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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I learned a new word today, Clutterfat! Well why not. Clutterfat obviously means an excess of clutter! And I've got plenty of it. So today I received my e-mail from www.zenhabits.com and they are offering a course in Clutterfat! Well you have to pay for the course but if you go to the following link, clutterfreecourse.com/inventory/ you can download their clutterfat inventory list for free. The idea is you have to go into each area of your home, bedroom, bathroom, etc. and count all of your clutter. Interesting. I would say that while you are counting all that clutter you would also be throwing half of it away. I guess that is the idea, throw it away.

I guess I've decided not to go back to work until after our return from DIsneyworld next Tuesday. My bookkeeper has all of my stuff and is setting up a new account for me so I can't get into my books and write checks or do any updating until she brings it back, hopefully this afternoon. I need to put away my stuff from last year but I really don't want to do that today or any day. It is a must thing though in any business so I might have to resign myself to it and get it over with.

So it is a mind opening experience to realize that I am clutterfat as well as just plain fat. Wonder what other kinds of fat are out there? Later.

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ITSAWRAP_DIMI 1/8/2012 11:12AM

    I need to go to that site! I do have some clutter. After reading the comments. I know that I cannot afford 200.00 so FREESITE here I come! Have a wonderful week!

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SHAMILTON311 1/7/2012 9:21PM

    Every January I do what I call bottoming out the house. Every drawer and closet is upended, desk, cupboards, you name it. It's so freeing! It takes me the entire month, and my mantra becomes," when in doubt, throw it out". Yay and hooray! It makes my family profoundly uneasy.I have two teenage daughters who are always dragging home a bunch of junk and leaving stuff around. My husband calls it the big purge. You bet. If you don't want it gone, put it away. At first, it's hard, but after you get going, you get more able to get rid of all the stuff that keeps piling up. What A stress reliever to be able to find things and have every thing looking neat and nice. What a feeling of accomplishment. Does wonders for my mood.

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VENISEW1 1/5/2012 3:06PM

    Love new words! Thanks for commenting on my blog, best of luck losing lbs & clutter. I am trying to do the same!

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KASEYCOFF 1/4/2012 9:16AM

    Yes, I see what you mean - the course is kind of pricey at nearly 200 bucks...

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Well, I subscribe to a lot of e-mails and newsletters and every once in a while I get one that is revolutionary. Today I heard about www.zenhabits.com and instantly went there to read the blog. This guy says to strive to create a habit, not a resolution. Makes sense to me. My habit this month is to avoid sweets and so far so good. By sweets I mean cake, brownies, pie, candy, ice cream. Especially ice cream which is my worst addiction. We've got klondike bars in the freezer and my goal is to avoid them which I've managed to do for the last few days. So check out zenhabits. Some people actually make a living off of giving their opinions to others! I guess that includes me. AS a decorator, I have lots of opinions and ideas for your home and products to sell. Amazing.

One habit I would like to create is to put something away instead of just throwing it into a pile. Hang up those pants and sweater instead of throwing them on the hamper. Order the product when you sell it. Don't wait six months to get the bookkeeper over to balance the checkbook. Things like that.

So I've subscribed to zenhabits. If I could just overcome one nasty habit this year it would be worth the time. Later.

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MAGA99 1/3/2012 3:53PM

    thanx 4 sharing

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KASEYCOFF 1/3/2012 12:15PM

    You know what you said about 'one in, one out'? I wonder if that could be adapted to getting things out and putting things away...

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ANDI571 1/3/2012 10:59AM

    I agree fully. I never make resolutions. They never seem to work. But doing something over and over again, and making it a habit does work. Even during the time when I gained my 30 pounds back, I kept a lot of the habits I had formed. I think that is the reason I never gained all 60 back.

You are on the right road. Keep on going.

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LJCANNON 1/3/2012 9:57AM

    emoticonI think I could get on board with this!! Resolutions scare me because they so often Fail. But intentionally Creating A Habit? That sounds like something I would enjoy doing.
emoticonThanks for posting this!! emoticon

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Monday, January 02, 2012

So today is the start of the real new year. Yesterday was just a practice day, recovering from the previous night and week and generally still on vacation. Today I was supposed to have an appmt but I've come down with a cold so thought maybe the couple would appreciate not having me out today. So I'll reschedule.

I made it through my first day of my resolution to avoid sweets! We went to see WarHorse and what a good movie. Afterwards, we went to Golden Corral and I did not even venture up to the dessert table. Usually I go for the carrot cake and ice cream and maybe a helping of apple cobbler as well. But I had a fork tine taste of hubby's carrot cake and that was it. I think I can do this.

Back to WarHorse. Prior to the movie, we were subjected to 20 min of previews of future films. One of them was a military film with all kinds of high tech gear and soldiers jumping out of planes, etc. I thought what a contrast to the antiquated and horrible way of fighting in the first world war. Soldiers on horseback with their swords fixed toward the enemy and a devastating result. Hubby hates animals movies. It goes back to Old Yeller when yeller dies and he was a kid and didn't like it. I convinced him this was actually a war movie and it was, for the most part. Not even a romance in it. Except with a horse of course. I would also like to see, We Bought a ZOO! Another animal movie.

