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Wow, it's been 30 days

Monday, May 03, 2010

Okay I have to admit I've been pretty negative lately about my weight loss. It's not going as fast as it should be (and it's not). But... we have been eating fairly cleanly for over 30 days now and it seems routine. We were cutting veggies and fruit last night to put in bowls for the week to just grab and go for the daily lunch. Weighed out my 1 oz of nuts and put in the bags. Yes, according to calculations, I should have lost almost 9 pounds and I've lost only 6 (there are 10,000 missing calories in there somewhere), but I'm sure it will find a way to disappear. The compliment last week of looking like someone who worked out helped. Finally my husband states that it is showing. I just have to have patience with me and with my body. It has been out of commission and in pain for a long time. I'm still in pain so I think sometimes it's not worth the pain when I don't see results, but I know in the long run getting the weight off my body will work wonders for my knees and back.

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40PLUSANDFIT 5/5/2010 1:09PM

    hahaha... yeah.. I wish it looked that good. Somebody took a picture of me with some of the girls this weekend. I'm so embarrassed...

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JRIMM4 5/5/2010 1:09PM

    6 pounds in 30 days is still an awesome accomplishment! It's difficult not to get hung up on the numbers though, I know.

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5POINTED 5/5/2010 12:55PM

    Maybe you've added 3 pounds of muscle? :)

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Oh yay It's Monday

Monday, May 03, 2010

Well, the weekend was definitely interesting. I seemed to be angry or depressed the whole time. I did work out on Sunday. Saturday spent the day going from store to store getting the best deal on produce so we could cut up our veggies for our lunches this week. Scale hasn't budged much. I still see total flab where I used to have muscle. Measured this week, lost again somewhere where I didn't need to lose, my chest. Come on already, I barely have one, don't take it away too. So my calves and chest are where I'm losing any inches, when I need to lose feet off my thighs.. okay I exaggerate a little. I'm a member of emotional eaters, but I need emotional drinkers because my sugary Pepsi and I are going to be friends again if this doesn't start changing.

But, let me regroup... things started to deteriorate on Friday when I truly let my emotions get a hold of me. My husband's EX decided to keep me waiting to pick up his daughter and I just got so frustrated with her because I know it was intentional. Anyway, we went to Chick Filet before his game and I devoured an eight piece nugget. First fried food I had had in a month. Went to check the calorie count and found it wasn't THAT bad, I still stayed within my BMR rate for the day, not my losing count for the day. As far as calorie count, Saturday and Sunday were low, but unfortunately I only ate one meal each day. Had a few nut snacks, but that's it. I made my first set of baby back ribs, hey I needed a little cheat. So the whole weekend was a cheat.. actually not, Sunday hubby made a nice curry chicken that came out of one of our fitness magazines. It was pretty darn good.


It's Friday!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

and woo hoo payday. Time to go get some good foods. Not much going on in the weight and fitness life. Got over my struggle from yesterday. Figured it was part soreness from the previous leg workout and just general calorie deprivation from the day before because I was a little low. Plan on doing lots of cardio this weekend and my back workout today. YAY!!

Ya know, I'm excited today for some reason. I think I see changes myself in my body, so I have to be patient. My butt is lifting. I don't feel frumpy dumpy looking any more. I know it's not a 20 year old body, but it's getting much better for a closer to 50 than 40 year old body.


Broken but not Broke

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well I had a little breakdown last night, drank a couple too many beers, oh the liquid calories. I still didn't go over my calorie count, crazily enough. I did play some sand volleyball, which was quite entertaining since I'm not in shape right now..... BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT I did get a little lift. One of the girls I was playing with asked me if I worked out. She said I had the build of a body builder. Ohhhhhh I just fell in love with her. Thank you thank you thank you for someone seeing my work. So, I'm back on track. I feel better that maybe things are showing up and I and the people around me aren't seeing the changes because everybody sees me every day. Today is cardio day and I am hitting the treadmill instead of the elliptical to see if my theory on foot movement alleviates my foot pain. Onward, forward, march... to my 150 goal. Oh I haven't seen that since my baby was 2... she'll be 20 this year.


It's stress, right??

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well it's a new day. I'm a little late on my monthly visitor and I wake up a little hormonal and nauseous. noooooo, I'm too old for that. Hopefully it's just the body dealing with the new workout, eating and me of course stressing about money all the time. I have a leg workout today which will test the knee again. So far it's doing great. I bowled last night and it was a little sore, but iced it and took some Advil and went to sleep. Well, off to the gym, forgot my preworkout drink so have to do this all on my own muscles... hehehe, I hope I can find them.


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