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Missing you!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

To Benj:

Six years ago today, I was awakened very early in the morning by a knock on my window. I looked out and saw your dad, mom and brother standing there. I knew instantly that it was not good news. I will never forget the words that they could barely utter. That you were involved in an accident and did not survived! My heart was shattered into a million pieces that day. You are thought of every day and are missed like crazy.

I would like to share a few memories of you that I treasure.
You and your dad sharing pudding pops on the porch swing when you were just a few months old.

The private joke of "To, to today Junior!'

How mad you would get when Zee would say "Doctor Bendover. Calling Doctor Bendover please!"

How you loved playing with your Gee Jeye Joes.

At the holidays how you and gma wold make the mashed potatoes together and she didn't think they were done until you pronounced them done!

How proud we were to witness your graduation from the Marine Corp! I always said you bled red, white and blue!

I miss your smile, your laughter, your phone calls and your hugs! Not a day goes by that I do not think of you!

Rest easy, Big Country!

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2DAWN4 12/3/2014 10:02PM

    Thanks for your comment, Mspencer7! He is missed!

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MSPENCER7 12/2/2014 11:07PM

    So sorry for your loss. And thank you for sharing him with our country.

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Thanksgiving thoughts!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Every day, not just on Thanksgiving, do I try to be thankful for everything that I have. Sure, some times I wish that I had more money, would drop those pounds quicker, want a new car but on most days I am thankful that I have enough to eat, a roof over my head, and a car that I love and gets me where I need to go. I decided to jot down what I am thankful for on this wonderful day. What are you thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving!

1. My faith! Gets me through the tough days!
2. My family! They make me smile, laugh, cry and want to scream (sometimes all in the same day!) but I love each and every one of them adn wouldn't change any of them!
3. My "kids"! I do not have children of my own but I am surrounded by many who have become my kids!
4. My job! Simply put, I love my job and each day am so thankful that I get to go to work! I te everyone that I have the best job in the world and that is the truth!
5. My friends! Where would I be without my friends? I shudder at the thought! They have carried me through some rough patches, celebrated with me during the joyous ones and have always been there for me!
6. I am thankful that I love to read! I have journeyed the world through pages of many books through the years!
7. My health! 12 years cancer free!I will be forever grateful to everyone who walked through that journey with me! Medical staff was great, friends and family were awesome!
8. The Geocaching world! Seems like a silly thing to be thankful for but geocaching is my sanity saver! It gives me exercise, the chance to see something that I have never seen before and the opportunity to meet new friends!
9. The Roof over my head! So thankful that I have a warm house in the winter and a bed to lay my head! I try to remember that when things break down!
10. Mother nature! I love, love, love being outside! If I am not outside, I am still able to enjoy the view from my window. As I am writing this blog, I am watching two squirrels chasing each other around the tree! So cute!

I am thankful for many, many other things such as snow, the sound of a motorcycle, sparkpeople, the changing of the seasons, etc but decided to stop at ten! As you can see, I am very, very blessed! Happy Thanksgiving!

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KO1215 11/28/2014 12:39PM

    Excellent blog. We are thankful for a lot of the same things!

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CATTUTT 11/27/2014 12:14PM

    What a lovely blog. You are indeed very blessed, and it's a wonderful thing to count and be thankful for those blessings. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

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Happy Easter!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Yes......I said Happy Easter! Even though Thnaksgiving is almost upon us and Santa is breathing down our necks and the New year's eve ball will soon be dropped, I am finding Easter Eggs! i decided to move our big heavy hutch to clean behind it and lo and behold, I was surprised to find what once was a hard-boiled Easter egg behind it. It had cracked open and the inside was reduced to egg dust! But the one thing that amazed me was that it had not smelled. I am concluding that it was behind there for at least 18 months. Gross!! So that is why I have Easter on my mind! Bet that makes Mr. Turkey happy!


Checking items off of my check list!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Had the day off today and crossed a few tings off of my ever-present to do list.

Cleaned and organized my closets.

Washing all my bedding!

Did a few chores around the house.

Read a book! That seems to always be on my to-do list!

Did a few more things on my list but can't remember them now. Now I am headed off to bed! I am off again tomorrow but am going geocaching! YIPPEE!!!!!!

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CATTUTT 11/14/2014 2:39PM

    Glad to hear you had such a productive day! Hope today is just as good!

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ALIALI2013 11/14/2014 2:15PM

    Wow, you did a lot, too...is it rubbing off from me? *L*

I've never geocached, but then again, all I have is a plain tracfone which does nothing but all..but then, that's all I've ever needed. Have a great time, hope you find some treasures!

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Happy Veteran's Day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I would like to thank all the veterans for your service to this great land that I call home! I know that Freedom is not Free and many servicemen and women paid the price for me to be free!

I would like to thank Benj, Lee, and Brad who are most truly brothers from another mother! Thank you for your service. Benj is protecting the streets of gold now and watching over his "brothers" and their families but he wll never be forgotten.

I also have to thank my uncles, cousins, friends and fellow sparkers who have served our county well! May God bless you!

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CHERRIET 11/11/2014 11:02PM

    emoticon emoticon

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SUNSET09 11/11/2014 10:55PM

  Hear hear emoticon emoticon

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PRAIRIECROCUS 11/11/2014 10:38PM

    Happy Veteran's Day !

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