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Exercise Day Off

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I've never had to force myself to take a day off of exercise before! Usually something comes up and I miss a day or two so those become my days off. Last week, I decided that I would make Sunday my day off, but when Sunday came and I was home I could not quite take the day off. I read more than one SP article that states that you NEED to take a day off occasionally and that you can become obsessed with exercise. I just did not want to take a day off but I also don't want to hurt myself, so I took today off and I CANNOT WAIT to get back to it. This might even give me the motivation I need to get up and work out early!

So that's my plan, I'll get back to it tomorrow morning!


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JUNA89 9/27/2011 10:46PM

    Yea, I'm starting to take days off as well to rejuvenate emoticon

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Exercise + Proper Nutrition = Good health

Monday, September 26, 2011

I read a great blog today -


She read a message left for someone else. "The advice she was given was that she should watch her portion control but that exercise wasn’t really important."

I read that and I almost lost it!! I guess that's one good thing about being on-line and not face-to-face. I don't know how anyone could say that exercise is not important. It important for EVERYONE, from the moment we are born.

The first thing you start doing with a baby is watching them move. "Oh look, she's holding her little head up by herself!" Then encouraging them to move. "She's rocking back and forth. Come on honey! Crawl to Daddy!" And so forth.

I have three very thin kids (they got their Daddy's awesome genes!), but we exercise every day! My daughter's like me to tell them things that are healthy and my 6yr old loves to go for walks. They also love the fact that jumping on the trampoline is exercise and their favorite video game is Wii Fit. They want to be the "most super fastest runners ever!" They are 4 and 6 and my 2 yr old is starting to join them. (I don't run, yet, but someday I might!) I think what they do is great!

Everyone needs exercise. Just because a person is skinny does not mean they are healthy! It could mean the exact opposite!

Exercise + Proper Nutrition = Good health

You cannot take away one and expect to get the other!!

Now I'm off to ride my stationary bike!


Started 5k Training, Finally!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

09/25/11 - 1st 5k training time - 58 minutes

I finally started training for the 5K today! My husband and I mapped it out on the computer. We did a mile in a loop that would take me back to the house and I downloaded Runningmate software to my iPhone so I would have a way of tracking the time and miles.

First, I don't know why I thought that this would be fairly easy! Just because I normally do 2 hours of cardio a day, I thought that walking 3.1 miles would be no problem! I was sooo wrong!
Second, I picked a day to walk when the temperature is the highest it's been all week! That was not smart, but it ought to make tomorrow easier.

I walked the 3.1 miles in 58 minutes. For the first mile, I had my 6 year old daughter with me. Before we had done a quarter mile, she was ready for me to carry her, which is strange because she's the one who has been pushing me to walk. I think it was just too hot today. I talked her through the first mile and got her back to the house, then finished the last two myself.


Nervous About 5K!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It finally dawned on me this evening why I'm nervous about this upcoming 5k. It's not that I'm nervous about the 5k itself. I've done a couple of them before. I'm nervous because now I'm in a new town and I need to measure out 5K so I know how much to walk but I don't know WHERE to walk! I don't have someplace I can just go here and know that it is 5k and safe! (Most places are safe here. I'm just nervous!) There are at least three tracks here but I don't know how many laps on the tracks are a mile. Are all tracks the same? When I was in high school, I know 4 laps was a mile. I can't believe that the only thing stopping me from walking is not having this part worked out!


I Did It!! I Did It!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

I lost weight! I lost 3lbs this week! I finally found the nutritional vs physical level that works for me! I'm so excited! And 3lbs - that's amazing! I was looking forward to half a pound or even staying the same, but I lost 3lbs!
I know I'm supposed to be averaging 1lb/ week so I'll see how it goes next week and see if I need to readjust anything. I want to make sure I can keep up my healthy lifestyle for, well, for life.

A note of caution to myself: Don't blow it this weeknd! I know Sunday is your day off from exercising and Saturday is the day you make waffles for the kids. Just keep tracking and paying attention!


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