That happens at the next meeting. Do you know that calculation for how many points I will be getting?

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ACHNG4GOOD 11/30/2010 10:28PM

    I'm excited. I go back Wed night - I was on recently but I got sick and my son got sick so I missed a couple of weeks. Since I new the new plan was starting I said I would wait to go back when it did. I'm also online so I know a little bit about it. I do know I'm glad I have the program on my Ipod because I think you will need a points calc. for this plan more so then the other plan. I can't wait - I'm glad fruit is free so I can pack lots of fruits and veggies as snacks now and not have to kill most of my points with them. Kinda bummed that bagel thins and vita tops are now 3 point though... Here to seeing less of us...

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FXYGMA 11/30/2010 10:08PM

    Sounds interesting. I used to belong to WW but it just got too expensive for me. I didn't always have the money to go to weigh in but the next time you still had to pay for the time you missed. I just could not do it.

Melinda emoticon

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KAYLADIVA777 11/30/2010 4:44PM

    I'm excited!!! I'm going to a WW meeting on Fri for the first time in like 5 years. Wow, it's changed. Last I remember we only had 35 flex points.

And if it's true what you're saying as far as it being similiar to the Med Diet, that will be right up my alley. Last time I lost 27lbs doing WW, but I was also doing Taebo like 3 to 4 times a week. Now I have Zumba and jumprope so it ought to be real interesting.

All I know is that I am going to work my butt off so I can be Sexy, Slim and trim by summer time :) emoticon

Thanks for sharing. I subbed to your blog so I can keep track of your progress and maybe we can share and compare our WW adventures.

Keep doin your thing girl. Keep it Sparkin emoticon
Karla emoticon

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Monday, November 29, 2010

What are you addicted to? Food, exercise, sex, reading, etc. Well, I've found out I'm addicted to quilting and this has to slow down. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon sewing and piecing on 2 different quilts. The bad part is I'm already designing more quilts to sew in my head even as I'm still working on the last one that isn't finished yet. It finally struck me that I'm addicted and I have to slow down. I want to love it and keep sewing but I have to have a purpose for each project as well.

I'm nearly finished a really cute puppy dog quilt kit that I'm planning on giving my granddaughter for Christmas. That is a good reason to work on it! I'm nearly done with the top and all of a sudden yesterday, I stopped and went back to a Christmas wall hanging featuring the Three WIse Guys (It's really cute too) and decided to attempt adding the batting and backing and machine quilting it. I have one more row to machine quilt on it and then last night, I sat and sewed sequins and beads on it to embellish the guys! I love it and it is so fun! Maybe I can just sit and embroider and sew beads on the 3 wise guys at night. I used to do embroidery and cross stitch too and I have a stash of beads I cut off of a sweater!

So what is my problem? I realized I have no place to hang the Three Wise Guys when I finish and it is a Christmas Decoration. Can't give it away as I have too much money in it. I did see that I could probably tack it to the wall above my bed during the holiday. Then I thought, maybe I could post it on ETSY.com and try and sell it as I do have an account on there with nothing listed. I would ask $100 which would cover the cost and then I could do something else.

What is good is that I have realized that I can't continue on this way, spending money on quilting and all my time in the little bedroom sewing away. I have to have balance in my life. This is a pattern I have of delving into a project big time and then realize I have to fit other things in as well. Kind of like when I started Sparking. I spent hours each day perusing the site and racking up points and then I realized I had other things to do as well. Yesterday, I drove to meet a client and she was unable to make it. So as I was leaving, my car started to turn towards Joann Fabrics and then I smacked myself and said I didn't have my coupons with me and didn't need anything anyway so I went home and back to sewing.

Tomorrow starts the new WW program so maybe I'll get into that as well. The good thing is that I have snapped sense into myself and now I know I can plan what I quilt and not have to do it every day. I crochet afghans since I was 18. I have made afghans for everyone I know, all my relatives, etc. Now I'm into friends. It takes me 2 to 3 years to finish one sometimes as I only work on them when driving long distances in the car and sometimes at night. So I don't usually have them sitting around. Last year I finished one while at Disney World and gave it to my son's sister-in-law right then and there. She was thrilled as she had been coveting one since I sent one to her Mom.

So now I'll have to plan my quilts. I signed up for a Block of the month program next year that is a large King Size Quilt. That can be my son and wife's Christmas Present next year and I'll have all year to work on it. My niece is having a baby so I'll make one for her. Then I'll get into my stash of free fabrics from my samples and do that. So I can slow down and plan a little and move my addiction to something else, like WW or exercise or cleaning the house or yardwork, etc. . That would be good for me. I could also learn simple plumbing techniques. I stopped up the garbage disposal Thursday and hubby couldn't fix it. Plumber just spent 10 min here and got it fixed for $95. Oh, well. Later.

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SHERREMAC 12/2/2010 6:08AM

    Why Not see if you can sell the quilts at a fabric store? and You know you can't eat and quilt!

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PRAIRIECROCUS 11/30/2010 4:34AM

    Such wonderful quilts !
Good for you !
So great, to be able to create such beauty !

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TOWHEE 11/29/2010 9:35PM

    I went to WW this morning and the new program will take as much time as you are willing to give it. Now I have three addictions - SP, quilting, and WW. I sure wish I could get addicted to house cleaning, but I guess that's not to be.

I love your quilts. I agree $100 for the Three Wise Guys is a bargain.
Last year I hung a quilt over the bookcase at Christmas time. This year I'm thinking of hanging some over pictures or just taking the pictures down. Argh!

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ILUVTOTAT 11/29/2010 11:26AM

    I love these quilts! You granddaughter will love her quilt.

I'm the same way with my addictions, but the quilting addiction is on-going. It's weird, but I have a hard time getting started because I know when I do, I won't stop. I forget to eat!

Sounds like you have a great way of keeping balance! Have fun!

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CARRKM 11/29/2010 9:45AM

  You could have way worse addictions! I love the 3 Wise Guys, and I think $100 is a bargain! If I was not a quilter myself, I would think of buying it! LOL!

Good luck finding more balance in your life. My goal for the New Year is also to find more balance - but on my side, it's less WORK, more ART & QUILTING! :-)

Good luck!

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