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A new day!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

As many of you may know 2008 was a hard year for me, but full of growth. I lost weight only to put it back on. My husband of 8 years left me, only to return in a few months thank God. It has been a roll-a-coaster of life. But here I am again, getting back on this horse I fell off of. This horse call my diet. I have went to work full time, I have two small children, teach a missionette's class on Wednesday night at church, my son plays baseball 3 times a week and I sing in a gospel group on the weekends. So my time on spark people is limited. I know it helped in some really hard times and it helped me lose weight last year. I am back. I may not blog, send very many messages, but I am here. I am going to use the food tracker and the exercise tracker. I have some much weight to lose it is mind blowing. So I am focusing on 10% at a time. So, my goals may look small but in the long run they are really big. Keep me in your prayers, as I have you. We will win this war! Battle by battle, 10% at a time.



Saturday, July 26, 2008

Life has it's ups and downs. Some time you can control it and some times you can't. Some times you can change things others you learn to accept them. Life is fun, yet scary, loving, yet hurtful, but we must go on. Today I learning I can't always be in control. And how to deal with it now that I am not. It's scary not knowing what happens next in life, but would we take one more step if we did know? That next step could mean joy or sorrow. We don't like the sorrow, but that is where we grow and change! The joy is fun and refreshing. Thank you Lord for both. I know this sounds crazy. But I'm at a crazy point in my life, and you know what, that's a good thing. Becuase I have no choice but to let God take control. That were He should be any way. So, here's to sitting back for the ride and see what God show's us along the way.


Having a hard day

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Today is a hard day. I'm having a problem with my brother and his wife. We are a very close family and sometimes that causes problems when you think differently. All I want to do is dwell on the situation and cry. If you pray, please say a quick pray for me and my family. I refuse to go back to emotionally eating. I trying to deal with this in a different way. Life is to short to allow other people to control how you feel about yourself and push you into doing things that hurt you. I'm trying to be strong. Thanks for being there. This is a blessing to have this to vent on. emoticon

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THECITYMOUSE 6/29/2008 1:03PM

    I, too, am dealing with a brother situation so I can empathize with you ..... don't turn to emotional eating, if you happen to feel yourself slip, drink a cup of water or go for a walk or workout, but don't take it out on your body withfood.

Here's hoping your situation works out well for everybody very soon!!!!


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JIBBIE49 6/29/2008 12:48PM

    Boy, having a brother is worse than having a son, I think. I have one "real" brother and he is like no one else on this Earth to me. Even my four sons have their father in them, but my brother is so much like me. He calls and tells me things he would NEVER tell anyone else on this Earth, but of course, I'd never ever tell anyone what they are (.......getting toenails pulled out.....still not telling the enemy........)

Give yourself some LOVE today. And thank yourself for CARING. People who don't CARE, do so to protect themselves from pain.....the kind of pain you are having today. Be thankful you CARE. emoticon

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New Beginings!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Today I start a journey to the new me. I hope I will not fail like I have some many other times in the past 7 years. I ready to change me inside and out. With the Lord's help, family support, lots of sweat and tears and I pray in a little over a year I will be a different person. emoticon

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RRODGERS99 6/27/2008 12:31PM

    Welcome to SP! I have only been on 2 and a half weeks and I am already feeling better. I have also been battling with my health for a long time so I am with you completely. Determination definately goes a long way. emoticon

Let me know if you need anything... support or a pat on the back.

emoticon-- the drama teacher

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VICTORYB 6/27/2008 12:27PM

    Welcome to SP! You are not alone in this journey and the new you will love it that you made this decicion. The sweat, tears and prayer will all be worth it one year from today. Don't give up. The best is yet to come!

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