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Weighing in Tomorrow

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tomorrow is my second real weigh in day since I started weighing myself again. I made sure that I was comfortable with my exercise and tracking my food before I decided to start stepping on the scale again. I told myself I was not going to be nervous because I don't want to feel controlled by a scale (but I must admint that there is a tiny bit of anxiety still lurking). I know that I did well this week. I exercised and ate right. I tracked everything and even managed to throw in some strength training which is the main area I need to work on next. So whether the scale, goes down, up or stays the same I'm just going to track it and forget it and continue doing what I know I need to do to stay healthy!



Eating in Paradise

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Okay, so maybe I'm not in paradise, but every now and then it's nice to make a meal that makes you feel like you are in paradise. Tonight, I made Island Shrimp. It's actually from a Sparkpeople recipe called Island chicken, but I would never eat chicken in paradise. It would have to be some kind of food from the sea and lots of fruit and at least one good drink. So I substituted the shrimp for the chicken and it was wonderful! The "salsa" for the recipe is a mixture of mango, kiwi, pineapple, jalapeno, red onion, cilantro and lime and I piled it high with the shrimp. Fabulous! Next, I decided that I needed a good drink to go with this wonderful meal and I wanted to try to keep it as healthy and fresh as the meal to go with my island theme. (That means no rum and coke here!) So I blended a banana, some cherries, some pineapple and mango with some ice and, of course, some Cruzan Rum! And it was just as fabulous! It was a perfect meal to end a perfect day! I was able to get in all of my cardio, stay in my calorie range and have a drink!



2 Great Days!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I've stayed in my calorie range and exercised well the last 2 days! Yay! Of course, now I've been thinking of brownies for the last two hours, but I'm so exhausted I don't feel like getting up to make them. I guess that's one other positive about exercising! emoticon
If I do make them tomorrow, I know I'll add them to my tracker and keep up the exercise and eat well the rest of the time. I won't let them be a sabotage! I'm on track and I'm staying on track (which means that I expect the ocasional bump along the way, but I'll get back on and keep going).
I want to make this the best life possible!


Weighing In on Friday and Monday

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weighing in onFriday and Monday is a very good motivator for styaing on track over the weekend. I had stopped weighing in at all because I was always so dissapointed but now that I feel like I am exercising well and eating decently and almost always remembering to track I decided to start weighing in again.

I feel like I wasn't working hard enough before because I wasn't keeping myself accountable through weigh-ins. I don't want to be dissapointed but I also want to make sure that I am always trying to improve and not just slacking off occassionally.

I realized the hard way this weekend how detrimental taking off a couple of days can be! I know not to do it and I've blogged about it before. I thought I was going to do okay this weekend but many things happened that were beyond my control and I ended up not trying to take control of the things that I could, so I gained back 1.5 lbs. That was enough motivation to keep me on track this week and this weekend!!

One day it will become second nature! At least logging in to Sparkpeople and logging my food and exercise has become a very good habit! One thing at a time!


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FITFABJENN 9/19/2011 12:12PM

    That sounds like a great solution. I know lots of people struggle with staying on track over the weekend. That is such a good idea for holding yourself accountable. Let us know how it goes.

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Weekends = Healthy Plan Killers!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Travel crazy weekends are killing my healthy plans, even when I am trying to plan for them! Luckily, I am improving. I managed to cut my "weekend" down to 2 days, rather than 3 days. Even though our travelling still began on Friday, I had that day completely planned for exercise and nutrition. I was able to exercise before we left and planned our food for the day. I thought I had planned our exercise for Saturday, which included a lot of walking outside with the kids, visiting friends and playing at the park with the kids, but we woke up to rain and had no back-up exercise plan, so I ended up at a friends doing more eating and drinking than I had planned. To top it off, our hotel did not have internet access, so I could not even log in to Sparkpeople to try to keep up my motivation! We left late Saturday, did some shopping and drove 4 hours back home, so we got home after midnight and unloaded before going to bed. Then, we had to have our oldest daughter at church school by 8:30am! We met her there and went to church at 10:00am. Then, my husband wanted to surprise my daughter with a trip to her favorite Chinese restaurant. We LOVE Chinese too, too much. After we ate there, I got a call from my Mom. She was passing through about an hour from us and wanted to know if we could meet her for a late lunch. I didn't want to pass up an opportunity to see her, so the girls and I hooped in the car and drove an hour to meet them at IHOP - which is near the top of favorite places for both my girls. I told myself, I'm just going to drink tea and visit. The girls were exstatic! They said they were having dessert at IHOP. :) Then I noticed Nutella crepes on the menu!! Ugh! I was done for. I love Nutella, so I ordered them and only ate half! Yay! But I know I still went way over. After our visit, we drove the hour back and discovered our dog was missing. Then we searched for an hour for him and finally called the city. We found out he was at the pund, but they let us come pick him up today. My husband fixed the spot in the fence where he got out and we managed a few minutes of time to work on the house but had to have a quick dinner. Luckily, I had something planned, so we had a decently healthy meal to follow all of the unhealthy stuff we ate earlier. After putting the kids to bed, I squeezed in half an hour on the bike. I'll be happy to get back to Monday. (I know that sounds strange.) I will continue to plan for weekends until I can stay on track at least 3 weekends in a month!! :)


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