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Only an hour of Exercise, I'm Disappointed! (Just a Little)

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Okay maybe, not really, even a little. At first I was really disappointed in myself for not being able to talk myself into getting that second hour. I had 5 kids here this morning ages 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6. By this afternoon, it was back to my normal 3 and I managed to get in an hour on the stationary bike. After I put them to bed, I kept trying to talk myself into an hour of steps but I'm just too tired. I realized that I was beginning to say some not very nice things to myself to get motivated so I stopped and thought about what I had done and realized that 6 months ago I may not have been able to do just the bike for an hour and now I do it almost every day plus an hour of steps. So, no I'm not even a little bit disappointed. I'm very proud of what I have accomplished and will continue to accomplish!



Change to Plans

Saturday, October 08, 2011

We are supposed to go out of town this evening, I think, so I don't know what we are going to do for dinner. I need to think this through some more but it's hard to do that without concrete plans. Originally we were going to leave in the morning and be back so I could cook dinner. That has not happened but we still have to leave today, so I have to figure out dinner. Maybe Subway. I love their sandwiches.


Weigh in Day

Friday, October 07, 2011

I should have waited on my blog post until after dinner last night. My mom offered to take us out for Chinese last night and I love Chinese! So I went way over my calories again. After 3 days of eating too much I gained half a pound, which I guess isn't too bad. Today I'm reviewing my goals again and I'm ready to watch my calories all weekend and get plenty of exercise.

Tonight we are having homemade pizza with a wheat crust. Tomorrow we're having chicken fried steak and Sunday is King Ranch chicken. I know the dinners are running a little heavy but I'm making them at home and can control my portions. Breakfast and lunches are oatmeal with strawberries and my spinach salad with celery and nutella for snack, so I should be good with nutrition for the next 3 days.

As far as exercise, I'm going to keep up my two hours of cardio every day. I enjoyed adding the hula hoop to my cardio even though I could only do it for a few minutes at a time, so I'm going to try it again today also. I'm not planning on taking a rest day unless I find that I've exercised every day for 2 weeks without a break because when I take a rest day then something generally happens that makes me miss another day. With 3 little kids, there are unplanned days when I just won't get all of my exercise. I've also added 2 days of strength training during the week and I think I'll add ST for Saturday also.


Back to a Normal Healthy Day

Thursday, October 06, 2011

So I'm back and eating healthy again. I did my 2 hours of cardio today and switched it up a bit. I did 18 minutes of hula hoop on the Wii and that really wears me out! I also did one strength training video and I can already feel it. Hopefully, I'll be able to add more in the future. I set my fitness tracker up for SP to reccomend the ST exercises on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hopefully, I can at least work it in on these two days, so I can get a bit stronger. Doing cardio for 2 hours a day has not made me any stronger! I feel better but I know I need some of the strength.

My Mom and nephews are coming up today so hopefully I can still get in some exercise this weekend. :) We are always very busy when they're here but it is sooo much fun!




Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Hmmm....I feel self-sabotage coming on. Two days now I've been over on my calories, deliberately over. Over on things that I talked myself into eating that I thought I was pretty much done with (or would at least plan for). Two days! At least I'm still tracking (which is good because it made the self-sabotage very noticeable, so I can stop it quickly) and exercising. I guess this is really emotional eating (or drinking, in today's case). I know what the problem is and having a drink is not going to change anything but, then again, there is nothing I can do to change the facts, so I think, "Why NOT have a drink?"

Ugk! Can you feel all this self-pity?

So, I guess it's time to pull myself back together, accept what I have and be HAPPY about it!! I really have a lot of good things. Every now and then I just get a bit selfish and forget. emoticon

On a positive note, I'm feeling very, very relaxed right now. emoticon

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CHEFKATLEANER 10/5/2011 10:40PM

    I have fallen into the self-sabotage trap many, many times.

However, major kudos to you for tracking and being aware of what you're doing. It's easier to fix something if you can admit that you're actually doing it in the first place.

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