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Goal Review

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday morning is a perfect day for reflecting on my goals. I am up and ready for a new week! I think I'm still on track, but I need to set an official weigh - in day. I seem to be very resistant to this part, so I'm going to make myself do it right now. I think Friday will be a good day. I amy have to make it Friday and Monday. I think Friday will keep me motivated through the weekend but I'm a little worried that a good loss might mean that I let my guard down too much on the weekend, so I'll go with 2 days right now until I figure out which one works best.
I already know what we're eating today, so I'll enter that in the tracker next. My nutrition goal for today is, again, no sweets. (I should be able to do this for just one day! I know I have self-control somewhere!)

I love doing an hour on the stationary bike! I was enjoying an hour on the bike and an hour of steps but I know it's time for a change. My husband helped me bring in the Gazelle, so today I'll do:
1 hour on the bike
30 minutes on the Gazelle
30 minutes of step
the Wii fit Challenge
2 Strength Training Exercises

Last but not least, I'll read all of my Spark articles today and check in on my teams.

That's a lot of exercise for today! I'll hold myself accountable by writing what I accomplished this evening.



Sept 11th

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Of course, it was an emotional day today. We started out this morning watching the news and the memorial. Then my husband and I tried to explain to our 6 yr old daughter what had happened 10 years ago and why Mommy was crying. Yes, I still cry. CNN replayed their footage from that day and we watched it online, explaining to our daughter what had happened. she wanted to say prayers for all of the people in New York. So we did. Then, we ate breakfast and went to church.
That's about it. We spent the rest of the day together. I napped with the kids. We watched football as a family, enjoying it even more today. It seems such an American pasttime. We made the kids favorite dinner - Sausage and Potatoes and edamame for Mommy and my 4 yr old. And homemade sourdough bread, which is my husbands favorite. It was a relaxing, family day and I enjoyed it immensely.


Today's Review

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I went over on my calories today. I had everything tracked but I still had some cookies (which I tracked) and I was doing okay on my calories. After dinner my husband cut me a tiny piece of carrot cake. I started to tell him, "no thanks" but he was so happy about it. He said, "I cut you a tiny piece because I thought you might want some." So I couldn't turn away such a nice gesture. I love the fact that he was thinking about me twice, in a way. He didn't want me to feel left out so he cut me a piece of cake but he knows I'm trying to be healthier so he made it a tiny piece! He's so sweet! I'll take the few extra calories for his thoughtfulness.
We walked to the park today and I still did an hour of steps and an hour on the bike.

Tomorrow's goals:
No sweets
1 hour on the bike
Strength training - 10 exercises


TIme for a Healthy Weekend

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I know, I know, I know...I'm not supposed to take weekends off. This is a lifestyle not a diet, even on diets you don't 'take weekends off.' So why did I find myself doing it every weekend! Any execuse was a good execuse and my weekends ALWAYS started on Friday, so I was taking off 3 out of 7 days. Don't get me wrong, I still thought about what I ate and even managed to write it down sometimes (usually Sunday night, laying in bed and trying to remember everything I ate since Friday!) I am not going to do that anymore! I will still save Friday and Saturday for a day to have one or two drinks. Other than that, I am going to continue to track everything BEFORE I eat it and make sure I get in my exercise. Today, we are trying some family exercise. We are going to take a nice easy walk to the park, where the kids can play and my husband can do his homework and I can continue walking! :) When we get back home and everyone lays down for naps, I'll get back on the stationary bike for an hour and then try some strength training. Today or tomorrow I've really got to sit down and plan out this strength training. I know how important it is but I just haven't quite figured out how to work it in yet.

I'm working toward a healthy weekend!! emoticon


Sick and Positive?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I woke up with a crazy headache this morning and was ready to go back to sleep even though I had easily slept 8 -9 hours the night before. My husband was sick also and accidentally took the allergy medicine with him, so I went back to bed for a while and finally realized that if I didn't get up, there was no way I was going to push through it. So I got up, took some Dayquil, ate a bowl of cereal and climbed on the stationary bike. The first half hour really sucked. I went much slower than normal but I was ready to do another half hour after that and finally got up to my normal speed. After an hour on the bike I was feeling much better, so I drank some water and moved on to my steps. I was able to do an hour of steps also. I felt much better but I knew I was still not well because I was not hungry. Usually two hours of cardio leaves me feeling very hungry but all thought of food was making me feel slightly nauseous. So I drank some more water, took a shower, grabbed a book and tried to relax the rest of the day. We were having our date night tonight, which is rare so I absolutely did not want to cancel it for a little cold or some allergies!

We had a great time! Thanks Sparkpeople for showing me how wonderful exercise is! It helped me to feel like a human being again!


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