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Daily Goals and Routines

Monday, March 26, 2012

It is time to start writing out my daily goals again and making SP a part of my normal daily routine.


Keep updated on SP - Doing Now!
DD's schoolwork - Done!
1-2 hours of exercise - 1.5 hours done!
Wash, Dry and Put up 2 loads of Laundry - Done!
Make Beds - Done!
Clean Bathrooms - Done!
Make Roast - Done!
Work on Ancesty site (30 minutes) - Doing Now!
Me Time!! - Done!



Woohoo!! Back to Sparkteams!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I made it back to my spark teams today! I'm slowly working on getting involved again. I missed everyone! Next week I'll be away from the internet again for a while but I'm hoping to get on enough so that I don't feel like I'm starting over again after Spring Break!



Blogging Lag

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's been almost 15 days since my last blog entry! Which means it's been about that long since I have been actively exercising and tracking. Apparently I am no good when I am stressed AND lose my main motivator.
I've already written about all of the stressfull stuff that has occurred (which is more reason why I SHOULD exercise!) Somewhere in the middle of all of that I lost my digital pedometer!! That is a very bad thing for me because that little guy keeps me very, very motivated! I connect it to health website through work and it tracks all kinds of things. It is so, o motivating. I was having a very hard time talking myself into exercising without it. I know it's weird, but this is the second time I've lost it and both times I had the sam reaction, so apparently I need to buy a second one so I won't have that problem again!
I have my pedometer agan, so I'm going strong! I'm finding it hard to get back into all of my SP teams again, for some reason. Those are usually good motivators and fun also, but right now I'm happy just to exercise, eat well and track it all. Hopefully, I can rejoin my teams again in the next few days.

On a very positive note: I've been able to ge up early and exercise in the morning for the last 2 days! It's been great!
My goal for tomorrow is to do it again!



Tell me about it...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Please tell me about everything that's causing you stress. Maybe we can make each other feel better together. Here's what's going on in my life.

Our house in on the market. I have 3 little kids at home (ages 6, 5, & 3). I home school. We're showing the house again in the morning, so I'm constantly trying to keep it up to what I call 'show standards'.
My Dad is staying with us for a little while because he had a car accident. He passed out at the wheel and cannot remember anything about what happened. He started calling people shortly before his accident trying to figure out where he was, what he was doing there and where he was going. Then he passed out, ran through a fence and into someone's field. A sherriff found him and called an ambulance. He's had qutie a few tests done and tomorrow we drive back to the doctor's office (which is 2 hours away) for a discussion of all the tests. He is still having memory problems and will not be able to return to work if they don't clear him. (He has a CDL and drives hazardous materials. He also has his pilot's license.) He's pretty upset about the whole thing and I ca't even begin to try to explain how many things we've had to repeat, over and over and over and over. On the positive side, I'm really honing m patience and internal sense of humor.
One of my cousins (we're a close family) was in a motorcycle accident on Saturday. He's still in the hospital. He's had 3 surgeries now with another scheduled for Friday. We drove up to see him over the weekend. He may lose his foot! I'm so worried for him. I just hope that he will be able to handle whatever happens. He is a great guy!
Now I need to go finish claning the house for tomorrow's showing and then cut out coupons and make the grocery list for tomorrow. I'm taking advantage of these drives to the city to get groceries at decent prices!


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  Oh, bless your heart! That is scary what is going on with your dad. I hope they can get it figured out soon. Sending prayers for him and your cousin. Sometimes it is hard to understand why things happen the way they do.

We tried to sell our home last year and the market is just so stagnant that we gave up. It was so hard keeping it looking like a magazine cover while also trying to live our daily routines. My husband has such a long commute to his job so we were trying to move closer. We are grateful he has a job though as he was out of work for awhile after being laid off from his last job. (major stress)

I have 2 great kids. My son is autistic,, which brings out its own challenges. So, I can really relate to what you said about honing patience and a sense of humor. Life is what you make it...do the best you can with what you have.

You have a full plate but you sound like you take it all in stride. Don't burn yourself out though. Prioritize what really matters at the end of the day!

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I Miss My Exercise!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's time to get back to my regular schedule! I need everyne to stay healthy and safe because I miss my regularexercise! Tomorrow, I am getting up early and getting it done no matter what!!

I have 3 goals for tomorrow:

1 hour on the bike
30 minutes on the Gazelle
Strength training video

I know I can do it. I just need to get myself out of bed in the morning!

Oh! And Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!


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LIMASTAR 2/14/2012 10:21PM

  Making a plan is a step in the right direction. My way of making sure that I get my exercising done is making it an AM standard apt.

Enjoy your schedule.

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