So I"m working from an organization calendar and the Spark 30 day calendar this month. The organizer says to apply the one in one out rule. Get a new sweater for Christmas? Get rid of one. Applies to everything I guess. And Spark says to be specific in your goals. And another organizer says to wash the outside of your refrigerator! Dust the back and wash the front sides and handles with hot soapy water or spray cleaner. The inside of mine needs some help as well. Got some food to throw out for sure. The organizer also suggests to update your christmas card list. I don't have one so that won't be on my plate today.

Happy New Year! Later.

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KASEYCOFF 1/2/2012 5:46PM

    I like the 'one in, one out' idea - very useful!

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CARLANNIE 1/2/2012 10:06AM

    It's Monday - great day to start! Me, too.

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"Lead Us Not into Temptation."

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Today, in church, I thought about it being the new year and the first sunday all on the same day. I paid attention to the words that were read and spoken and to all of the words in the songs. I decided while sitting there, that I would make a resolution to avoid sweets during the month of January. The dictionary definition of avoid is: "To avoid is to succeed in keeping away from something dangerous or undesirable: to avoid meeting an enemy. Antonyms
1. confront, face, encounter.

I picked the word to avoid sweets because it is less threatening than stating I am giving them up. I want to be reasonable in my goals and so I choose to avoid eating sweets this month. Make every effort not to eat them. Not to put myself in a situation where I have it put in front of me where I would be powerless to eat it.

In the Lords Prayer there is the phrase: Lead us not into Temptation and deliver us from Evil! How appropriate in todays affirmation from myself.

I've printed off calendars from the Clutter Diet and from Spark. Each has 31 days of tips to get and keep organized and to set a goal for unbreakable resolutions. The first day on each calendar tells me to write down my goals in specific terms. Doing this will make it more likely that we will keep our resolutions.

I've been dieting long enough to know that certain demands on myself aren't going to cut it so I choose to give a little leeway in my wording.

So my goal for January is to avoid sweets whenever possible. Today at church coffee there were plenty of luscious looking eats. I chose to have a few slices of cheddar on 2 crackers instead of red velvet cake. I was perfectly happy.

I also have a goal to eat good food at every meal. By good food, I mean healthy veggies and meats cooked properly and served in manageable portions.

I still can't bring myself to write down a goal for exercise. I have a real phobia against it right now. I am going to try and at least go out for a 10 min daily walk. Even if it is walking from the parking lot into the mall. I can park my car in the furthest space from the store and walk in.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Later. And Happy New Year!



Saturday, December 31, 2011

While I'm thinking ahead for 2012, I'm also musing about this past year. At times it was pretty dismal as when my son left his job to pursue a new career. It didn't work out and he has been underemployed. But we are hopeful about a potential job that he interviewed for and there are other things to look forward to as well!

My interior design business improved by 20% over the last 3 years. I'll probably have to pay taxes but oh, well. My husband was let go from his job of 10 years. It was a shock but he immediately started working part-time at a local funeral home and he loves it. He turns 65 on Feb 1 so was ready for a less demanding job anyway. I'm not looking to retire anytime soon. I'm still having fun with my job and it looks like things are picking up so I'll stick around for a while. A lot of other decorators went out of business in the last few years so it left me, still turning homes into beautiful places.

This past year, I took my passion for quilting into new arenas and delved into more complicated projects. I bought a new Viking Sapphire 875 and have even been machine quilting smaller tops. Can't wait to get into the sewing room today but have to take down the Christmas tree first. Its bad luck to leave it up until the new year!

I like surfing the internet and yesterday I stumbled onto www.thequiltpatternshoppe.com . I've created 2 quilts using my own pattern ideas and on this site, you can submit your patterns and earn money from them. I might just do that.

I became a team leader on the Organized Life team and I established The Sonoma Diet Team as leader. ON SD, we have 4 fledgling members and so I hope tomorrow, we can start 2012 in earnest. My weight has is stable but I would like to still lose 24 pounds as I have been striving for for 2 years. I've been a sparker for 2 years now but still no weight loss! I think I can in 2012. On Organized Life, I set up the Attack A PIle Today Club (AAPT). If you just AAPT daily, you will soon be organized. At least that is the hope.

I became a member of the IPOD Club yesterday. Finally gave up and got one. Now I have to learn how to use it effectively. What was the turning point was the ability to take photos and when I have a nice room design to photograph and I don't have my camera with me, I can take a pic with my IPOD> Plus it is a business write off. That is one good reason to stay in business. A lot of things I can write off through it. At any rate, in spite of a few let downs, all in all, 2011 was a pretty good year and ended on a high note! Looking forward to next year!

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REGABA 1/2/2012 8:23PM

    It's good that you like your work. One of my goals for the coming year is to make my job less frustrating--I may not really be able to do anything to change it but perhaps I can at least work towards setting myself up skills wise for something I would enjoy better.

I may have to check out the Organized Life group.

I'm glad you had a pretty good year.

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